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  1. ColJP

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    Sorry, forgot the system info, updating profile now.
  2. ColJP

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    Thank you very much Commander, I'm looking seriously into it now! I don't understand why I didn't look in the docs folder in the first place, but I was assuming that the "User Guide" that came with the CD was the real manual everyone was telling me to read and "go to bed with"... So I became more and more puzzled until I saw this topic.
  3. ColJP

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    This is all very interesting but I still have no manual, whatsoever, and I'm trying to play this game for more than year now! I'm not from UK but from Portugal and I have exactly the same problem as quassamo, which doesn't seem to be solved here. What do we do to have access to a decent manual instead of a 50 page "User Guide"? Thank you. I've found one in the docs folder, is that it?