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  1. I am sure this is not the proper place to post this.. but after 4 glasses of wine.. it will do!! I would like to join a fleet. I have completed the single campagnes with a Questor. I have also dented them with a Megaron. I seek more of a challange.. live AI is the solution. Cruisers seem to be the game play I prefer.. ...Damn those dumbass fighters let them attack that starbase..... One too many headaches in that direction. I prefer the simple 'mano a mano' approach. Anyway, if anyone needs a daring Commander that knows his way around a battle give me a tell.. I would love to join your cause.. Lost causes are particularily attractive... Scarab.. Commander of the currently independent Questor 'Manticore' PS my email address is [email protected]
  2. I am wondering if it is possible to order a ship that I control via c&c to cloak? There is a ship systems button and when entered it shows a box for cloak. However applying the x or removing the x seems to have no effect. Any help would be appreciated.. any help other than RTFM!!!!! Because it is not there.
  3. Wyshnik

    Sorry, im a noob

    Sorry I mislead on that last post. Cap lock only sets my speed to 0.. it doesnt actually keep me from steering or AI steering a nav point. Just seems that way in a hot dogfight when your getting smoked and hitting ab's only to see speed sitting at ZERO!!!!
  4. Wyshnik

    Sorry, im a noob

    I'm not sure about most of your problams however if you have hit the cap locks key.., It locks the ship up tight. speed controls do not function, steering is dead and my ship will not auto jump. This however may be a individual bug, on my system, not universal to all.
  5. Tho I'm not officially a member of the insurgency yet, I am hoping someone will answer me a quick question. I don't see any multiplayer servers up and running? Are they all private, or are they all resting with the dinosaurs? One other question. Do the different fleets get onto a common server and battle it out for galactic dominance.. I swear that doesn't look like it is spelled right... domenance.. dominence... oh well you know what I mean.
  6. Nope, I'm not Chappy. also yes to both of the other conditions of membership
  7. Thought I'd pop in and say HI. Hope it wasn't me who chose emperian military. But I am unable to get back in to edit my profile if it was me. Terran Insurgent is my choice... I hope.
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    Massive Scope Games: The Debate.

    I've tried several of the previously mentioned games. Most when they originally hit the shelves.. 'like Elite. what was that 1985? anyway great game for its time but very thin on plot. Then Wing Commander hit the scene.. mega cool. Great graphics interesting story line..But when ya finished the missions.. you were DONE... Privateer was eagerly awaited for,promising to offer more versatility and an open galaxy. It did these things , but you were stuck in small ships that were quickly maxxed out.. not enough variety to maintain your interest more than a run through or two. I have now came across BCMG turned on to it by a coworker whom received a copy of BCM a year or so ago.. and finally got around to trying it. Right off I noticed it seemed to offer many things that Privateer did.. but better.. more ship classes, first person missions.. an AI that will get smarter the longer you play..That should keep the game playable long past when other games would have gotten dull. I look foward to UC. More ship classes, more multiplayer focus. I forgot to mention a wonderful game that kept many people up late at night. that was TradeWars. multiplayer text based game. terriblyaddictive and proved that a intriguing game,even if it is text based,will far outlive a game that puts too much focus on graphics and not enough on game play. People often talk about this graphic or that new rendering. Who cares.. graphics beyond those in Wing Commander are fluff. Spend Time on options. customization of assets keeps ya loving your ship.The quest to acquire that latest upgrade will keep you at the keyboard many hours past bedtime. This is what keeps a game fresh. This and a constantly improving AI. One other thing that separates games is multiplayer. No AI will ever match the clever manuvers of a REAL opponent. One that uses the PTA's like they were meant to be used and is just plain sneaky. Destroying a Firestorm with a Light Fighter is certainly nice, But blowing LoudMouthXX into a space pod is a victory that will be relieved over and over. If only in a forum! On another note I signed up in the Online Database many days ago and have yet to be approved or disapproved. Perhaps this is why the insurgancy is shrinking!!!!! Accept me or Reject me. But do something.