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    Doesn't China hold a large percentage of our national debt in the form of bonds ? If so, maybe then can just buy us out ?
  2. Israel can have Jerusalem as its capital. If other countries don't like then that is their perogative. The Pals don't care a whit about where Israel decides it can have it's borders they want the whole falafel and will stop at nothing until they get it. Take it up with them first. But you basically evaded every single question I brought up. At this point the debate is closed I guess. Onto China.... http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...c;f=34;t=000626
  3. That's nice about the UN, Israel doesn't respect, the USA doesn't respect, No Arab countries respect them. OK WHO DOES RESPECT UN LAW ? But more to the point... Please respond to the points brought up though ? What is Israel to DO ? What is the PA to DO? I mean actions, not words. Specifically, How many terror organizations has Machmud Abbas dismantled as of today ? What compromises is Abbas prepared to make that are backed up by action ? As for disengagement Hamas just couldn't wait to start shooting rockets. http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=88677 As to your famed disengagement majority: 1) Why no referendum ? The majority wanted that. 2) How do you explain mass rallies in Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem that DWARFED the PeaceNow Niks in the 80's 3) And how do you explain: A widely publicized weeklong show of support for the disengagement attracted only tens of supporters. The supporters drove in a caravan through Israel, ending in Jerusalem. According to the organizer, there were at most seventy cars involved. http://web.israelinsider.com/Articles/Politics/6166.htm 4) over 500,000+ protestors showed up in Tel-Aviv, Statistically speaking that is A HUGE SAMPLE for a country like Israel. and last... 5) Yedioth Ahronoth polls are shown to be heavily biased and incorrect. Polls: Media Biased and Unfair 15:43 Jul 21, '05 / 14 Tammuz 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Almost half of Israelis blame the media for unfair reporting and bias in favor of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, according to a new poll. Support for the expulsion plan has dropped to 48 percent. The survey was conducted earlier this week by Drs. Yariv Tzafati and Yoram Perry of the Herzog Institute. They said results also showed that most Israelis do not think that a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria will bring peace and may not bring less terror. Support for expulsion plan has been based on feelings that the government has not choice but to carry it out, the pollsters added. Israeli media incite tension in Israeli society, according to 75 per cent of the respondents. Forty-six percent are not satisfied with the media coverage of the issue, partly because they think the media report "illogically" and have taken a position in favor of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Backing the unilateral withdrawal are only 48 percent of Israelis while opposition remains steady at 38 percent after climbing from 33 percent several months ago. Support has fallen dramatically from two-thirds to approximately 50 percent except for a temporary rise after anti-Sharon demonstrations that blocked traffic. More than half of the respondents think that the disengagement plan will heighten tensions in Israeli society, while 43 percent expect more terror and only 25 percent expect less terror following the proposed withdrawal. A substantial majority of 65 percent replied that most of the Jewish residents in Gaza moved there as pioneers and Zionists, but 57 percent of the respondents also agreed that in retrospect, Jewish communities should not have been established in Gaza. ---- And for more fun: http://www.theraphi.com/ppe/iibsobipm.html --- Points have been made. I haven't seen any real rebutal of the facts I've presented in my previous posts about some of the reality in the Holy Land. So I think the case is pretty much closed. To Close and Shabbat Shalom, from Charles Krauthammer: "What follows is the world saying, almost in unison, that the Gaza evacuation is just the beginning of a total Israeli retreat, one Dunkirk to be followed by many more. What follows is Condoleezza Rice declaring that "it cannot be Gaza only," a thrilling encouragement to the Palestinians jeering the Israeli withdrawal with chants of "Gaza today, Jerusalem tomorrow." Is this what the Bush administration wants? More unilateral concessions to an implacable enemy whose "moderate" leader, Mahmoud Abbas, declares that "we will not rest until they leave from all our land" -- when Palestinian maps show "our land" as nothing less than all of British Palestine with Israel totally eradicated?
  4. Measures taken by a state to protect the lives of it's citizens from a violent and hostile threat are legal under international law. UN Charter Article 51 That means establishing defensive measures and includes taking offensive measures. Classic line: "The world always tells israel what it can't do against terrorism, why doesn' the world tell us what israel CAN do against terrorism." Checkpoints are a defensive measure and are not a "punishment". You go through a checkpoint at an airport, is that a punishment ? Before the intifada in the 1990s, no checkpoints. Terror -> Checkpoints Defensive Wall. Israel has every right to that measure. Is it a punishment ? Obviously not. Before the Intifada 2, no wall. Terror -> Wall Israeli raids on PA occupied cities, operations to capture terrorists and if necessary to kill them. What do you expect ? What would any rational country do that has been continously attacked in this way since it's inception ? Terror -> Raids Do civilians get killed, yes. The IDF does an admiral job of minimizing civilian casualities in doing the best job it can in complying with the geneva accords. What does the PA/Fateh/Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade/Hizbollah/Tanzim and all the other para-military organizations do ? What is their responsiblity to the civilians in Israel and the PA occupied territories ? Or is it a double standard ? Pals. can do anything they want and only Israel is up for criticism ? Palestinian civilian casualties are a CONSEQUENCE of the actions taken by the Palestinian government and para-military terrorist organizations. --- You seem to like quotations from international law and treaties. Ok lets play... Occupied Territory : http://www.jcpa.org/brief/brief005-3.htm Settlement: The Mandate for Palestine, League of Nations, July 24th, 1922 see preamble and article 6 UN General Assembly Resolution 181, 1947 Chapter 2 Part 8, Chapter 3 Part 1 1967, the UN passed resolution 242, calling for secure and recognized boundaries and for the end of all threats of violence to all countries in the region. Palestinian National Charter of 1968 Article 9: Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine. Article 10: Commando action constitutes the nucleus of the Palestinian popular liberation war. Article 19: The partition of Palestine in 1947 and the establishment of the state of Israel are entirely illegal. Article 20: Claims of historical or religious ties of Jews with Palestine are incompatible with the facts of history. When Israel offered to withdraw from 95% of the West Bank in the Taba Conference of 2001 the Pals. said another famous "No". The response was Intifada 2. Last but not least UN Resolution 1373 "Refrain from providing any support, active or passive, to entities or persons involved in terrorist acts I have about 6 more UN resolutions that you might be interested in reading. --- Considering the world has not bothered to step in and curb PA terror nor stop the flow of money into the PA through UNWRA or other donation agencies. Then the world approves of the PA and Arab worlds ethnic cleansing of the Jewish minority from the Middle-East. The question is Nomad, which side are you on ?
  5. We are forgetting that Israel is at WAR. Collective punishment is illegal in the USA with regards to punishing criminals who are given a trial in the legal system. Israel is fighting a war against a foreign power that wants it's ultimate demise. In war civilians are killed and it is a tragedy, this is why you do not want to fight or perpetuate wars. But this one started a long time ago, and hobbling Israel's defense forces will do nothing but prolong the war.
  6. One more on palestinian universities: http://www.jcpa.org/jl/vp522.htm Enjoy
  7. Samia Halileh Institute of Community and Public Health Birzeit University, Ramallah, West Bank 29/6/2002 Nice Report. Somehow I am not convinced of the credibility of the academic work coming from a university in Ramallah. (see below for a little Birzeit Rhetoric, considering they are supporters of suicide bombers). Way too much propaganda coming out of those places to even merit reading let alone believing. Of course the Nazi universities had many studies backing up their theories of eugenics so .... -------- All we ever see from the palestinian media and universities is their never ending "victimhood". Not only is their media and academic institutions rife with propaganda, outright lies, and libel but there is never any responsibility taken for their own actions and situation. What happened to the BILLIONS of dollars given by Israel and the world to the PA/PLO ? What was done with that money ? If the palestinians are so desperate then where is their mass peaceful demonstrations against terror ? Where is their tireless effort to remove corruption from the PA ? Where is their rejection of violence and exremism ? Where is their negotiation and compromise with Israel ? Sorry but the victim card doesn't play here. There are too many victims laying in blue and white flags 6ft under to claim any special victim status for the pals. Your wife may have the right to decry "Israeli Hypocracy" but that doesn't mean her complaints have any merit. Let's see her argue that Israel has a right to exist at a conference in Saudi Arabia. Oh, wait she can't goto to saudi arabia, and even if she could she couldn't drive herself to the conference. Makes you wonder... -------- Dr. Hanna Nasir (Birzeit University) Address of Dr. Hanna Nasir, Birzeit University president, at the rally that took place on Monday March 12, 2001 ... Posted: March 12th, 2001 http://www.birzeit.edu/news/2001/drnasir.html My dear friends, On behalf of BZU, and in honor of the martyrs of the Palestine struggle - those who died on the road towards independence since the conflict began back more than seventy years ago, I salute you for your solidarity with the University, with the population of the villages around Ramallah and al Bireh and for your solidarity with both Ramallah and Bireh that are themselves besieged.
  8. sckid1108

    First Impressions

    Game isn't *that* complicated. Game is actually fun. Tutorial is available. The game is ACTUALLY DOCUMENTED WELL. ummm.... lates bud.
  9. Boy Israel sure is selling a lot of those paper cups these days... http://www.globes.co.il/serveen/globes/Doc...004310&fid=1725 IsraelÔÇÖs first half exports to Arab countries up 21% Exports to Iraq grew 7% to $2.6 million, and exports to Tunisia soared 159% to $1.4 million...
  10. sckid1108

    First Impressions

    First Impressions on Multi-Player Server. 1) GameGCQ, my client crashed on me. Don't really care because.... 2) I set up a multiplayer (GUI) Server (SCKID's UCAWA) in *MAYBE* 5 minutes. Totally stable, very very easy configuration. This morning I saw somebody login so I know that they can see the server behind my hardware firewall. I really like the simple TACOPS interface and that it runs in a windows so I can do some other minor things with my PC while the server runs. I would like to see a list of server commands that is accesible from the GUI ( or it exists and i don't know it ). If some people login into the server let me know how it runs ( i set it up for 10 people) on DSL. I use SBC DSL and my uplink speed actually gets pretty high since I am really close to a new repeater and DSLAM router here in the silicon valley. Really nice work on the server. -sckid
  11. sckid1108

    View Points Of Ex-Muslims

    Hey Guys, I'm heading off to work, I left a UC AWA Server running on my computer, feel free to burn some bandwidth. Look for: "SCKID UC AWA Server" Enjoy !
  12. sckid1108

    View Points Of Ex-Muslims

    Topic on Ex-Muslims... 1) I posted on a serious muslim 2) Nomad posts on a Jew -> Muslim 3) $ilk -> What's wrong with Trinity ? We are universally off topic. See Nomad, the tower of babel at work ! :-) --- Philosophically what is wrong with the trinity ? Simply stated from a jewish perspective our view is that g-d is a single, unitary, one (Echad). The trinity is viewed as some composite one, an amalgamation. Not to mention the whole man as g-d thing is right out the window for us. There is a clear seperation g-d is g-d, man is man. We can emulate our creator and try to be as holy as we can. But ultimately g-d's ways are not our ways and g-d's thoughts are not our thoughts (Job). On the plus side, for non-jews, Christianity seems to have a powerful influence on those who are committed to following it. Again probably a case of "many paths to the same goal". The danger is Jews falling away from their path and goal, in the past Christianity was a negative force that was trying to actively convert Jews. These days there are significant christian movements that see Jews as having a role to play as Jews in bringing about redemption for the world. Because of the change in philosophy a more trusting relationship between christianity and judaism has formed. Theologicaly there maybe problems, but "so what" really. (see the trillion websites on christian zionists) (http://www.ifcj.org/site/News2?abbr=rabbi_&page=NewsArticle&id=6185) Are they sincere ? I had my doubts. Met a bunch in Israel, seemed sincere, had to revise my opinion. Such is life. --- For Nomad, the fact that billions of people believe in 1 G-d may lead them to overlook or see past their racial and ethnic differences. Our purpose is to keep struggling to reach the ideal vision of Isiah. Another view is that ÔÇ£we donÔÇÖt need to complete the task, but neither are we free to desist from it.ÔÇØ Take Care, -sckid a little inspiration: http://www.aish.com/spirituality/prayer/Fi...ough_Prayer.asp
  13. One little trick that I found was to do this: Right Click Desktop->Properties->Advanced->Troubleshoot You should see a radio box called "Enable Write Combining". Click this OFF. I found that with my NVIDIA cards that this enhanced the stability of this game quite a bit. I have seen advice before on "AGP Fast Write" Mode and some others, but not this one. Worked well but does require you to reboot your machine. Hope this helps somebody. Maybe somebody with an ATI card can try this as well.
  14. I wanted to get people's recommendations for high-end hardware to run UC AWA. I've had some tech. problems and SC was kind enough to look in to them. So, instead of whining, I wanna here some recs. for some really good stuff that people have run UC AWA on. 1) Graphics Card - ATI or NVIDIA - Memory (128 or 256) - Bus Interface ( AGP 8X or PCI-E ) 2) Motherboard 3) Processor ( Pentium4 or AMD ) - Model - Speed, etc. 4) Memory 5) Sound Card ( Turtle Beach Montego DDL is just great ! For $70 !) Thanks Everyone, sckid