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  1. Yeah I think it's great too. I don't have a problem with freeing people. I have a problem with being fed BS in order to get the job done. Big difference my friend. I don't see the Iraqis being given true autonomy, Alawi is a CIA puppet and people knowledgable about Iraq all agree his government is not respected. They also question whether or not Alawi will actually allow for elections in January. The Iraqi coach spoke out too, in regard to Bush. Here are his comments about Bush using this team.
  2. Poor George even the guys that were tormented by the likes of that NUT Uday Hussein think that this President is an opportunist. You cannot make this stuff up kids, this is just too rich. They'd have loved us if we'd have armed them and let them clean up their own mess. Oh wait didn't we tell them we would do that at the end of the Gulf War? We told the Kurds go take Saddam out... but then we never gave them any support, Schwarzkopf let Saddam use his helicopters and Chemical Ali gassed them. Oh yeah, those were the days. And people wonder why we aren't being cheered and revered? Iraqi Soccer team condemns Bush ad
  3. Yeah just like Fox reporting what started this thread yesterday. Even Drudge's log is suddenly without that little entry from yesterday. They keep floating these anal biscuits. I think what needs to be looked at is the background of those advising the Swiftvets. Beyond finding out that Bush and Rove are calling the shots with those guys I have no interest in these dishonored veterans. This is all Kerry should be concerned with, getting the facts out about who these guys are taking money from and doing lipservice for.
  4. You must be sniffing glue again and talking into your kid's plastic toy phones, ringing up the people on the inside that you know. ROFLMAO. I asked you a question. Wager or no wager? Bush Our Red Baron ROFLMAO, quickest promotion ever!
  5. ROFLMAO. 45 states? Do you want to wager on that?
  6. Nomad, the issues have been completely wiped off the table here in the states and this is only to Bush's benefit. For four years he has had a Republican controlled government and there is NOTHING that they can say that they have done that has made this country better. Nada. Workers are getting screwed, the world is destabilizing and the Constitution which was written to protect the PEOPLE is being ignored for the promotion of corporate agendas. The issues do not go away. No bid contracts in Iraq. American workers being screwed out of overtime. The promotion of corporate philosophy within government. Evidence that charter schools are actually doing a lousy job with kids. It goes on and on but the campaigns are bogged down in Vietnam. I'm getting off that bus and moving onto the substance issues because frankly this is all moot. Bush was AWOL and who the hell knows what the hell Kerry did or didn't do. The fact is looking at the men today Bush is a rogue imbecile and MAYBE just MAYBE Kerry can gt us our credibility back. I don't hang my hat on it but at least we won't have a bunch of chicken shits running our wars. Besides the thread that started all of this was a blurb on Fox News a Rupert Murdoch endeavor and I haven't seen it getting any further play. Like I said I'll wait for corroboration.
  7. I'll wait for further corroboration from other sources thanks. I'll also get this in proper context. If you watched that story you linked to Silk maybe you noticed that so far nobody for either side can prove jack squat. There was a 5 second blurb about the possibility of an unintentionally self inflicted wound tacked onto the story. Just adding more confusion to the mix. One thing is for sure Swiftvets are affiliated to the Bush machine (though they tried to hide it). Beyond that it's he said, he said to this point. Peace
  8. If you close your eyes and chant "LaLaLaLaLa," loud enough the voices of reason and thought go away. I guess Jag has been doing a lot of that for a long, long time. Call it a fairytale and then walk away. I thought this was a guy that fought facts with facts. Guess not.
  9. See that's the level of effort I come to expect from you Jaguar. Wholesale dismissal of anything counter to your viewpoint, without any effort to substantiate. That's great if you're a zealot or this President. You're not the latter so it must be the former.
  10. Steve. Did anybody say that you had to serve to be considered for the Presidency? If any of us that think Bush is a tool said that it would be news to me. On the otherhand when you seek to equate your service in the National Guard with Kerry's in theater it serves to make one wonder. I have watched the spamming of these forums with the Swift Boat lies. Here are the FACTS of Bush's service. People can then decide for themselves what the real deal is. Have patience with the video, it starts on the aircraft carrier but then gets to the past and it's humorous. I might like to drink a beer with Bush just cause I find party animals humorous and I often wonder if I can out drink the President. Here's the video: President Bush the Top Gun
  11. The Republicans look bad? This is a scandal? I'll let the facts come by stylish video... gotta love the way they do these, I wish Kerry would hire some of these guys. Of the 50,000 people that were disenfranchised, how many do you think were Republicans Steve? I was so grateful when Bush won that I didn't care what was right and what was wrong. Now I just feel ashamed and used... this ain't America, but I was here and this IS how it went down. Grand Theft America It's funny how this Daily News thing is SCANDAL but we're supposed to shut up and stop whining about Florida. I hope this might enlighten a few of you that might not be up to date on what happened 4 years ago. I guess Katherine missed these people... oh that won't set well for her accuracy record... now it's lower than 5%.
  12. Kerry in a landslide. Backfire... the backfire is that there are Swift Boat veterans dropping like flies out there. No proof no nothing but trails that show they bought houses from their benefactor. ROFLMAO. You have got to be kidding me. Here's the deal Jaguar. Kerry is waiting. The Republican Convention is going to happen and then when that's over the gloves are off. They are letting George trot out a bunch of warmongers and then WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM we hear about what a PUSSY this President and his Veep are. Oh yeah it's coming. Why do you think G.W. finally came out and said, NO 527s? Because the pain is coming. 60/40 Kerry that's the going rate in this country... RIGHT NOW, you just don't know it yet. That's today's rate, if the Dems are anything like me they'll bury G.W. after the convention. The guy is laying suckers down to take the fall for him... hence his latest dismissal of 527s and likely this is going to piss off these guys that have MASSACRED their own morality to stick up for this COWARD. Oh the excrement is about to hit the fan. They SMEARED Mc Cain saying he was a TRAITOR and now they are going to pay for these trespasses. Karl Rove is a liability. The week after the Republican Convention is going to be interesting.
  13. I'd love to see an official report about the WMDs in the Euphrates and Tigris too but I haven't seen those either. Get the Weekly Standard to subpoena the records for the swift boat I mean are Republican journalists so dumb that they can't deliver you guys the facts? So far I see a lot of talking out of anal orifices with no real proof of anything.
  14. Two words for ya Jaguar George Elliott. Mr. Sign an Affidavit. Mr. Recant. Mr. Recant the recant. Pathetic. Your buddies in Vietnam are like the spooks that you supposedly talk to likely CQ morons without a clue of reality just their little radios and their little agendas. Hell let their be nuclear holocaust maybe then you radio MORONS will have a reason to exist. Later
  15. ROFLMAO... guys that signed affidavits have recanted and now won't even talk. Thurlow or whatever the hell his name is got a Bronze Star but never asked WHY. Unbelievable... farce... and when it comes to supporting your man completely acceptable. I will want to see where this all comes down, I do want the truth but I want it all proved out. If Kerry is proved a liar then I'll weigh them out... Bush sending the youth of this nation to die or Kerry grab assing for commendation. As for your service, you call this man a coward... something that has been condemned by McCain and Franks as well as every other man of prominent military service. You served this nation I will do as they have and simply say "thank you" because I have more class than you. NO DOUBT.
  16. Takvah

    What I'm listening to....

    ROFLMAO... my father was a NYC cop. He loved when I blasted NWA in the house. Don't feel so bad, I'm pressing up against 34 myself. Oh joy. I've been listening to some techno/trance it helps me when I write... Ready, Steady, Go from Collateral gets a lot of play as does Moby's Extreme Ways from the Bourne Soundtrack. I listen to a hell of a lot of new music because the latest batch of music has been really good. Usually though I'm back in time listening to The Cure, Depeche Mode, NIN and all the other alternative greats heheh.
  17. Yeah Jaguar a WAR RECORD. He was there. Bush is just tossing more hapless Americans in front of him to fight his current wars too. Once a coward, always a coward. First he threw 1.5 million Texans behind him in line for a guard position. This is a fact JAGUAR. Go look it up. Oh no you wouldn't want to do that. And now here he is throwing these Swift Boat veterans out in front to take the incoming fire from the Democrats. As long as Kerry is doing that people aren't realizing that Bush and Cheney are as El Che put it so aptly, pussies. The funniest part of your post Jaguar was this: "Still thinking that repeating a lie enough times will make it the truth there Street. Sorry, Don't work that way, not around here anyway." Uhrmmm it works with you if it comes from Bush and Cheney, WMDs, Saddam and 9/11 they have you believing all of it. What a hypocrite. Kerry was out there, Kerry took fire and he was in a war zone. What you don't like that because you were a mechanic with big dreams of battle? Should I now diminish your service by saying that you were just a lowly mechanic and not a REAL warrior? How would that make you feel? I'm sure I'll find out.
  18. Takvah

    School Project: Movie Posters

    They're very cool man. I dig the starkness of it all. Subtle is the word, you aren't telling the story on the poster but there is enough here for me to want to know more. In the end that's all you're really after with advertising like this. Sweetly done... and the goth broad has a great seriousness for that third shot. Hope you're buying her a couple of cocktails she sells the look. Peace
  19. You guys must be so proud. God help us all this lunatic Bush has totally brought this on us all. If you live by the sword you die by the sword. NOW, Iran's nuclear (weapons I won't say this is for POWER other than military power) plant should be attacked and we KNEW about it before Iraq... but what do we do? We go to Iraq, WHERE THERE WERE NO NUKES AND WHERE THERE WERE NO POWER PLANTS (Israel took care of that for us). I do think it is funny however that Iran is now using Bush's philosophy against him in their own crazy way. My God people, even Iran knows if it gets ONE NUKE, we won't attack them. How do they know this... they know because of North Korea. SO PROLIFERATION IS LIKE CANCER and arms control is a JOKE. Meanwhile your boy is deploying a missile shield that DOESN'T EVEN WORK! I feel so much safer. Iran is ready for pre-emptive strike on US forces in Iraq
  20. Takvah

    Kerry is getting Desperate

    And yet... I find myself asking again. WHY THE HELL IF THE BUSHIES OR ROVE THOUGHT THERE WAS SOMETHING THERE THEY AREN'T ASKING FOR IT? Is it because they are humanitarians? Nope. So why is it that when I look for the 180 online all I see is WHACKOS asking for it? Hmm... makes you wonder doesn't it?
  21. Takvah

    Kerry is getting Desperate

    Explain how this is desperate. This is Bush laying down real VETERANS in front of his SORRY ass as he did in Vietnam. They have every right to ask that this be investigated. What are you afraid of that you need to post to say that they are desperate? As I said I bet they'll be able to trace this all back to Rove and the Republican machine and I frankly can't wait. Why? Because every single military man of merit has said this is a hatchet job and it may as well be proved true. Desperate is posting that Kerry doesn't have a right to investigate this for the truth.
  22. Takvah

    Night at the movies - Collateral

    Don't forget The Insider which isn't too bad either. Russell Crowe and Al Pacino star in it. It is LOOSELY based on a true story about a tobacco executive that tips off 60 Minutes to the cancer cover-up (remember when cigarette execs said they didn't know that their product was harmful?). The style is there throughout and it isn't a bad flick. Collateral ROCKED!
  23. Alright, this movie is just cool. The way it is shot is gritty and in your face, very Michael Mann. Before you're three minutes into the movie you can see the fingerprints of his style all over this film. The acting is very good, in my opinion. I am not a big Jamie Foxx fan, I thought this might be a huge mistake casting him in this very serious role but the guy comes through. I was very impressed with him and there are some "comedic" moments in the movie where his skills in that area do come in handy. It isn't anything yuck, yuck it is moreso that uneasy laughter that comes with irony. Tom Cruise is one of these guys that I can take or leave. Luckily, he has been choosing some choice roles in the past couple of years and this is another good one. Vincent is a guy that none of us wants to be and then maybe all of us want to be. You really have to see the movie to understand what I am saying; yes the guy is a cold blooded murderer but he's doing things his way and respects it when people do it theirs. This feeling makes the ending all the more rewarding. It is in the ending however, that the movie becomes a bit weaker in my opinion. It offers mild thrills but a predictable outcome and that was sad considering how great the rest of the movie is. This is NOT an action movie. There are action sequences but they are intermittent with the majority of the flick being a conversation between two men in a cab. If you aren't interested in getting into the heads of characters this is not for you. However for those that appreciate good, introspective dialogue there is a lot of meat here. A cold blooded killer that considers it business and a man that has dreams but never really wants to attain them meet up and share their thoughts while engaged the business of working through a hit-list. How bad can that be? For those of you that loved HEAT there is a use of one of the cuts from that soundtrack in this film. See if you can determine where it is. Enjoy. 9/10
  24. Takvah

    Questions for Kerry

    Paranoia mind destroyer.
  25. What doesn't make sense about this? People that love war sure have a strange way of showing their support for it Jaguar. They won't worry about sacrificing your kids if and when the time comes, so don't you wonder why their kids who are old enough to make an impact now are NOWHERE TO BE SEEN? Yeah that makes no sense to you? Right.