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  1. Ah yes, thinking about Rome makes me all giddy inside.
  2. As far as multiplayer goes, there are different scenarios that come with the game. Some are team scenarios, ffa, etc. So i'm sure there's something in there that you would be interested in. I personally love disciples 2 because of the art style, good graphics, and pace of the game. Another TBS I might recommend if you're into long games (REALLY long games) is Civ 3. I think you need the Conquests expansion pack to play online though. As far as RTS's, seems like that genre has gotten really stale, as no new RTS's have come out really, except for all these WW2 games. I heard Hegemonia was kind of a blah clone of Homeworld 2 (which I might recommend). So, quite honestly, I'm really at a loss as to what to recommend you.
  3. DeepFreeze

    Thief 3

    Lol i love that site. I had such fond memories of the original deus ex and they freakin ruined it with invisible war! Argh! So, I too hope they don't do the same with the venerable thief series.
  4. You could pick of Disciples 2 Rise of the Elves.
  5. DeepFreeze

    Joint Ops demo is out!!

    It runs like trash on my computer, but from what I've seen, its a glorified BF nam ripoff. Which is a shame, because I usually like Novalogic games.
  6. DeepFreeze

    Missiles: Why use them?

    I haven't really played any multiplayer UC but it seems like any non-handicapped commander knows where the J button is on his keyboard, which would thus render missiles useless. So am I correct in assuming that missiles arent worth much in NP?
  7. DeepFreeze

    Joint Ops demo is out!!

    Man, I don't know when I'm gonna play this, though it sure sounds cool. I got the awesome pandora tomorrow demo, just got accepted into the ground control 2 beta, and now this. yippee!
  8. DeepFreeze

    Unreal Tournament 2004

    Earthsiege came before starsiege right? Man I loved that game. Never beat it though. Such a pity.
  9. Please tell me you're not serious...
  10. So sad that this is what the game industry has come to. Squaresoft, Capcom, and EA are the biggest offenders. Final Fantasy 6047, Megaman 21,419, EA NBA March 2004, and Resident Evil 115782589748975892789357982375892357283976138976189671894673896728936729387 all have to be retired for a very long time. And thats only for consoles. At least the PC platform has the decency to hide it by giving games different titles. Every first person shooter since the last 10 billion years or so may be a copy and paste ripoff job of counterstrike/BF1942, but at least they have the decency to hide it and give it a new name. Seriously, I think all the game "genres" should just be given the needle and put down so we can start from scratch. Otherwise, we're just going to keep seeing counterstrike over and over and over just with different names. It's a shame that this rediculous regurgitation has spread to all creative industries, especially movies (more specifically, Disney movies). We just keep seeing the same tired old plots labeled, canned, and sold over and over and over by hollywood. Music is also pretty bad with this, but then again, there are only 7 notes, and only so many ways to put them together that don't suck, so I guess people are bound to run out of ideas eventually. But movies, books, and video games have no boundaries, and there is no excuse for this rediculous mass market cloning. I'm done rambling now...
  11. DeepFreeze

    Microsoft XNA site live

    Can anyone tell me what exactly XNA is? I read about it on IGN, but they were very vague about what is. The closest they came to explaining anything was a very silly analogy about Sears. The rest of it basically consisted of: "Yeah, we're gonna give these game developers some stuff that does some stuff. And then they can make their stuff with the tools (that we wont tell you about) that we gave them. And then they can make it all streamlined and fit together with other stuff, that they got from Sears like Black and Decker chainsaws and Craftsman monkey wrenches and...[continue bizarre sears analogy]."
  12. DeepFreeze

    Happy Birthday to ME! (Pic inside)

    I should probably think of something witty to say, but oh well. Happy birthday.
  13. DeepFreeze

    Vanguard - Saga Of Heroes

    Wow...another medieval fantasy MMO...never seen that before...
  14. DeepFreeze

    Battlefield Vietnam

    Tribes 2, on its own merit, was actually a pretty good game, but the reason people bash it so much is because when we heard there was going to be a sequel to the absolutely beyond-awesome Tribes, we were all expecting the second coming of christ(Disclaimer: It's not my intention to start a religious debate). The problem with tribes 2 was a couple things. It was buggy as all hell, and they completely changed the feel of it. Tribes was an adrenaline-pumped jetpacking disc-launching frenzy and then comes along tribes 2, which is a very slow, plodding game, which required an excessive amount of teamwork, thus making pubbing near useless. Basically what I mean is, it wasn't what Tribes 2 was supposed to be. It was like...some other game that was pretending to look like Tribes. It felt I was playing America's Army with jetpacks. On top of that, they ruined skiing, dueling became a ruined art because everyone vehicle-whored every game, the maps were way too big, but whats most important: I absolutely hate what they did to the chaingun!!! I mean come on! It sounds like a rapid-fire spitball gun, not the roaring beast that we knew from tribes 1!
  15. DeepFreeze

    Why did you pick your avatar?

    <--- It's just soooooooo cool.
  16. DeepFreeze

    Battlefield Vietnam

    Maybe I'm just your typical jaded gamer, but I played the UT2K4 demo (which is how I know its the exact same thing as 2K3, which I sadly payed money for)and I didn't find onslaught to be particularly impressive. Also, Tribes (not that gutter trash that is known as Tribes 2) is probably the most godly first-person shooter of ALL time. But after buying 2K3, I really can't justify buying 2K4, because the only difference is one lackluster game mode. They didn't even change the weapons! That's just plain LAZY!
  17. DeepFreeze

    Battlefield Vietnam

    I don't understand how everyone raves about ut2k4. Its EXACTLY the same game as 2k3, which sucked IMO. Especially their "balance changes" they made from the orignial UT (make every gun suck except for the rocket launcher). It's even the same engine as 2k3, they just added some trashy BF rip-off vehicles and said "New game! $50 please!" I, for one, won't be buying 2K4. Seriously, I would barely count 2K4 to be a mod, let alone a stand-alone game. 2K4 has brought absolutely nothing new to the table. It's another generic Quake 3 rehash, with some elements stolen from other games (vehicles). Wow! That's amazing! Also, I noticed a lot of the people on that post are talking about how polished 2K4 is, which is not exactly a great accomplishment considering all they did was take an already polished game, add a new game mode, and call it a new game.
  18. DeepFreeze

    Music to play UC by

    Ah. That's pretty cool.
  19. DeepFreeze

    Music to play UC by

    Just curious, what software and things do you did you use to make the music for the game?
  20. Hmm. Always works for me... at least it did before i patched. havent tried it since. What I noticed is that hte tanks shoot randomly at buildings, and then after a long time they'll just start blowin up like crazy.
  21. DeepFreeze

    I absolutely LOVE my...

    My own two feet.
  22. DeepFreeze

    All Squirrels Must Die

    Squirrel? Squirrel aint too good...meat's real stringy. Tastes like...goldfish.
  23. DeepFreeze

    terrorist attack at Madrid -

    As long as people want what others have (houses that aren't made out of sand), and have no way of getting it, people will kill other people. It's always been this way, so don't get your hopes up of it ending any time soon, unless of course we eliminate poverty.
  24. DeepFreeze

    New Products Announcement

    c...cant breathe. when are you gonna start posting some E2E shots?
  25. DeepFreeze

    The Galaxian Probe

    Unless I'm mistaken, there is a galaxian base in the Unknown sector when you're playing multiplayer.