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    Originally posted by bob3terd:

    right when i go to programs dreamcatcher bcmg multiplayer then join server the starting picture wil come up like always then it will close and the game will not start any reasons why

    It appears that you tried so maybe this won't help you but I'll say it anyway.

    That problem happened to me (I'm using XP PRO) and I solved it by uninstalling and reinstalling everything (game and patches).

    Live long and prosper.

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    The server will disconnect/reconnect clients based on the integrity of the connection. Bad connections lead to bad packets which in turn lead to disconnects.

    Hmm. But that doesn't explain 3 things:

    [*]Why, when this happens, both me and my brother are disconnected at the same time.

    [*]Why does this happen more often when we are trying to meet in the planet surface.

    [*]We both have cable connection, with no problems in other internet games.

    Live long and prosper.

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    Originally posted by dreadx:


    The server disconnects quite often

    Serverdoc logfile shows:

    23:58:33 start

    00:51:10 restart

    00:58:00 restart

    03:28:45 restart

    [2 minutes later the system crashes]

    My mistake is that I said that the server crashed. It probably didn't crash, it just disconnected the clients. This is for me the most serious problem because it happens very often.

    For instance, it happened a lot when me and my brother tried to meet each other, in your server, on the planet surface, and we got disconnected.

    Live long and prosper.

  4. quote:

    Originally posted by dreadx:


    Sometimes I am not able to meet the other player because we are as in paralel universes ...

    This occured twice:

    1) The other player was me, experimenting with client/server on same machine. Unsupported.

    2) The other ship/player is a ghost.

    I was not talking about those times. Twice already I wasn't able to find my brother and we were supposedly in the same place. But this is not an often problem. The most serious is the first one I mentioned.
  5. Hello.

    I have encountered some problems while playing in multiplayer. Could someone shed some light on them? I would like to know if they are real problems (bugs) and if they can be solved somehow. I encountered the following:

    [*]The server disconnects quite often . I don't know if this is related, but many times it happens after I descend to a planet and approach another player (often in 1st person) when we are about to meet .

    [*]Sometimes, from one moment to the next, the frame rate goes to like one every 4 seconds, with no apparent reason .

    [*]Sometimes I am not able to meet the other player because we are as in paralel universes ...

    [*]Sometimes, after we pass a wormhole like IAF2, when I target the other player and start to approach him, the distance increases as if I was targeting the wormhole .

    Some information on this would be much appreciated.

    live long and prosper

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