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  1. Dennis S.

    UC Review - Gamer's Hell

    quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: Also, Comparing a game to others is wrong wrong wrong, Focus only on the one you are reviewing. Why would you want to aim your reviews at preventing people from buying a game? We're talking lawsuit territory here. Defamation is not a becoming trait for those who should be looking at something objectively. Sorry that I didn't have the time to check this thread until now - we've got an emergency with the main news editor quitting , so not much time. But just to reply to the above comments - as a matter of fact, according to some surverys we've ran on GH, most of our 100,000 daily readers are in the 14-25 age group, which means most probably students. Those guys have to worry about beer & food money - so what we try and do, is give a realistic image on each game. We never claim to be professional, we're just trying to be. Maybe Mike's expectations were too high for the game, or maybe he was out of canned food again and was really realy hungry. Thing is, I think the score is essentially right, taking all the aspects of the game in pro portion. Most of the criticism is spot on too. I'll suggest him to write more cheery reviews in the future, but for now it's just his personal style... His affection to the title is reflected in the score, not in the amount of things he wishes were better in the game [edit] And comparisons are essential in the terms of graphics and sound. Otherwise there would be no difference between Wolf 3d and Doom 3 (rough example), as the gameplay factor rating will be the same.
  2. Dennis S.

    UC Review - Gamer's Hell

    Hi guys (and of course Derek ). I do not usually get into messageboard discussions about why and what the hardcore fans don't like in our reviews as in 99.9% of the cases it's pointless. But in this particular case, I had to answer this. First of all, we like Derek - he's a really nice guy as matter of fact, no matter how rough & tough he makes himself look . As a matter of fact he e-mailed us saying that he has review copies of UC a week or so before the release date, and trust me, for this job I've put one of our best guys - ones that actually play space sims. One that actually wanted to play UC and requested it on our internal "wish-lists" (he's never played the BC series, but he likes games like elite and x - "intelligent" space sim games - unlike freelancer, starlancer, etc... ). So you could probably agree that of course hs is no paid PC Gamer UK reviewer (yep, we're just an online indie games mag with *0* support from major companies), but he probably knows what he's doing when it comes to space games. Now I could swear to you on anything that is dear to me that Mike played the game for around 5 days before the review was written. To answer some of your questions (please freel to reply to me too )