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  1. Tykell

    Indie Chat Pt. 2

    I would if I had the time. I strongly encourage people to get UC MP working. It'd be neat to play out this premise in-game. I might join in in a few weeks when I have the time.
  2. Tykell

    Indie Chat Pt. 2

    Roleplay as in-game in multiplayer? I'm all for it!
  3. Tykell

    New UC Movies - Released

    Wow! Did you create the music yourself? I particarally like the last victory track. The game looks amazing, I particarally like the huge station blowing up. With such a promising game ahead, I don't really mind HOW long I have to wait.
  4. Tykell

    BCMG Review at PC Gameworld

    The graphics in BCM are as good as most space sims, and plays even better. I'll take that over Doom III any day