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    Battlefield 2

    It's a solid game, but even me being a BF fanatic, I don't think I'm going to get it. I'm not sure why. It doesn't do anything wrong. In fact it does most things right. But it just seems so "Bleh" to me. I remember the first time I played BF42. Oh god I didn't come out of my basement for weeks. That game was my life for a very long time. BF2 is good and all, but it just doesn't have that magic. Like you guys said, it feels like a really pretty version of Desert Combat (with non-crappy netcode). Been there, done that I guess. It's probably just the realization that this is just the same BF42 i've been playing for how many years now, except they changed the BAR1918 to the M16 and called it a new game.
  2. Warning: Water is lethal when inhaled. Ban please.
  3. DeepFreeze

    American Idol

    It's ok. Despite the fact that Bo didn't win, a lot of people out there saw what he can do, and his career is no doubt going places. Oh well, pop stars have short career spans anyway.
  4. DeepFreeze

    Night at the Movies - King Arthur

    Let me save everyone time who doesn't want to read a long review and say that as far as movie tiers go, I would place this movie in the "upper so-so" tier of movies. This is your typical Jerry Bruckheimer summer flick. To me, this one didn't come off as what he would hope to be a summer blockbuster like his last big hit, Pirates of the Carribean, but you never know. A lot of times, the story seemed rushed. You don't get familiarized with the characters until right before they die (oops, spoiler). The love story between Arthur and Guenevere is under-developed and rushed, and there is no sense of consistency between scenes in the movie. Everything seems chopped up and mashed together. I know that sounds pretty vague, but one second all the knights are saying "Screw this, I'm out of here," and then one second later they all miraculously develop a sense of duty and save the day without any explanation of why. This is particularly apparent with Arthur who instantly switches gears from "I'm only doing this because I have to" to "LOL I'm a hero, n00b." I would like to add that Arthur's "monologues" with god sounded more than a little corny, but then again, that may just be me. As far as action goes, it was pretty good. Just as in Pirates of the Carribean, however, many of the action scenes (the last one in particular) were partially marred by bad camera-work. All the knights wear similar outfits, there were bad camera angles, and the camera switches angles way too fast. Ultimately, you can't tell who is getting diced by who, but there is a whole lot of ass-kicking going on, so that makes up for it. Where I do have to give this movie credit is the pacing. Unlike many movies, it didn't drag ass between action scenes, which is really what makes me bored in a movie. There was a pretty good mix between plot sequences and action scenes. However, an under-developed and formulaic plot ultimately make this a forgettable action flick, but on the whole, it certainly wasn't a bad movie. Hey, you could be spending your money on Soldner, right? 7.5/10
  5. DeepFreeze

    CopyProtection: Doing the Job?

    People have been having a lot of trouble with Starforce in particular. I don't know whether or not that's what's running behind Homeworld 2, though. These kind of issues (especially starforce)usually strike people who have the cd in an RW drive, whether that would be CD or DVD. However, the latest version hasn't been cracked yet, and they've been working on it for a good long time. I know this because I've been waiting for someone to crack it so I can play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, as I stupidly bought the game not thinking of the fact that it's on DVD (and I only have a CD-RW drive).
  6. DeepFreeze

    The issue of ads in games

    Don't forget about Planet Walmart. But yeah, I don't mind ads if they're not disruptive to the game. And its funny because every venue developers think of to get away from publishers (like Steam for example, and now this) gets bitterly scorched by everyone. I mean, I think Funcom had a great idea offering free accounts if you play with ads. Heck, I might even play it but MMO's are garbage anyway. Well, I'm getting off-topic again, so that's that.
  7. DeepFreeze

    Doom 4: End of the Game Industry?

    As a footnote, I don't think its the dev's fault that it ended up this way. I think we're just reaching the maximum of what can be done with a keyboard and mouse, or controllers. I think we'll be stuck with the same stuff until somebody invents VR.
  8. DeepFreeze

    Doom 4: End of the Game Industry?

    Although he comes across as something of a crybaby, I do agree with him. The industry has gotten oh so stale. Most of my life I've been a pretty hard-core gamer, but you know what? I just don't enjoy it at all anymore. I haven't bought a game in god knows how long, because its all the same crap. Recycling the same conventions that have been used and abused for 15 years at least. I understand that first and foremost, game developers are running a business, and not making a work of art, but there isn't even a slight glimmer of originality out there. It's just one big graphics pissing contest over the latest and greatest shading and lighting effects. The last game I remember buying was (unfortunately) Half-Life 2. And although it wasn't a bad game, it was the same old crap with pretty graphics. Now, with that said, the gaming industry isn't going to collapse any time soon. It continues to grow year after year. People keep waiting for "the big moment" where people get fed up and don't buy any more games, but people never get tired of mediocrity, for some reason. How else can you explain sitcoms? Or reality TV? Or...disco.
  9. DeepFreeze

    Space Shuttle Moved to Launch Pad

    Sometimes I find it impossible to believe that something that huge not only exists, but moves. That's why I'm going to be an engineer
  10. DeepFreeze

    Vivendi drops support for Tribes: Vengeance

    Hah. I had the game back when you had to pay money for it. So I don't run into these fileplanet problems I keep hearing about.
  11. DeepFreeze

    Vivendi drops support for Tribes: Vengeance

    You know, I really love Tribes 2. I'd really like to get back into it again, but as you can see, its not doing too well these days.
  12. DeepFreeze

    Vivendi drops support for Tribes: Vengeance

    No... nobody bought Tribes Vengeance because Irrational raped and murdered our beloved series. Everything that required skill was taken out, the maps were tiny, and vehicles were 1-man juggernauts. I still don't think they ever actually gave us Tribes Vengeance, because all I saw was UT2k4 with jetpacks. It's a shame, because Tribes 1 was my favorite video game series of all time. Though Tribes 2 had a much different and more team-oriented style that I didn't really like, it was a great game in its own right. Vengeance made me cry.
  13. DeepFreeze

    Michigan May Require Online Dating Checks

    Well, let me just say this. I have a couple friends (of both genders) who have tried meeting people online. And EVERY SINGLE ONE has been a complete whacko. I can't think of 1 person I know who had gotten something good out of it. It's just a bad idea. Secondly, I think the internet is the Wild West of the Digital Age, which is why I think everyone has such a profound interest in it. Unlike the West of old, however, the nature of it in that it exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time makes it significantly less, if not altogether impossible, tameable. Trying to do so is an exercise in futility.
  14. DeepFreeze

    Dont wan't to cross these coppers

    I especially liked how they "disarm" bombs.
  15. DeepFreeze

    Looking for a program...

    Since I know mostly everyone here knows there way around computers, I figured somebody might have heard of this program I'm looking for. I can't for the life of me remember what its called, so maybe after I describe it, somebody will know. Basically, it just makes a file, any name you want, that is completely blank. Then you can use this program to inflate the file to take up any amount of hard-drive space you want it to. It's a pretty old, DOS-based program if I recall. I downloaded it at one point, but didn't have a use for it at the time. You see, it all started when I dropped my mp3 player while it was playing and then all these bad sectors popped up on the disk. According to Norton Disk Doctor, there are only 14 kb of bad sectors, and whenever I reformat the player, it seems insistant on putting the firmware files on this particular 14 kb of space. I've tried everything I could think of to get it working. A bunch of disk utilities and whatnot, until I figured, "Okay, I'll just copy a whole bunch of files onto the player before putting on the firmware. It doesn't matter if the files get corrupted, they just need to block those spots off." Unfortunately, it locks my computer up once it gets about 650 mb in. The reason I have an interest in this program is because, unless I am mistaken or remember incorrectly, it doesn't actually write anything to the drive. It just expands the boundaries of the file to take up space. So i'm just gonna make a tiny little file on the player, inflate it to a gig or so and hopefully block off all the bad spots, and then put everything on. If anyone knows the name of the program I'm talking about, or anything similar, that would be most helpful. P.S. It's freeware, btw, so I'm not asking for warez or anything.
  16. DeepFreeze

    Looking for a program...

    Well, I haven't bought it YET. Though I'm seriously considering it. I really like the style of the H10 but the thing is I just don't want to pay for all the fluff. Don't get me wrong, a color screen and line in, FM radio, voice recording, coffee maker and disposable rocket-ship is all well and good, but I really don't NEED or have any use for it, so I kinda feel like I'm gipping myself by paying for it. That's why I was leaning so heavily towards the Rio Carbon for a while. It doesn't have any of the fancy crap I don't need. It just plays the music and is thus significantly lighter on my wallet, but the junky carrying case really puts me off because I'm gonna be taking it with me everywhere. And then you've got the Zen Micro, which is really small, has a good case, but then you start coming up again with all the extraneous silly features and then there's the whole headphone jack thing I've been hearing about with that. I also heard that the interface is excessively clunky and hard to navigate. But even so, its still considerably cheaper than the H10. Hmm. A complicated situation.
  17. DeepFreeze

    Looking for a program...

    Actually, I was looking into those 2. I've been doing a bit of research into both of those. The Rio Carbon is definately my style because it doesn't have a lot of fancy features, is small, has an insane battery life and a good amount of space. On the other hand, I've also read that a lot of them don't work and break pretty easy, and the carrying case blocks all the buttons (wtf?). So that's kind of putting me off. As for the H10: it's also pretty small, has a slick design, and replacable batteries are cool, and the features are nice. This is definately my next best contender if I decide not to go with the Zen Micro. But goddamn, $280 is mighty steep for a 5 gig player. Is it really worth it? If it isn't, do you know where I might be able to get one cheap. Thank you all for your input. EDIT: Nevermind, I just found an H10 for cheap on eBay. So hopefully, I'll have an inbound H10. Thank you everyone. Your input was valuable.
  18. DeepFreeze

    Interview on File Front

    "DC is a valuable company as they help with improvements to the game" That must have hurt very bad to say that.
  19. No, unplugging someone from their only source of life because you don't want to pay the bill is selfish. Especially when that person is still in there somewhere, whether she can express it or not. And even more so when it is possible that she tried to say she wanted to live. If I were in her situation, I would just want them to put me down, but not everyone is like me. I'm not exactly sure how she is in "constant pain" as you put it, but maybe to her that is worth it just to live. Maybe all she wants is to survive. Maybe she doesn't. We don't know because we can't ask her. If she doesn't want to live and we keep her on the tube, we can always pull the plug later. If she does want to live, and we kill her, well needless to say, there's no second chances on that one. The power to end someones life is not a right that any of us should have.
  20. This is basically the most rediculous thing I've seen in a long time. As I recall, the only time you have the right to take the life of a person is if said person is trying to kill you (or stealing your car, as it is here in NJ). And I can't say I recall any stories of Terri Schiavo going on a rampage recently. So as far as I'm concerned, nobody has the right to take her life. And secondly, even if God came down from the sky and said "Yeah, its ok. Go ahead and kill her," what they're doing is rediculous. Maybe this is just me, but I would typically call starving a person to death "torture." Is anyone else a little disturbed that our court system has just granted the right to kill people?
  21. DeepFreeze

    Looking for a program...

    Ok, I didn't want to start a new thread so I'm just going to bump this. I'm afraid I just have to come to terms with reality and accept the passing of my poor MP3 player. For those of you who own MP3 players, I'm asking your advice: I'm going to be getting a new one soon, but I'm unable to decide on what I want. I wanted a micro-drive player so that its its small enough to just stick it in my pocket and not drop it like a retard (oh, my poor Samsung. I'm so, so sorry). Not too expensive, but a good 4-6 gigs of space (I don't really need 20, I don't have THAT much music), but playing high-bitrate stuff would be most beneficial. What I've come up with is either the Rio Carbon or the Zen Micro. It doesn't really have to be pretty, it just has to be small and sound good (and maybe play Ogg vorbis, but thats just an extra). I don't want to drop $200-$300 on a rather expensive piece of electronics and find out its junk, so I'd like to ask for some opinions. Does anyone have experience with these players, or if not, have any other recommendations for good players? Thanks.
  22. DeepFreeze

    Fable: The Lost Chapters for the PC

    Hmm, looks like I'm gonna pass on this one. I made the mistake of buying Fable for the XCrate, but I'm afraid it just wasn't worth it. It was a nice attempt, but ultimately, a wonky targeting system and hideously bad combat just made the title a bore for me. If they fix that up, though, I just may look into it.
  23. DeepFreeze

    Top Cardinal Blasts 'Da Vinci Code' as 'Cheap Lies'

    Well, I don't consider myself to be a slow reader. I read faster than most people I know, but I do know a few people who can read almost rediculously fast. I've always wanted to be like them, and I've even checked out a couple books from the local library on speed reading and how to read faster (reading a book on how to read if that makes any sense) but it just hasn't caught on. This one book I read basically told you to draw imaginary grid-lines down and across the page, cutting it into boxes, and reading each "box." That was just stupid. The next book I read basically said "Widen your peripheral vision." I guess that makes sense, but the biggest problem I have is that when I read, I naturally hear it in my mind as if the narator were speaking the sentence, so I inherently slow my reading pace down to as if I were speaking. When I don't do that, I can go really fast, but I have to concentrate so hard on it that I miss half of what it is that I'm reading. It took me a bit under 20 minutes to finish chapter 1. Most interesting. It has an interesting take on rediculous bureaucracy and the fear of making decisions. Sadly enough, I know a lot of companies that run this way. Oh wait, I'm getting off topic. My bad.
  24. DeepFreeze

    Top Cardinal Blasts 'Da Vinci Code' as 'Cheap Lies'

    That's what I've been told. My mother swears it is the best book she has ever read, though I'm beginning to think I'm insane for trying to read a 1200 page book in 1 month.
  25. DeepFreeze

    Top Cardinal Blasts 'Da Vinci Code' as 'Cheap Lies'

    You are 100% correct, Murphy. I am going to go out and buy this book after I finish Atlas Shrugged (which I haven't even opened) for my English midterm (yes, a midterm in late march).