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  1. conker424

    Problems with stutter

    I've had similar problems in the past with my soundblaster live, but I've also found a way to fix it. Bring up the control panel, go to multimedia options, select advanced properties, and turn the hardware acceleration off on the soundcard, almost always fixes the stutter for me. *edit* I just tested this and i too was getting a stutter with the UC demo until i turned the hardware acceleration off on my soundblaster live
  2. conker424

    Universal Combat Shipping

    give em hell SC
  3. conker424

    UC's first rating on Yahoo

    that "review" has been reported to Yahoo Shopping Customer Care as what it is...
  4. conker424

    How the army used tech to nab Saddam

    Cool! the worlds most expensive RTS
  5. conker424

    Happy New Year

    happy hangover day {formally called new years}
  6. conker424

    The iPod's dirty secret

    thats why i stay as far away as possable from apple products
  7. conker424

    most annoying form of spam

    at least it costs me nothing to receive text messages, otherwise id REALLY be pissed
  8. conker424

    most annoying form of spam

    I was sitting at home, minding my own businesses,, eating my dinner when my cell phone beeped. Looking at it i say i had a text message. it read "LOOSE 23LBS IN 2 WEEKS!!brand new diet pill call (877)651-8207". Spam is now officially out of hand. i urge all of you to spam the email account i received the text message from, [email protected] .
  9. conker424

    Gone Gold Thread - People are so predictable

    damn some people really need to get a life
  10. conker424

    Gone Gold Thread - People are so predictable

    LOL!!! thats priceless
  11. conker424

    Thunderbirds Remake

    thqat just doesnt look right done liveaction...it needs the puppets
  12. conker424

    Joystick recommendations.

    its all about the Thrustmaster Top Gun Afterburner. Its got 2 halfs, the stick half with 2 axis, pov and 4buttons. And the throttle half with the throttle, rudder, and 4 more buttons.
  13. quote:Originally posted by KreKol: Ah, there is more to this story. Vanlester has filed 16 previous claims of injuries at Wal-Mart stores and other places she has shopped or worked. Local 6 yeah, i read that in this mornings mercury news. just another person looking for a handout, so she can sit around all day livin on someone elses dollars
  14. conker424

    Most Anticipated Universal Combat Feature

    ooh soo much to choose from...i cant decide..gotta go with all of the above