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  1. Lazarus

    The PTA turret sweet spot

    Excellent Korgmeister very helpful thanks for that
  2. Lazarus

    CS for X-box?

    Day of defeat is going to be as well
  3. Lazarus

    Ship Names

    My ship is the Warmonger Class Heavy Cruiser known as GVC-Godflesh Currently in the processes of an armour and shield upgrade on an undisclosed moon The name comes from a band im particularly fond off in my previous career the ship was named after a godflesh song GVC-Hunter
  4. Lazarus

    Greetings and some curiosity

    opps yes i err meant insurgent so i take it planet bases are just cannon fodder to waste then for the EXP or is there any lgoistical/tactical/strategic benefit from destroying them?? except the starbases which you can land at
  5. Lazarus

    Appropriate Music

    Hatebreed ay I find when calmly cruising between locations abit of sci-fi sounding synth pop by XPQ-21, The Droyds and OMD goes quite well When in the midst of bloody combat I recomend the harsh pounding EBM sounds of Velvet Acid Christ, Cubanate, Front Line Assembly and especially the song "war" by :Wumpscut: to get the heart bounding and the afterburners on overdrive
  6. Hi guys im new to the crowd got the game 2 weeks ago have pretty much got a decent grasp now of the game works. Of which may i just say congrats to SC i remember reading of your original BC3K game years ago glad to see you stuck with it, finally decided to pick up a copy of one of your games eventually off Amazon Disclaimer:apologies if this has been asked before or i don't make sense i just want some clarification in regards to planetary action. If there is a hostile region of a planet for example that is Ter/Inserection (assuming im TER/MIL) Am i able to capture the region and make it TER/MIL? If so I assume using common sense you destroy the military bases/cities and starbases in each area and then once all forces have been eliminated the area is claimed by your faction?? If thats the case i take its this is only something that a character with high C&C rank should attempt?? Apologies if im totally off track here im not sure what limits you have on being able to influence the game universe.