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    quote:Originally posted by SpotSD: Does that mean that the tribes and tribes2 servers will go down?? and if so when? From what I read and understand, the main server that keeps track of the individual servers will not go down. Sierra will also finnish the patch for Tribes2 that is in beta right now. Question is how and who will finnish the patch if all the dynamix people are laid off right away. (All my info is from Voodooextreme) What I am upset about is, that Tribes 2 is one of those games that could evolve for ever (counter strike - half life anyone?), but now there is no-one to actually work on the game itself anymore! I think Tribes2 has nice engine, nice graphics and the netcode works well. I love jumping around with the jetpacks etc. It's nothing special and doesn't add that much to the genre, but it is still a nice game.
  2. harrimarkus


    Just my freaking LUCK! I just bought Tribes II two days ago. Figured that now it is fairly bug free according to fan sites etc. TWO days I had it and the future of the game goes down the toilet. I guess I shouldn't complaining, feel sorry for all the guys who got fired. Well DAMN you upper level corporate management. Stick your MBAs where the sun .....etc..... [ 08-10-2001: Message edited by: harrimarkus ]
  3. harrimarkus

    The Grammys

    Done and done, check you E-mail SC.
  4. harrimarkus

    officer cruis.In??

    I just had to comment on Gallions post. 1.5 Miles = 6 laps around 1/4 mile track if my math is correct. Is use kilometers and meters, but I'm pretty sure it's 6 not 12. Only professional athletes could keep up a 1 minute per 1/4 mile (400m) pace, and even they couldn't keep it up for long. Also in Finland we use a test called coopers test in School. You run 12 minutes on a 400m (1/4 mile) track and then count the distance and get points. I run 2900m my last year in High School, and I was smoking, and not doing any sports regularly. I was physically active though. In the army I got about 3150m. 2900m = 2.9Km = 1.8125 Miles. Cruis.In has 13 minutes for 1.5 miles, that's not an impossible task at all. Sorry if I misunderstood what Gallion was saying. Harri
  5. harrimarkus

    Beta Test Registration Open

    I sincerely thank you SC, you made my rest of the year. *Now where did I put that red shirt* Harri
  6. harrimarkus

    Beta Test Registration Open

    *Cry* I was not approved, but I understand. I guess not all hope is lost because my denial message said to try again in December. Congrats to all who made it Harri [This message has been edited by harrimarkus (edited 10-08-2000).]
  7. harrimarkus

    Battle of the Titans

    OH man, haven't you guys been watching Star Trek, If I have to pick from that list Data would win SO easily. First of all where did you get that Data is not strong, he is an anroid and very strong. I remember several episodes where used his impressive strength to do numerous tasks. The main reason why Data would win, is that he is also incredibly fast. None of the other chars could touch him because of his reflexes and quickness. Being dead wouldn't help at all, Data could dodge anything thrown against him and get close to Kai or anyone and rip them apart. Angel wouldn't be even a match. Wolverine would be more difficult because of the metal skeleton, so you couldn't rip his arms or legs off (lol), but I guess Data could just inflict so many internal injuries so fast that Wolverine could not heal them before dying. The danger to data would be the switch on his back that turns him off. And finally, I'm not a trekkie per say, I like to watch it but I am in no way a fanatical fan or dress up like captain kirk. I just stated the facts Very interesting topic I have to say, haven't had a discussion like this in, hmm.. let's say in 15 years(A tiger CAN kick lions ass and my dad IS AN ASTRONAUT, dammit!) Harri
  8. harrimarkus

    Real-Life SOF(soldier of fortune)

    The modern gun-for-hire really exists. The ex.SAS member Andy McNabb, who wrote the excellent book BravoTwoZero about the Gulf War, writes about this issue a little in his other book (I cannot remember the name) that is about his life. He writes that during some of his missions he saw several ex.SAS members working for several different third world country governments, and some commercial companies as mercenaries. BTW. the Andy McNabb books that are about real life (he has written couple that are not) are very good and exciting if you are into reading this type of stuff. Other book that I can recommend is written by Chris Ryan and called "the one that got away". He was the only member of McNabb's SAS unit that got away when the shit hit the fan during their mission (not their fault). Harri
  9. harrimarkus

    All quiet once again ....

    I am a 27 year old Finnish student studying in Saint Cloud State University, Minnesota. Ok let's see, I have worked selling computers and doing PC support for a big Finnish company. After that I was a medic in a Finnish army, and I still am part of the Rapid Deployment Reserves (the reserves that have to report in 48H to support the deployment of other reserves if something "bad" happens), and I sure would like to see how I am going to get to my unit in 48H from here . After that I sold hot-dogs (don't ask) and decided to come here to US. I study Business Computer Information Systems. Right now I work as a Security Enforcement Officer for the St.Cloud state public safety department, and also code some software for the department (what a wierd combination ). I love to play all kinds of computer games, I admit, I bought Diablo II. I read a lot of techno thrillers, sci-fi and some fantasy. I love Hockey and Formula 1 racing (GO Mika!). Expect to see me in the Minnesota Wild audience next hockey season ! Harri
  10. harrimarkus

    New Commander wish to say Hallo to everyone.

    I have to comment too, that is one KICKASS site you have there Cmdr Stephanos! Nice, simple and very cool looking! Harri
  11. harrimarkus

    New computer help

    Ben, try this website http://www.ntcompatible.com. It has a list of games and programs that run under W2000 and NT 4.0, very good information. I did a quick check and Word 97 runs, but Photoshop 4.0 doesn't. You don't need any extra programs to run a dualboot system with W2000, it has it's own bootmanager, that works very well. First just create 2 partitions, install W95 or W98 first, then install W2000 and choose to install to a new partition (NOT over existing 95/98 installation), and it will create the bootmanager automatically. I run 98 and W2000, and I boot to 98 maybe once a week, to play some rare game that does not work with W2000.
  12. harrimarkus

    New computer help

    My advice: If you go with the Athlon, get it from a company that knows what they are doing. There has been problems with the Athlon and the GeForce combos with the AMD-750 based motherboards (a lot of crashing). The new VIA KX133-based motherboards should be ok. If have the cash go with www.alienware.com . If you build it yourself, go to AMD's website and try to get AMD approved parts (powersuply etc.) and VIA based motherboard. The computer you specified will be fine for a year. I have a Celeron 466 overclocked to 525 and TNT2 and it runs like a champ. I can run all the latest games, many of them with 1024 with no problems, the rest with 800x600. If you are into tweaking and not afraid to overclock, get the Intel 600 (100mhz) pentium III and the new VIA based PIII board (can't remember it's name now) and overclock it to 800, very cheap and efficient. I have several friends with this combo, it works very well with GeForce and you can't beat the price. Also if you plan on running W2000, get 256megs of ram, 128 is enough, but with 256 you will notice a nice difference = FAST! My personal experiences with W2000 are SO positive. It runs many of the games I play, Asherons Call, NFS:Porche, etc. very well with the latest Detonator drivers, and it is SO stable. I don't even remember how the blue screen of death looks like. And as always SC delivers, BCM will run on W2000. Don't you just love those student licenses Harri [This message has been edited by harrimarkus (edited 05-22-2000).]
  13. harrimarkus

    The AGE old question

    Reply to Chavik, I served in the Finnish Coast(al) Artillery (when I was in active duty, it was part of the army, but now it is part of the Navy ), on a nice little Island about 5 km off Helsinki. My special training is a medic, and I am part of the rapid deployment reserves (I sure would like to see how rapid my deployment will be from here (US) ). Harri
  14. harrimarkus

    The AGE old question

    It seems to be that 1973 is a very popular year , so why not add one more, 27 it is. And Blades, I've been ticked off ever since I turned 25, the "you are closer to 30 than 20, you know" comments just won't stop (I'm still in College, so maybe thats why ). Harri
  15. harrimarkus

    Do you remember....

    I don't think this a good topic for people suffering from a midlife crisis . I remember riding in a car without seatbelts. We never had Drive-In theaters in Finland, but I had the priviledge of actually experiencing one in Canada couple of years ago. My first computer was a C64, I'm glad I never had to experience a room full of vacuum tubes . I remember the first PC's, even though I couldn't afford one. Oh those times in the computer lab at school, loading up DOS from a floppy (the server, first AT, had a ten megabyte harddrive that took 2 5.25 drive bays). We probably had 10 Muscle cars in Finland in the 70's but I remember my aunt's cool Renault with the gear shifter sticking from the dashboard . I remember my first LP, I can't remember the actual record but the band was KISS. I never had the joy of playing the original Space Invaders. That reminds me of the extremely funny Seinfeld episode where George buys the old Frogger game he played in High School. What is Gorf ?? (These memories are Finland, Europe specific) Having only 2 TV channels. Using Cheques for payment. Having your own currency, oh wait we still do, but not for long What will be hilarius, is that in 30 years, kids will be talking about the 20's. "Hey, why are you wearing that *insert anything*, it's so 20's" And old Harri will be thinking about the cool 80's hairstyles, pink t-shirts and white sportscoats. Hey, I liked Miami Vice and white looks good on me Harri