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    Poker, wargaming, space sims, playing tourist.
  1. Protoford

    Universal Combat Advanced

    steampowered.com allows pseudonyms.
  2. Protoford


    Happy New Year. ...back to LOD MMO.
  3. Protoford

    LoD keeps crashing

    Windows 8.1, looks pretty here, with the latest Nvidia stable drivers for my card. Having a lot of fun wandering, flying, DJPing. Yeah, DJP is a verb now.
  4. Protoford

    Prime Fleet Website Offline Starting July 12th

    Argh. Happy site home hunting.
  5. Protoford

    January 2014

    Happy Prime New Year.
  6. Protoford

    New baby on the way...

    Congratulations! And have a Holiday of Wonder with your expanding family.
  7. Protoford

    July 2013 roll call

    Wandering about...
  8. Protoford

    June 2013 roll call

    Reporting in. Bought a new Windows 8 system. Now have to update my signature this week.
  9. Protoford

    May 2013 roll call

    Alive and well and have a new system on order.
  10. Protoford

    Web Series - Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

    Ditto. More, more more Blood and Chrome.
  11. Protoford

    Web Series - Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

    Nice plot twists and turns throughout the ten episodes. Wish there were more. With commercials it could go two hours.
  12. Protoford

    June 2012

    And some floaters between rigs...
  13. ...and back home!
  14. Protoford


    Happy New Year. See you in LOD.
  15. Protoford

    June 2011 Roll Call

    Here I stand.