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    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    For me, its not that its written in the bill "You have lost the right to..." but the problem is the future. The bill is worded quite vaguely and was a complete rush-job from the start. My personal concern is that, as you mentioned, somebody down the road will abuse the rediculously inadequate definition of a "terrorist" or "terrorist offenses" to include anybody doing anything that they don't like.
  2. DeepFreeze

    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    Safer, yes. But also, with slightly less rights. I think its important to recognize the point all these conspiracy theorists are trying to make is that Congress is not going to one day pass the "Haha You're a Slave" bill, but many bills that will slowly but surely infringe on our rights in a gradual process until they're gone, and many people recognize the Patriot Act as the first step.
  3. DeepFreeze

    The one china policy

    quote:The year 2012 should be most interesting, if we make it that far. Just remember that love transcends all things, and you will need it for the Apocalypse that is upon us. Liar! John Titor said 2015! *sticks tongue out*. But I'd have to disagree. A magnum round is more powerful than any spiritual hippy, especially in a post-apocolyptic world where he's trying to kill you and take your food.
  4. SC, did you call about the cookies yet? Were they poisoned?
  5. DeepFreeze

    The one china policy

    Well, unfortunately, I don't have much time to read a 10,000 page report about Chinese Opium smuggling. I briefly skimmed it, and it didn't really answer my question, from what parts of it I read. As for this latest 10,000 page report you posted, I wouldn't exactly call some quotes from random opinionated nobodies about how Bush is the devil, and some vague references about his grandfather's company doing some business in Germany in the 1920's conclusive. Afterall, I can quote myself saying "I am an alien from the planet Zorgulon and I will destroy the entire earth," but that doesn't necissarily make it so. So for the sake of not making my eyes bleed from staring at my monitor so long as to read those papers, I just want you to do this. I want you to make one conclusive(!!!) statement about who the bastard arisocrat(s) is/are, what they are trying to do, and how they're trying to do it, and I will believe you.
  6. DeepFreeze

    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    Jeez guys, it wasn't THAT bad. I think you made Jag cry... You should apologize.
  7. DeepFreeze

    Guild Wars: The Future of Online gaming

    You probably heard it from every other online game ever made. But this one does look pretty neat.
  8. DeepFreeze

    The one china policy

    No! Not THEM!! What are we going to do?!
  9. Well believe me when I say I know all about working a cash register (hell, i do it every day). I'm pretty damn good at math, but after standing at the register for 5 straight hours in mind-numbing boredom, you don't even know wtf is going anymore. So when somebody gives you the extra 8 cents after you've rung everything up, you're stuck in a strange trance: "Press the button, give the change, repeat" And then you're like "Uhh....no?"
  10. DeepFreeze

    How not to write metaphors

    I read the landmine duck one somewhere earlier today, but I can't remember where...
  11. DeepFreeze

    The one china policy

    I noticed a lot of you have been making large blanket statements about the evil aristocrats who are trying to turn our corrupt government against us and blah blah blah...but would anyone care to elaborate on who exactly these people are and what they're doing, or are you just exaggerating things to prove a point. quote:Maybe just maybe if we can push enough liberals out of the government the feel good policies that plunder the national treasury might can be reversed... assuming the "War on Terror" spending get's curbed a bit. Here comes the liberal vs. conservative war...again...
  12. DeepFreeze

    Night at the Movies - The Punisher

    Suuuuuuuure they're not nerds...
  13. DeepFreeze

    The one china policy

    Well, I don't entirely believe the whole John Titor story, but it is a good read, and some of the things he alluded to have happened (though some argue he alluded to them rather vaguely). But you're right, the whole thing with the IBM computer is rather silly-sounding, and doesn't make sense that in the future they can build time machines but need some archaic computer from the 70's to translate some code. And about that quote, I think I read that somewhere, but I can't remember when.
  14. DeepFreeze

    The one china policy

    John Titor is my hero, Grizzle. You best not be makin' fun.
  15. DeepFreeze

    Wish an MMORPG version presented.

    If I recall, the SC has an MMO lined up for sometime in the future. But I do have a question. Doesn't a very niche market + MMO expenses = bad?
  16. DeepFreeze

    Sacked:Out on my ass

    I'm far too tired to make a real post, so i'll just say this: Yay!
  17. DeepFreeze

    The one china policy

    And this is why I propose we all become hermits.
  18. DeepFreeze

    The one china policy

    Somehow, I can't help but think the days of the United States are almost up. I have come to realize this: Rome + 2000 years = USA 1. Initial strong leadership ensures the prosperity of the fledgling nation. 2. The fledgling nation forcefully expands into the surrounding regions to increase its power. 3. The country basks in its success while the presence of corruption and arrogance grows. 4. Numerous exterior aggressors and internal conspirators whittle away at the nation. 5. Collapse. It looks to me that we're on step 4. And considering that it only took 200 years to get there, expect the United States to only exist until the year 2040 (as long as we follow the path that we're on, and thats being optimistic I might add). However, there is an additional card in play. The world's economy is largely dependant upon the US, so if we go down, everyone goes down. Besides, someone mentioned how bad a nuclear war would be somewhere near the beginning of this thread, but you can't forget that with the innumerable thousands of nukes that exist today, its only a matter of time until somebody uses one. Ultimately, we have engineered our destruction from day 1. Our country, and the entire world, is enveloped in untold layers of bureaucracy, that we will need a miracle to stop what was set in motion so long ago. No organism in the known universe has spent so much energy trying to destroy itself as a human being. Unfortunately, it seems our entire species is a failure of genetics, as we not only destroy ourselves, but also each other, and everything around us. We, as a species have the power to create true wonders, but unfortunately, we also have the desire and the means to destroy them and the entire planet several times over in the blink of an eye. I am truly amazed that our species has survived as long as it has. Maybe I'm being overly pessimstic, but I don't think so. It's a shame, too, because we've done so much in the comparatively short amount of time humans have been on this earth compared to most other animals. Each and every person has the potential to be either a god, or a walking deathstar, and it will not be until we truly understand and come to terms with who we are and what we wish to be, and what we wish to do, that we will be able to make truly responsible decisions about our futures and those of our peers. [/sermon] Hmm...looks like I wrote another book. Sorry. I'll stop rambling now. [ 04-18-2004, 11:03 PM: Message edited by: DeepFreeze ]
  19. quote:I see Matrix in the same light I see Space Oddysey 2001. Its one of the all-timers, unique and veeeery deep with unanswered questions and I leave it there.I didn't think it was terribly deep. They just made the philosophical intents behind the movie a little more obvious. If you want to see something deep (and I mean deep) you should watch an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelions. That was some crazy and inspiring stuff, especially at the end. If you have winamp, you can find an internet tv station that plays the series non-stop (it's 26 episodes). It's kind of stupid in some parts, but it has a very, very powerful ending. Besides, I'm sure all you sci-fi guys can appreciate giants robots kicking monster ass (cartoon or not).
  20. DeepFreeze

    Keymapping...is it possible?

    Nope, I don't believe so.
  21. Maybe someday, the human race will evolve past horrid video games based off of movies. Hah! Who am I kidding? But we can always hope...
  22. DeepFreeze

    When game development fails

    quote:LMOA!!! If I went and said that, in no time flat, it would be on every major news site, mag, milk carton, side of a bus, tatooed on some guy's ass etc And thus is the benefit of not being a walking flame target like a certain game developer I know... ...but you all know what i said is true
  23. DeepFreeze

    When game development fails

    Well, its true that most games cater to idiots these days and its a shame. But you are forgetting the fact that 90% of the people that play video games are infact idiots. How else can you explain the rampaging WW2 FPS genre? Because all the idiots haven't figured out yet "Oh yeah, this is the same game as EVERY OTHER MoH GAME!"
  24. DeepFreeze

    Dangerous space rocks under watch

    Or maybe we can just play the movie on a giant TV screen and scare it away.
  25. DeepFreeze

    Personality Tests

    Killer 60% Explorer 53% Socializer 46% Achiever 40%