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    First Person Mode - Whats wrong/right with it?

    I anticipated a response along those lines. You always stubbornly stick to your vision, and thats why we love you Seriously, you dont cave in to conforming to what the industry or anyone else says your game should be like. The result is one clear, consistant, unified world. A Battlecruiser game in every aspect. I stated that I had always wished the FPS elements could be as fun as tribes. Not stating that UC's FPS parts should change into Tribes. The FPS elements in UC are First Person, but they are not a "FPS Game". Just because you step out of your battlecruiser doesn't mean you're not in a battlecruiser game anymore. I know this. The FPS elements in UC feel wrong. It lacks a fluidity of control and movement and feels more robotic instead of human. Thats what I mean when I say it feels like I'm just controlling another vehicle. I know the goal is to simulate a human with human limitations, and thats what we want from a BC game, but the feel is wrong. It's not totally wrong, or unplayable. I've spent a lot of hours fighting side by side with my marines and had a lot of fun. Here is an example I can think of right now. I remember in UC you couln't look straight up 90 degrees because a marine looking down the sight of a big rifle would not realistically be able to do that. Thats accurate, but it also hurt the feel-- I know as a person, my head is not locked to the aim of my rifle. If the rifle's aim could be detached from the players head when the head moved out of the aiming range of the rifle, then that little thing would help the feel. Thats just an example, not a specific request. Playing as a marine in FPS mode feels more like I'm controlling a robot, instead of walking in the marine's boots. Thats not criticizim, but in a perfect world I would want to feel like I was right there on the base, in the rain, with my gun and running for cover behind an ATV while bullets whiz past. Immersion. When piloting the vehicles/spacecraft I can feel immersed because I can imagine my computer chair is the pilot seat, the keyboard and mouse is my flight controls, my monitor is the viewscreen on the bridge. Immersion in the FPS parts of the game is more tricky, and perhaps thats why you see the exagerated movement and mobility in FPS games-- when you're playing a human, anything that inhibits your ability to look or move around destroys the immersion. If I could sum up in one word what the current FPS part of the game feels like to me, that word would be "clumsy". Thats it. It feels clumsy. Again, not broken, not unplayable, not boring, not unenjoyable. The FPS part of the game as it is now is probably close to my favorite aspect of the game-- but it could be better. I'd hate to be in your shoes though, because I cant put my finger on any specific way to improve on the FPS part of the game. Thats probably saying something. There are more things I don't want changed than there are things I want changed, but if the 'feel' and immersion was kept in mind during design decisions in the future, I think the game will benefit.
  2. Chaoticmass

    First Person Mode - Whats wrong/right with it?

    I always wished that the FPS elements of the game were as fun as Tribes. When I'm in first person in BC games, er I mean UC, it doesn't feel like I'm controlling a person-- more like I'm just controlling another vehicle. It's not run and gun, point and shoot.
  3. Chaoticmass

    Night at the Movies: Hero

    Saying Hero would be better if it was more realistic is like saying Lord of the Rings would be better if you took out the magic, the wizards, and hobbits, and fantasy creatures.
  4. Chaoticmass

    Night at the movies - I, Robot

    The only similiarities between Asimov and the movie was the three laws, plus maybe that flashback where the robot saves Will Smith and not the little girl-- Asimov wrote all kinds of stuff about robots caught in logical contridictions caused by the three laws logic. I consider the movie to be inspiried by Asimov, not an adaptation of his work. I liked the movie for the most part.
  5. Chaoticmass

    Some quick questions

    If you read the manual you'd see the part about the Zoom To button on your tacops screen. You can turn off the 'big yellow nebula', and all space backdrops, from your Config screen. I turned them off because I dont like them either. Try running the game in windowed mode (check the docs in the Docs folder). Windowed mode, if I remember right, runs at the same refresh rate as your monitor. If it doesn't have that effect in windowed mode, it might lend some insite to your problem.
  6. Chaoticmass

    Curious about this tutorial offered

    That sounds sweet! Even though I know how to play UC, I'm looking forward to these-- might learn something new...
  7. Please tell me to siddown if I'm out of place... Just patched to the new UC v2.00.02 RC1 client and joined server 2. Picked my fav Cruiser, the Garid, and joined. Soon as I gained control of my ship, it was spinning. It was yawing to the left constantly. I checked to make sure mouse controls were off. I checked for a stuck key. Finally, I turned Num-Lock off and I quit spinning. Turned Num-Lock back on, and started spinning again. Hit Shift-Esc and saw I was the only one online, so I quit. Anyone else experience the spinning? When I played MP before, with the 2.00.01 (i think), I did not have this problem.
  8. I tried to reproduce it this morning, after restarting. No spinning. Must've been the 0 key on my numberpad was stuck, which would explain why turning Num-Lock on and off affected it. Sorry. Hang this post up on the wall so people can see how not to be an idiot and report bugs in thier keyboards.
  9. Chaoticmass

    Intruders Tip

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Papi: Yeah, last night I had 7 intruders boarded straight to the bridge! My AE's FF went down to 28, but I survived. I lost two marines and two officers, which I cloned afterward. But I gotta tell you, that I had most blasting fun time all through it! What did you do? Just stare at PERSCAN and hope that your AE's mad kombat skillz paid off? When this happens to me, I halt my CC and abandon ship! Just pop out of the hatch and walk around on deck until things blow over inside.
  10. Chaoticmass

    Co-op & NPC generation request

  11. Chaoticmass

    BCM Gold or UC - Information Needed

    quote:Originally posted by typhon: I like the colour pictures of the crew in BCG now there green screens in UC, I think unless I missed some thing, I am still learning and the learning curve is a steep one, which is always a good thing. I think there is a thread in the Mods/Cheats forum about how you can use the portraits from BCM in UC by copying some files over. I'd search for it.
  12. Chaoticmass

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    Yeah, but the Megaron is Mega-ugly Actually, I do like the megaron, I just wish it looked as sleek as some of the other cap ships. Guess you cant have your cake and eat it too.
  13. Chaoticmass

    Looking for advice - PDA purchase

    You're all wrong. The sharp Zaurus is best. PDA Lineup I've had palms and pocket PC's, but I like the Zaurus best. Mostly I like how it's an open platform, and there's tons of linux geeks out there pumping out cool open source programs for it. I like having the slide out thumb keyboard. I like loading up an IBM 1gb microdrive with divx movies and watching them on my lunch break. Heck, just go here to see all the features: Sharp Zaurus
  14. Chaoticmass

    Slashdot - Discussion on Win98 phase out

    I can understand why some people have problems when they upgrade an older system to XP-- but there's no reason to choose 98SE over XP when you're dealing with new hardware. XP is superior. It has some annoying 'features', but they can be turned off. The actual operating system is much more stable, and installing hardware and drivers is so much easier and trouble free.
  15. Chaoticmass

    Is Resnig smarter in UC?

    He's the butt of all jokes here. Goes way back. Apparently he used to do a lot of stupid stuff to piss people off. Like override orders you give your marines. Some other people can chime in with specific examples. I know a lot of people started marooning Resnig on some distant planet just so he wouldn't meddle with the marine assignments anymore-- or just for fun. It's a running joke. Poor Resnig.
  16. Chaoticmass

    Night at the Oscars

    also, anyone notice Bill Murray when they announced best actor? He had a look on his face, like he knew he wasn't going to win. Then when Sean Penn won, Bill looked like he was pissed, and didn't even clap.
  17. Chaoticmass

    Night at the Oscars

    I really wanted to see Ken win it too, but I kinda knew we wasn't going to win. Academy awards dont work that way.
  18. Chaoticmass

    Evolution is it a Fact or a Theory?

    One thing to remember when talking about evolution is the distinction between evolution itself, which is a fact, and the mechanism for evolution, which is still actively debated in the scientific community. Also... quote: If you can't prove how it happened, then it is Not a fact. Thats the funniest thing I've heard all day. I found a penny on the ground. I dont know how it got there, but it is, for a fact, there on the ground in front of me.
  19. Chaoticmass

    Evolution is it a Fact or a Theory?

    I agree with this guy, Ian Johnston.
  20. Chaoticmass

    RC6/RC7 Patch Comments

    quote:Originally posted by GreyDog: whenever I set a waypoint on a planet & a/p to it the ship image dissapears, you can see the engine burn graphics ..but there no ship in front of it. from this point on, including after planetfall, f9 & f10 reveal no ship ...egress reveals no ship & I cant get back in because I cant find it. I have screenies if you need em. noship1 noship2 it didn't do this pre-rc7, thats why I'm posting this here. it occurred on both Gamma1, with BCmk2 & Earth with Jenstar, two tests I didnt do (which I maybe could have) was to 1) try & view it from a shuttle & 2) fly in manually. dont know if it matters, but I'm running the GF4 mx 440, I was assured by the salesperson when I bought the system that it was the upgraded one. [edit] I just spent the last couple hours trying to recreate the problem today ..with no success. I can only surmise that what ever was causing it was fixed by shutting down for the night & rebooting in the morning. my apologies for posting to soon, I wont let it happen again! I'm running RC3 right now and I'll notice this happen to NPC ships sometimes. It's kinda rare. I'm running a Radeon 9600. Just chiming in to debunk the theory that it's a new thing in RC7.
  21. Chaoticmass

    GBS-II For BCM Gold Released

    Okay, I now have a new reason to keep BCMG on my hard drive. I'll play BCMG for all my tweaking, hacking, modifying whims, and UC for playing normal. BTW, I captured my first station in UC without cheating last night Bieng a raider is fun!
  22. Chaoticmass

    GBS-II For BCM Gold Released

    Wow! Thank you!
  23. Chaoticmass

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    quote:Originally posted by Shadowstar: I always like to play as a Terran Raider from Idan, with a Questar Cruiser. Sure it's not a big ship, but its one of the few capital ships you can fly like a fighter. As for taking out stations with it, once you figure out thier blind spots, it's a matter of waiting for someone else to attack (to draw the station's attention), then jump in and get to the blind spot quickly (and pray a little), then just unleash everything you've got, with a little discretion when the station gets close to SOS, so you don't blow it up. I captured Genesis that way, though apparently some AI beat me to Galcom HQ, as when I arrived it was a burned out husk. I've now built a nice little pirate base at the moon (without worrying about Galcom attacking from Earth) in my ROAM game, and that's a nice region to pick off transports in, plus the single jumpgate makes for a nice chokepoint, so it's defensible even. I like my ship, even though it has no fighters. One advantage to having a smaller ship is that it takes less time to walk around it, I believe. The transporter room is just a short jog from the bridge, so I can go on away missions at a whim. There's more to selecting a ship than its size and weapons. The position of turrets, blind spots, and layout are all different. That sounds fun. I might have to jump in and try playing that role.
  24. Chaoticmass

    Game extra stuff info!

    It's not there. No Game Editor Post
  25. Chaoticmass

    RC5 Patch Comments

    Just your message board participants moderating themselves. PM me if you really wanna know (dont wanna take this thread off-topic... again)