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  1. DennyMala


    Ooopss... happy belated new year Proto!
  2. DennyMala

    25 Years Ago This Month

    Well, I can only say it has been and it's still a pleasure to see at least a part of that path and what will come.
  3. DennyMala

    Prime Fleet Website Offline Starting July 12th

    I suggested a free hosting service at least momentarily. Free, easy to swap for another so even if it's not 100% safe it can be a viable option.
  4. Well, I can see the caution and your point fully SC, but I guess after a round of dumbness there are people who see those kind of games as more rewarding and more fun. I can't say that there is a market for them, it's a niche as it has been but just cutting consoles out of the deal refine the playerbase a lot IMHO. Crowdfunding seems the right way to go to avoid getting a hit from the lack of demand and to monitor interest and relevant infos. All in all, I hope all this thing takes off as those where some of the games I enjoyed the most.
  5. DennyMala

    January 2014

    Happy 2014 Proto and all the rest of the bunch!
  6. DennyMala

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmass!!!

    Merry Christmas and happy 2014 everyone!
  7. DennyMala

    New baby on the way...

    Congratulations again!
  8. DennyMala

    New baby on the way...

    My best wishes for the birth and all my congratulations for you and your wife!!!
  9. DennyMala

    August 2013 roll call

    Ok, right...vacation time... just be sure to mkae yourself safe and sound.
  10. DennyMala

    July 2013 roll call

    Let's put a tag in here...
  11. DennyMala

    June 2013 roll call

  12. DennyMala

    June 2013 roll call

    So, everyone in line and account for yourself.
  13. DennyMala

    May 2013 roll call

    Month ticks in... you check in.
  14. DennyMala

    EarthCom Fleets Pinboard

  15. DennyMala

    April 2013 Rollcall

    Yup, present and accounted for.