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  1. CesarPim

    July 2011 Rollcall

    Hey Hi Ho We have a go
  2. CesarPim

    June 2011 Roll Call

    so am i... when is the online game coming?
  3. CesarPim

    May 1st Rollcall

    when's the new online game coming up?
  4. CesarPim

    April 2011 Roll Call

    1 2 3, testing
  5. CesarPim

    March roll call!

    yes sir yes
  6. CesarPim

    February 2011 roll call

  7. CesarPim

    January 2011

    I'm here! When can we expect GalCom Online?
  8. CesarPim

    December roll call

    roundhouse kick
  9. CesarPim

    November Roll Call

    All is well on the Lusitania front.
  10. CesarPim

    October Roll Call

    ship's ahoy!
  11. CesarPim

    September Rollcall

    Im here
  12. CesarPim

    August Rollcall

    Im here
  13. CesarPim

    July Rollcall

    Commander CesarPim reporting all clear here.
  14. CesarPim

    June Rollcall!

    Sorry for the delay... Still kinda new to these procedures. Commander CesarPim reporting!!
  15. CesarPim

    Anyone playing Multiplayer?

    Same here, free most of the summer. My computer is quite ok to launch a server and a client at the same time, and I think I have a good internet connection (50Mbps download, 5Mbps upload) but I am in Portugal so I'm not sure this speed will be kept all the way between countries... So whenever you want to launch a multiplayer, tell me in this forum or by pm. But I never did it so you will have to walk me through the process (I have Hamachi 2 up and running).