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    BC Games?
  1. Omega

    Fleet Action Team Management

    Unfortunately, do to commitments with school primarily, I will be unable to actively participate in this season. Good lucky guys! Cmdr. Krasus
  2. My availability times GMT: Wed/Friday 1:00-8:00 Sat-Sun 20:00-8:00 (on the following day)
  3. Omega

    Team CIOPS fleet match co-ordination

    I'm not going to be here from Tuesday (April 26) to Sunday (May 1), I get to go to DECA Nationals in LA. So I suppose I'm out for this week.
  4. Omega

    Team CIOPS fleet match co-ordination

    Those times are good for me, unless I have some event that comes up.
  5. Omega

    AAE Coordination

    Ok, I'm Kynlif, was having some trouble logging in here when I my password got itself unsaved. Will register ASAP.
  6. Omega

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    Sorry to hear about the bad week, and I apologize for missing last week's practice, but I had a friend in from out of state. Oh, and 1900GMT tomarrow is good with me!
  7. Omega

    I resign

  8. Omega

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    Hmmm, any of those times is fine with me.
  9. Omega

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    Hey, could you PM me the server 1 pass? I see you in their, but I can't join.
  10. Omega

    ISS fleet log files revisited

    Commanders Log 00:43 (Earth Standard), February 3rd, 3015 Things have been awfully slow out here on patrol. I finally get my command and what happens? I am sent out to monitor and report Insurgent activity in the Saturn sector. Then, when Fleet Leader Zwycky requests my presence at a training exercise, we detect irregularities in the reactor and I had to cancel. At least we got some new software upgrades, they are supposed to increase processing speed drastically, but you never know with this stuff; the last ÔÇ£upgradesÔÇØ made TACOPS have the resolution of a chessboard. Well, sounds like IÔÇÖm needed on the bridge, an unregistered transport or something. End log.
  11. Omega

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    Oh my, I am so sorry I was not able to attend, from the looks of it I was lucky that I wasn't the only one . I have had final exams all week so this was my first day to kick back and relax, I should be there next Saturday though!
  12. Omega

    My thanks to everyone

    Hello, welcome back, I'm the new guy, Krasus, who has the same forum name now also. I hope to see you in practice or something! Welcome Back!
  13. Omega

    Halt and Hover?

    Whenever I set a waypoint to halt, it doesn't use VTOL mode and promptly drops onto the ground, is there a way to make it hover in VTOL?
  14. Omega

    Halt and Hover?

    I saw a post like this in the BCM demo forums, but as it is a differant game, is a beta demo, and there was no answer, I will ask/state my predicimant again. When I am on a planet, I like to bring my CC there also, for mining and a variety of other activities. I also like to take out a shuttle to cruise around the countryside and perhaps ride a buggy around. I often like to do this in relativily rough terrain, so I would perfer my CC does not land, however I have been unable to get any waypoint setting that achieves this. -Krasus PS: Did Halt and Hover make anyone think of Crimson and Clover, the song?
  15. Omega

    2005 Season

    I can make Mon-Thurs from 2300 - 2900 GMT, Friday from 2300 - 0800 (Saturday), Saterday from 1700 - 0800 (technically Sunday morning), and Sunday from 1700 - 2900. Yowzers, that was a pain to change to the correct time format.