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    Weaponry. Swords, European, some Asian. Firearms modern: Ru, Fin, US, De
  1. MerfGlurf

    Halo for the PC!!

    quote:It won't include co-op support. Apparently, it would be "too hard" for them to implement. I liked Halo on the Xbox. But I only liked it because of co-op. (though you couldn't see anything because of the split screen) I can't stand multiplay that has no goals or structure. (i.e. deathmatch) I hate the kill, get killed, respawn, kill, get killed, respawn, type of junk. It just does nothing for me. What I want are some semi-complex/interesting mission objectives, a (semi) intelligent enemy, and a whole lot of freedom to accomplish those objectives using whatever resources are available. Co-op on Halo kinda felt like that to me. Well, I that kills it for me. I guess thats one game I won't be buying.
  2. MerfGlurf

    BCM 1.0.08 RC patches. Discuss!!

    Same here for me SC. Can't mark my AE for EVAC. Exactly as LBM described. I'm using RC28. I don't have the backspace problem; works fine here. [ 11-29-2002, 11:55 AM: Message edited by: MerfGlurf ]
  3. MerfGlurf

    BCM v1.0.08 patch status

    Awesome SC! Can't wait to download it.
  4. MerfGlurf

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    quote:Just found something really odd. Whenever I try to start a new game with these settings: -Race: Syrion -Career: Commander -Planet: Sarien I get a CTD immediately when I try to access Tradcom. I have the same here with one difference. I don't get kicked back to the desktop. My system locks up and requires rebooting. I'm now running RC9 [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: MerfGlurf ]
  5. MerfGlurf

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    SC, I have a savegame that I saved immediately after capturing the Storm Carrier (before getting all the way back to Earth; while I was still in Lyrius on my way to Earth), and a savegame that I saved after having dropped off the Storm Carrier at GHQ, immediately after docking with my CC in Earth region; the savegame which lists my AE as dead in tactical. I can send you either, both, or I can play the first one and attempt to reproduce the afore mentioned dissapearing shuttle effect, save it, and send that to you. ...Or I can shadup and siddown. quote:That was all related to using invalid saved games Any idea as to how my savegame became invalid? (Is this what you are saying? I'm a bit confused...) It was a new game started immediately after a fresh uninstall, delete dir, install, and patch. (It was NOT a savegame from any older version) Again, I was running RC7. The error message I get whenever I try to run any program after quitting BCM has been with me since the gold version and in every version since. (Did I miss something you said?) If I run BCM (it doesn't matter how long; I can run it for a while, or just quit immediately), after quitting, any attempt to start BCM again, or start any other 3D game, results in an error message. (In my last post, I had said any other 'program'. I should have said any other '3D game'. Regular 2d stuff will still run without having to restart.) I screwed up when editing early this morning, and omitted a part of the error message that may be important. 'BCM has caused an error in (it says 'unknown' bracketed by greater than and less than symbols). BCM will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer.' Restarting the computer obviously works, and is only a small annoyance. Is the above issue the issue you said was caused by invalid saves, or did you mean the bursts of sound that occasionally cause BCM to crash on my computer (or both)? I just want to make sure that these are, in fact, the exact same issues that you already know about, and also make sure there isn't any misunderstanding. If these issues are known, and there is a known solution I haven't yet read about, could somebody please point me in the right direction? If they aren't, I'm more than happy to assist in any way possible. Thanks again SC. (Sorry for the confusion!) EDIT: quote:Those a symptomatic of driver issues. Update your audio/video drivers and READ the FAQ, especially where is tells you knock down sound/video acceleration a few notches. Yessir. Won't clutter up this thread with that issue anymore. And Thanks! [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: MerfGlurf ]
  6. MerfGlurf

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    Okie dokie. I may have found something of interest. Started with a fresh delete, reboot, install, reboot, patch (running 1.0.02 RC7), reboot, run. (Falcon4 habit...) SNG Terran/Mil at GHQ. I parked the BC and put my AE on a shuttle. Bought AD tech stuff (iridium, OTS bugnor, etc.) at GHQ and sold at Polaris1's station. I did this back and forth approximately 5 times. Upon jumping to the Polaris1 region about the fifth/sixth time, 5 seconds after entering the region, the game locked up. Luckily, I had saved right before leaving GHQ for Polaris1. I restarted the computer, started BCM, and restored the game. I repeated my previous flight path to Polaris1. This time there was no crash upon entering the Polaris1 region. However, immediately upon arriving in Polaris1, I heard several loud marine pain sounds play simultaneously (between 5 and 10). I observed that the Polaris1 station's shields were about halfway and that there were several SF marines, both the station's and the attacker's, floating around behind the Polaris1 station about where the station would have been several minutes before (presumably when the attack occurred). Continuing, I proceeded to sell my goods at Polaris1 and begin my return to GHQ. Upon arriving in the Lyrius region, I noticed a Gammulan/Raider Storm Carrier preparing to jump and attack the station there. I decided to hyper over and catch it with my tractor beam. I did so, took some light damage, and continued on to GHQ with no immediately apparent ill effects. Upon arriving in the Earth region, I happened to use the F9 external view. I noticed that, while I could see the tractor beam and the Storm Carrier, the only parts of my shuttle that were visible were the yellow contrails. The model had disappeared. I delivered the Storm Carrier to GHQ and immediately left. My shuttle was still invisible except for the yellow contrails. After noting this, I proceeded to dock with my BC. Upon docking, I immediately went to the tactical computer, so as to tell my AE to stay on the shuttle (as he normally wants to go back to the bridge automatically upon docking with the BC). Upon opening the tactical computer, I noticed that it listed my AE as Dead. I immediately saved the game by choosing the Save and Exit option. After restoring the game, I proceeded to the tactical computer once again and selected to clone my AE in the Medibay screen. After waiting a few minutes, I was given the Cloning successful message, at which point my AE was again available. I believed this to be worth reporting, as I don't remember ever having read about anything similar being reported. The first incident (being the crash) appears to me to be specifically related to the SF marine's pain sound in that instance. Now that I think about it, I've had a few crashes before that occurred immediately after hearing a burst of explosion sounds played all at once. In all the cases, it seemed the only objects that could be emitting the sounds were far away (may not be necessary to reproduce). In all cases, it seemed the sounds that were played in bursts were damage sounds (may not be just damage sounds). And, in all cases they were activated as I approached the emitting objects while in hyperspace, or as I entered a region (very sure of this). I'm guessing that sounds are activated by proximity to the player, and in this case are being queued up and let loose all at once when a player approaches. Not always does this burst of sounds result in a crash. Sometimes the game will continue on after a short stutter. Sometimes, a crash results without ever actually hearing the sounds. If I save often and have a crash, I can restart, restore, and go through the same motions, and most of the time I'll experience a burst of sound at right about the same place/time as when I crashed before. I have no idea what caused the second incident, I'll work on reproducing it and report whether or not it was reproducable. The only other anomaly I have noticed is whenever I exit the game and go back to the desktop, and then attempt to start the game again, I get this message: BCM has caused an error in . BCM will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer. If I attempt to start any other program after exiting BCM, I get a message similar to this: Operationflashpoint has caused an error in OPERATIONFLASHPOINT.EXE. Operationflashpoint will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer. Nothing I tried was successful in restoring stability besides restarting. I am unable to start any program after exiting BCM until restarting my computer. Upon restarting, I see this message immediately before my desktop appears: Please wait while setup updates your configuration files Setup has finished, and is continuing to load Windows. This is 100% reproducible for me, and happens every single time. It has since the Gold version. Since not everyone is experiencing this, I'm guessing that the crashes are my hardware. (maybe the sound burst thing too) However, I've read at least one other person complain BCM made his computer unstable and that it wouldn't let any other programs run after exiting. (He was whining) I think SC responded to him. I can't remember where I read it, and I can't seem to find it using search. I'll look some more tomorrow if requested. If this doesn't sound important SC, just forget about it. Don't even respond. It's not a fatal thing. (I'll just save often ) [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: MerfGlurf ]
  7. I also have the persistant damage FX. System: P3 933 Win ME 256 SDRAM GeForce2 GTS (32mb) Det driver Ver. 21.85 SB Live! value DirectX 8.1
  8. MerfGlurf

    Open letter of thanks to the BC fans....

    Thanks SC! Just got my copy a few days ago(pre-ordered back in March)! A masterpiece getting better with every patch! I do so love new patches... It's like Christmas all over again every time! You are to the computer gaming industry what Apple/Macintosh was to IBM in the late seventies! Go get 'em Derek, we're with you all the way! P.S. When ya gonna have stock for us to invest in? We wanna be rich with you in ten years.
  9. MerfGlurf

    The Bleeding Edge - Negligence or Incompetence

    SC, loved that quote at the end! Already got my Geforce2. Now I just have to replace this &^%$ D815EEA i815 motherboard...
  10. MerfGlurf

    An Interesting Perspective

    pkzip, you know the difference between a tactical nuke and a theater-sized nuke right?
  11. MerfGlurf

    Haaalp! Some weird problems with a GeForce2 GTS

    Thanks alot guys! Wiped the old c: drive and it fixed everything. (except perhaps the modem problems which I now believe are due to an in-house wiring problem) Thanks alot for all your help!
  12. MerfGlurf

    Haaalp! Some weird problems with a GeForce2 GTS

    Thanks guys. Greg: It's the full ver. It came with the comp. By the way, could I back up some files by creating a new partition (D and putting them there? I don't have a cdrw. If I can't use the partition, I guess I can always transfer them to ye olde p120 system via parallel cable. Thanks again guys! [ 08-24-2001: Message edited by: MerfGlurf ]
  13. MerfGlurf

    Haaalp! Some weird problems with a GeForce2 GTS

    Greg, I'm affraid I've never done a format and reinstall. Do you know of any place I can look up that will show me how to do this? I have no idea where to begin. [ 08-23-2001: Message edited by: MerfGlurf ]
  14. P3 933 RAM 128 GeForce2 GTS 32mb Windows ME There are some games that have certain textures missing for no apparent reason. Driver changes don't seem to affect this problem. Symptoms are as follows: In Unreal Tournament, surface liquids (water, sludge, etc.) have no surface texture. They're completely transparent. Yet, they still play the little ripple animation if you shoot into the liquid. Warp points (like on the map Face) are completely invisible. The only reason I know where a warp point is, is because I've played the game on my nephew's computer. I’ve already played around with the advanced settings with no improvement. Oh, and I had to select the medium texture level, or all the textures and some of the polys disappear when you move close to them in the game. When I first ran BCMDemo2, I had a problem with my mouse pointer not being visible. I checked the demo board and found a post by Jstuart that seemed to echo my problem. He later reported that he fixed his problem by updating his drivers. With this in mind, I went over to the Nvidia site and downloaded the 14.41 drivers (the Microsoft approved one). Now in BCMDemo2, the mouse pointer is fine, it’s just that the bluish animation that is usually found in the center of the jump gate is missing. Same thing in BCMDemo1HC. When I fly through the gate to Trion, after about 5-10 seconds, the game boots me out to the desktop with no warning. Hmm. Well, I go back to the post and find that this guy dled the version 12.41 drivers. So, I find and install those. (I go into video properties, select standard VGA, reboot, and then repeat; this time selecting Have Disk and pointing to the directory where I unzipped my drivers.) No change whatsoever. And to top it all off, for some reason my modem is malfunctioning. I have to turn on Error Correction under my modem properties or when I sign on to my ISP, no pages will load! The send light blinks about three times, the receive light once, and then goes dead. Still signed on, just can’t receive any data. Tried setting my connection speed lower, no dice. I wouldn’t mind so much, but it’s nearly impossible to download anything. Every time I get to about 250KB the server drops me. I use Getright but it had to restart the download about five times for a 2.5 meg download! All of this just happens all of a sudden. Has my computer had a nervous breakdown? Anyone have any ideas? [ 08-22-2001: Message edited by: MerfGlurf ]