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  1. If I were you, I'd get another 512 stick of ram just to be safe.
  2. DeepFreeze

    Night at the Movies - King Arthur

    Merlin is in the movie in various parts for about 5 minutes. And yes, Guinevere is portrayed as a "warrior-type".
  3. DeepFreeze

    EA cancels Ultima X: Odyssey

    Personally, I absolutely despise MMORPGs. They are boring, have no originality, and are complete ripoffs. Let me see... pay $50 to bring home the box, and then another $15 each month so I can click on monsters, press A, collect my "ph4t l3wt," and click on bigger monsters and press A. Hmm... how about "No"? So in my opinion, the more of these worthless pieces of trash that try to pass themselves off as games that burn down in flames, the better.
  4. DeepFreeze

    What's it like living in your neck of the world

    Let's see...New Jersey is the overpopulated land of bad drivers and raving lunatics. Even the most rural places around where I live, it's still like being in a small city. Yet somehow, this is called the Garden State. What a laugh...
  5. DeepFreeze


    Personally, I don't give a damn about putting rape in video games. However, I seriously want to know who sat in the board meeting when they were coming up with a list of features and said, "This is a great idea!" I honestly believe that that person should die in a fire.
  6. It's only a matter of time until Wal-Mart declares itself to be its own nation. But anyway, I think it is a bit silly to say that China and America are going to go to war eventually simply because they're Chinese and we're American. Right now, they're sitting on their side of the Pacific, and we're sitting on our side, and neither of us have a motivation to disrupt the peace. If we do get into a war, I think it would most likely result from a conflict somewhere else in the world, and the US and China stepping in on opposite sides. Oh, and about the energy sources: solar power is a joke, fission creates large amounts of toxic waste, and fusion is 25-50 years away.
  7. DeepFreeze


    My prediction: Trainwreck will not be fitting to describe this movie. I think something between 'Gigli' and 'Nuclear Holocaust' would be an adequate description of the this movie.
  8. http://www.guildwars.com Now this looks like a seriously kick-ass game that I'm looking out for. And you can play it during E3 (May 12th-14th) if you download the client from (*gag*) fileplanet.
  9. Well, the last blurb about originality was semi-encouraging. I'm pretty sure I once went on a massive rant about how there 3238938 WW2 shooter games and all of them are exactly the same because nobody wants to make a move and come out with something new, which is why a lot of games at E3 (that were any good) are just sequels of other games. A lot of people are getting agitated, and if a developer would finally grow some...erm...marbles, they have the potential to make a huge power-play. As for the rest of the article, I say its about time they finally gave up this crap with making a video game for every freakin' movie that comes out now. I'm not really sure what they were talking about when they say that the license from a movie gets a game sold. Maybe this is just me, but if I see a video game made for a movie, I automatically don't go anywhere near it. Maybe some other people get duped into buying it, but I'm sure any of them with half a brain take it back the next day.
  10. DeepFreeze

    IQ test....

    135. Visual Mathematician. The test is not very accurate though. I read somewhere that if you plug in a bunch of random answers and finish the test in 30 seconds to a minute it'll still say your I.Q. is 180ish.
  11. DeepFreeze

    Welcome to E3 2004

    Wow, Dredd. I haven't seen sarcasm like that since the last time I posted. I love it!!
  12. Personally, I think schools should just be disbanded. They are an entirely outmoded way of thinking and, worst of all, when you get out of your 12 years of confinement, you still don't know a damn thing about a damn thing in the real world! So, it basically serves you nothing. The ONLY thing that I've gotten any use out of is math and 8th grade english where they actually taught grammar (in high school we just read over-rated shakespeare plays). Schools should just be replaced with a new system. A proctor and 5-10 students are assigned to him/her and they go around to various locations (whichever the proctor thinks are appropriate) and actually do real world work. I think a lot of people would actually get something out of that.
  13. Well, because I'm still serving my 12 years in "school" I must agree with both of you guys and the author of that article. The reason it is so easy to beat down the wills of the kids that come through here is because school is an intentionaly uninteresting and unmotivating environment. School has not changed since the industrial revolution. We still sit in the same stupid desks in alphabetical order. We still get up and recite the pledge of allegiance every single day. We still learn about the same meaningless drivel. The floor is still an off-white tile. The walls are still a bland color. The teachers are still unmovitated and unwilling to teach anything of substance. Instead of changing anything, we are still running through the same conveyor belt that we have been running through for the last 200 years. In such a horrendous environment, it's only a matter of time until the wills' of the "students" break, and they simply accept this process as life. Come, sit down, do your work, go home, repeat. This process leaves an inherent, insatiable emptiness in our lives. Nothing we can do can make it feel better, so we try and plug up the hole with trinkets, and gadgets, and tvs, and cars, and houses. And thus the American Consumer is born. I have recognized this process long ago, and have since been simply biding my time. And when I get out of school, I'm going to do something crazy with my life to break that cycle, even if only for myself.
  14. Now, now, Wolferz. I hope you're not comparing me to a Nazi. Ok, fine. Howabout this idea? How about we just let everything go and let natural selection take control. Afterall, I see it's been lagging behind lately, which is the only explanation for how weak and helpless beings can survive long enough in this world to pass on their genes. So instead of my initial plan (from your perspective) to shoot them all and put them in a mass grave, I'll take a more hands off approach and let them do the work for me. quote:Can we compile a list of other people who don't fit our patriotic productive role in American society? How about everyone who is drawing welfare or disability?Ok, you're starting to blurr the line with this a bit. This isn't about patriotism and role models, this is about natural selection. I'm not the reason that they are hooked on cocaine, and neglect their children so they can blow every dime they have on more nose candy. You're not the reason either. Only they are, and in all probability, their kids would have died long ago without the intervention of everyone's favorite Big Brother. I didnt stuff it up their noses so they would get addicted. I didn't put it in snazzy commercials with supermodels saying "Cocaine is the coolest!" They made a conscious effort to get to where they are now and it is THEIR fault. On top of that they also chose to bear children into the same circumstances and that is also THEIR fault. If they are ruining lives of children simply by having them, you have to draw a line somewhere. And instead of ruining more lives, they simply should not have children at all.
  15. Well I'm sorry Wolfers, but we disagree. Boohoo for all the drug addicts of the world, they can have my sympathies. But if you do not have enough presence of mind or strength of will just to keep your own life from falling into the damn gutter, than you should not have any right to have the lives of children depend on you. As their screwed up roll model, they will more than likely walk the same path, and their lives will be ruined as their parents were. Sure, some people may not make the greatest parents, but when it gets to the point that the passing of your genes becomes detrimental to others' health, then the answer is simple: DON'T HAVE KIDS! But of course, their will always be people who are too irresponsible to understand this concept, and are unable to "keep it in their pants," and we have what we have now. Kids growing up with immature, drug-addict parents, that are teaching their kids the same destructive life-style.
  16. Even though this is constitutionaly wrong, I have to agree with the judge. Some people just should NOT have kids. And worst of all, they do it at the expense of their own children. They let their kids have cocaine?! What is WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I was hoping that in a matter such as this, there may not need to be a line where the governemnt steps in and says, "Since you're such an incomprehensibly brain-dead moron, we have to do this for you." Apparently, the gene pool has gotten so low that we have to stop people from having kids. Our mentally decayed degenerate society has gotten so bad that I am now of the opinion that people should require a license to have kids.
  17. DeepFreeze

    The Politics of BIG Business

    Oh god, not again... Wolferz is back with his new book, "The Sky is Falling - Revisited"
  18. DeepFreeze

    * WULFRAM II *

    I'm installing it now. Sounds cool.
  19. DeepFreeze

    Here Come Da Draft! Uh oh!

    quote:I will join VOLUNTEERLY and die for my countryLike a monkey ready to be shot into space.
  20. DeepFreeze

    Interesting Question

    No, I will probably spend most of my time fighting a guerilla war against the empire..err...the remnants of the government. If not, I'll probably be farming somewhere.
  21. DeepFreeze

    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    First things first... quote:To be quite honest, if you're commited of a crime you shouldn't even be ALLOWED to have a legal attorney WHAT SO EVER. Cause it's like I just said, You commited a crime, there is the evidence.. you broke the law, you betrayed america so you deserve to be either put in jail or sentenced to death (which, by the way, I support the death sentence) Well, then I am thankful that you do not rule the justice system. It is all too easy in the modern world to find yourself in a shitload of trouble whether you are responsible for it or not. Because as someone much wiser than I once said, "Shit happens." And when it does, in Kalshions world you wouldn't be able to say a thing and be locked up...oh wait, we can do that for REAL now thanks to everyones favorite Patriot Act! But moving on, I think everyone is missing the big picture. We have already LOST the war on terror. We can win all the battles everywhere. We can smite every terrorist right back in to hell where they came from, but we still lose. Why? Their goal is not to destroy all Americans or to overthrow America (sure, that would be a bonus, but thats not the objective). The objective is to instill fear into us. The fact that we may soon have to tippy-toe around our lives to avoid being called a terrorist and being locked up forever PROVES that they already won the game.
  22. DeepFreeze

    Interesting Question

    For some reason, I find this whole end-of-the world thing very exciting in a morbid sort of way. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun (unless you die)
  23. DeepFreeze

    Interesting Question

    Well, an economic collapse doesn't necessarily mean you're going to have to go live in the woods. So, I will have 2 major plans. Plan A: Survive for the first week or so by looting stores and eating whatever can be eaten inside. Then, when that plan stops working because there's no electricity and nobody supplying the store I'll have to kill people and eat their food because I have no idea how to hunt. Plan B: I'll try to avoid plan A for as long as I can, but if it comes to it, I'll do it. Instead I'll try and stay with this... have a gun and ammunition. Be very good at using said gun and ammunition. Travel with a group of 5-6 friends who you would trust with your life and can do things you can't (hunt, cook, purify water, etc.).
  24. You should feed them to some birds and see if they die.
  25. DeepFreeze

    Badger badger badger!

    I like this one better http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/29/