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    Fleet/Ship/Unit AI

    I presonally like the fact that the AI increases as the pilots get more experience. I always regard the first hours/days of a new game as something of a shakedown cruise and never venture into too dangerous an area until the crew are better trained. Sure, it can be annoying when they mess up, but it's equally satisfying when they start acting like a professional pilots as the game progresses. If you have a game where the AI gets better, that kinda imply's that it's not perfect at the beginning.
  2. Banquet

    Silent Hunter III

    You guys should check out Pacific Aces.. it a mod for SH II that changes theatre to the Pacific and gives a decent campaign too
  3. Banquet

    Experience Points

    Posting this here, rather than tech support, as it's probably something meant to be, that I haven't noticed before. Today for the first time I started taking notice of my experience points. After a couple hours of play my score is about -17300 (minus) Now, I know I haven't been blowing up my allies.. It does say in the appendix that you get minus points for ships destroyed in your PZ when playing campaign, but I'm playing roam. I have 4 area's covered by probes and I think any allied shipping destroyed in any of these 4 area's is taking down my ep's. Is this correct? If so, I think I'll detach all probes as I'm quickly becoming the laughing stock of the top commanders league back at Galcom HQ. [ 02-28-2004, 08:19 PM: Message edited by: Banquet ]
  4. Banquet

    Man to bet all on Vegas roulette spin

    You wouldn't say that if you'd read that he'd won
  5. Banquet

    Looking for advice - PDA purchase

    quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Chavik: quote:Originally posted by Banquet: SC, is there any point in asking if there's a version of UC coming out for pocket pc?The PDA would melt. But what a way to go
  6. Banquet

    Looking for advice - PDA purchase

    Hey Jaguar, they are cool aren't they I just found out that the SD card from my digital camera fits into my pda! SC, is there any point in asking if there's a version of UC coming out for pocket pc? Awww common! How cool would that be?
  7. Quite funny to read, but does anyone really believe that the Battlestar Galactica story is true? I think not.. The questioner's in this poll obviously didn't care if the answer was crank or not.. it all helps to get their story into the headlines.
  8. Banquet

    Looking for advice - PDA purchase

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Yeah, I was going to get the e805. Until I found out that Toshiba had discontinued the e800 series. Which means, if its broke, you're probably screwed. I wanted it primarily for the VGA display since it looks so wicked. Also, IIRC, that e800 only has PPC2002. You would need the PPC2003 upgrade from Toshiba. Not to mention the upcoming PPC2003 SP coming out this month I think. I'm sure I'd read it had PPC2003, but I can't find anything on the unit to verify this. It says I have Pocket PC version 4.20.1081 (Build 13100) but this doesn't mean too much to me. I also heard (after I'd bought it) of rumours it had been discontinued. That is worrying. I'll have to hope that, like my series 5, it lasts a few years with no faults. Still no regrets though.. although the gadget freak in me would love the fingerprint recognition of the 5555
  9. Banquet

    Looking for advice - PDA purchase

    After years of using my trusty old Psion series 5, this weekend I upgraded to the Toshiba E800. It was a toss up between that and the IPAQ 5555 and to be honest I bought the Toshiba because it was easier to buy locally. It's a really good machine though. 128 RAM, takes both types of memory cards, even has a 2 meg video memory and, with a hack, runs in 640*480 res. Very nice
  10. Rome Total War looks awsome. As far as I know it's not out till Xmas so you may have to wait for it. I have Medieval Total War and played it a lot for a while but then, like most games, it hit the shelf. With Hearts of Iron, although I have periods where I don't play it, I always come back to it. The reviews for the Total War series are always going to be better because it's more mainstream. Personally I prefer HoI by a mile, but I'd only recommend it to someone over Total War if you have a strong interest in WWII.
  11. Paradox are kinda known for releasing really good strategy games, but with lots of bugs. Most of the reviews were based on version 1.0, which had a lot of problems. Gradually most of them were fixed. By version 1.05c there was a pretty stable, playable game. The recently released 1.06 patch has taken things a step further. You can check the forums to see what others think, here; http://www.europa-universalis.com/forum/fo...isplay.php?f=79 It really depends how much you're into WWII. If you fancy playing a grand strategic WWII game then it's the only choice. It takes a while to learn the game if you're not familiar with other Paradox titles, but it's well worth it imo. I can't think of any other game that covers 12 years with every nation on earth playable, yet still allows you to (say) order the 1st para's to attack Caen at 7am on 01 July 1944 with HMS Warspite patrolling the coast providing shore bombardment support, and the 7th infantry providing backup by 9pm. There are mods like Stony Road and CORE which add a ton of real events to deal with and political options.. I could go on forever. Much like UC it's probably fair to describe it as niche.. what better recomendation could you want!
  12. Must agree with $ilk here.. Hearts of iron is certainly my favourite ever strategy game. The 1.06 patch has recently been released that greatly improves the game AI, combat, icons, naval warfare, supply etc.. It is a totally awesome game. A new 1944 scenario has even been included. It's a wargame though, not an RTS is the generally known sense (although it is realtime) so that might or might not be your cup of tea.
  13. Banquet

    Music - What I'm listening to

    Willard Grant Conspiracy Neil Diamond Johnny Cash Matchbox 20 Dave Matthews James gotta love em
  14. Banquet

    Introducing me, myself and I!

    Welcome to the fleet Mordax Blyrr
  15. Banquet

    Earth n Beyond Grounded

    I played Eve solidly for a while.. Had 5 or 6 different ships including a big freight ship and a cruiser, but in the end two things put me off.. 1, I got too scared of having my expensive ships (for my budget) destroyed by the burgeoning population of pirates (and the ship insurance was a rip off!) and.. 2, everything started to become too guild orientated for my taste. I didn't want to have to log on and mine asteriods for 5 hours, or haul cargo.. I wanted to do my own thing, but guilds were starting to declare various systems as their own.. if it wasn't npc pirates or player pirates blocking the jumpgates it was some snooty git from a guild telling you to clear off. But there are aspects of it I miss and although I cancelled my account (at the same time I also cancelled UO, EQ and ACII) I do still miss it occasionally. I'm saddened to hear they're in trouble. It almost makes me feel like installing it again. I wonder if my ships would still be there? The problem I have generally with MMOG's is that the really hard core players know the game, it's item stats and the locations inside out and tend to become rather elitist. You either become like them, but have no life coz you're playing 10 hours a day, or look like a twat coz you didn't realise the 150mm railgun is less effective against the plutonium poopydooper armour at ranges over 10km when the wind blows from the east and the sun shines from west. Also, the constant chat that's nearly always out of character makes it hard to roleplay and forget you're not playing a computer game. Sometimes I just prefer to be left alone in a nice, non linear, environment such as UC, but there are very few non linear single player games.
  16. Banquet

    New Products Announcement

    These release's sound very exciting but I can't help being sad that a 'true' BC title appears to be on the backburner now. Quote; 'UCE2E is a whole new type of game for a different breed of gamer. The ultimate goal is to spin off this new Universal Combat brand into its own action based franchise and detach it completely from the niche hard core Battlecruiser brand' I know you'll sprinkle some 'Smart magic' into these titles. I'll no doubt buy them both, and most likely enjoy them.. but that statement sounds like it's aimed at someone else.. I like niche Either way, I hope they go well.. and I still have UC.. which I could play until I'd drunk all the tea in China
  17. Banquet

    Experience Points

    quote:Originally posted by Darkling: Of course you will need 25K XP for this. Not quite there yet! I do take your point though. Now I know that probes are primarily for tactical command, I have no issues with that. Infact it lends a whole element to the game I hadn't realised existed. I initially thought probes were just kinda nice to have to see what's happening in area's you decided to send them to.
  18. For me it's happened on all versions, like Eclipse said. I get it on the jumpgates a little but it's most noticeable on ground textures. I have to be quite close to the ground before they show up (about the same distance as the trees appear) When on the ground they're not so noticeable, probably due to the limited view perspective.
  19. Banquet

    Is dead forever?

    Assuming you've tried the restore option.. try it twice in a row.
  20. Banquet

    UC Review - Game Raiders

    Well I've got used to reading reviews like that for a whole selection of games I love. Infact, if a game scores over 70%.. I don't buy it Are we here all just old men now, and no one told us? Does UC represent a past era, when games attempted something bold and somehow captured a spirit of something magnificent and adventurous? Gentlemen, I salute you all The world maybe turning into a place of fast food in plastic containers and fast games written and reviewed by plastic people, but here we can find respite from the advance of the fasties. We we fight them on the beeches.. oh wait, I'm overdoing it now I'm off for a BigMac..
  21. Banquet

    Words women use...

    lol, gotta get my girlfriend to read this.. it's her!!
  22. Banquet

    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    Right.. yes, I must've exited the craft. I just re-tried with my game where I CAN exit.. went into space, got out for a float around, got back in.. landed on earth and then couldn't Alt-E. I guess this whole debacle probably means my invite into the beta team is on hold, eh?! Edit: Thanks Grizzle!! lol
  23. Banquet

    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Thats right. They give NO details whatsoever and yet they expect me to pay attention and fix it.Blimey, I only mentioned it cause I thought it was a new feature! I have no recollection of exiting the ship (but, then again, I have little recollection of anything much from that night after me 8th tin of brew) I'll go test it now and let u know what happens
  24. Banquet

    UC Review - PC Gamer (UK)

    Oh, alright then 'The latest issue of PC Gamer in the UK has a review. Only scores 65% but does have some good things to say, including; About the roam mode.. 'Within it you are unequivocally the master of your own fate, free to go anywhere you want and do anything you please in the perpetually warring dynamic universe, to then earn both cash that buys ship upgrades, and the experience points that yield promotions and fleet responsibilities. It's disorienting but liberating too, and the antithesis of the police states that pass as playgrounds in many peer products' About the continuity of the BC series he says; 'For a little while longer there's an uncomprimisingly complex combat-oriented space sim on the shelves that doesn't padlock you to the captains chair, pen you into a cramped corner of the galaxy, and pressgang you into a narrative you have no interest in.' He also mentions strengths, such as; 'fantastically detailed system-modelling of starships, and the scale and unpredictability of the vast dynamic universe in which all the action unfolds. Although vessel interiors aren't represented graphically (wholly understandable considering their variety and size) or schematic (regrettable) they are modelled meaning the movements of individual crewmembers and intruders and the spread of radiation leaks and disease can be tracked and controlled. You might never get to press up against Ensign H'ltagh's ample triple bosom in a packed virtual turbolift but anytime you want you can check her whereabouts, her assignment and her vital statistics via the perscan computer. All NPCs within the game have a set of evolving RPG-style stats that influence their peformance, and - even with the possibility to clone dead personnel - encourage a culture of care' and; 'UC's frequent fiery fleet fandangos might not be as spectacular as Homeworld or Haegemania engagements (damage depiction and laser effects are not the best) but they do feature some fine enemy AI and the kind of quasi-naval tactical tension that's been in very short supply in recent sims' Anyway, the sum up is 'The combat may be universal but the appeal is decidedly on the niche side' Overall, although I think the score is far too low, and he does moan about issues that aren't entirely fair because of the game's scope, I have to say that if I'd never heard of the game, and read the review, I'd buy it.'
  25. Banquet

    UC Review - PC Gamer (UK)

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Trust me, the 65% score is just that, a number. If I were as space sim fan and I read Tim's review - and didn't already have the game - I'd run out and get it. I told ya all that when I steadfastly typed half the review to you! Almost in them exact words. Gawd luv a duck - do ya take no notice of me! It's not like you've anything better to do! Ooh, is that the time.. must be off