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    Edited Manual?

    I have a slight problem which is rather peculiar. I have the UK version of UC and in searching around these forums, I have come across a few references that don't really make sense, such as: quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I wrote an entire section about this on p60 of the manual. Yet, people don't seem to want to read it. (This particular one is in reference to how to leave a planet taken from this thread). All fine and good, except for one thing - my UC manual only goes up to page 54. Am I missing something, or did us UK gamers get an edited manual? If so, is there any way of getting an unedited version?
  2. White Wolf

    Bush: Broadband for the people by 2007

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: The only problem with this technology is that it is RF noisy, and ham radio operators, like myself are against this technology because HF goes right out the window, we cannot hear anything BUT the BOP, which kills our HF bands completely and makes them useless, and EVERYONE has power lines near their homes, so no matter where a Ham radio operator goes, the HF bands will be dead because of the Broadband over powerlines.I did hear this problem put rather funnily (I thought) - any passing aliens will wonder why the whole planet is beaming lots of pictures of naked women at them.
  3. White Wolf

    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: At the end of the LAST Gulf war, we had a "complete" Inventory of the WMD's in Iraq's possession, of that list, only 10% was accounted for and destroyed. It was also a fact that Saddam continued with his programs even during the inspections, which is why he was playing rope a dope with the inspectors, ALL of our intelligence communities knew about this, but the UN would not take any of it seriously, because they're wimps.No, it's just the UN likes to see EVIDENCE before it takes action. Just because 'everyone knows it' doesn't make it true. The other thing is, you have just said we went to war with the UNs permission!!!!! You can't have it both ways - either they didn't do anything, or they authorised a war. Which is it? quote:The WMD's were removed from the country via a convoy, just before we attacked Iraq the last time, that convoy disapeared into the Syrian Desert. Jordan just thwarted a chemical gas attack by terrorists, there is a 90% chance that this chemical weapon came from the Iraqi stashes, stashed in Syria. Terrorists are gettting hold of the WMD weapons froms somewhere, and those weapons are in Syria, and are being handed out.I have to echo street here - where are you getting this info? I'm sure the intelligence services of MANY countries would be interested to know. quote:And by the way, WE, as in the US have NEVER supplied Iraq with ANY weapons, let alone WMD's. Sorry, your info is wrong, the only thing we EVER supported Iraq with during their war with Iran was intelligence and some financial help. I'm afraid you're wrong on that one. You'd be right to say that America wasn't the only country to sell Iraq arms (the list also includes the UK, I am sorry to say), but they did do it, though this was back when Iraq was considered the 'friendly face' in the Middle East. There are also US government documents that detail the sale of dual-use items, which include samples of anthrax. quote: ALL of their weaponry came from the soviet block nations, why do you think they use Russian designed tanks and light weapons instead of M-60A3's or M-16's? Some of their weapons come from Russia, yes, but others come from the US. quote:Where you got that information is beyond me, but we don't even give our FRIENDS WMD's and chemical weapons, let alone a dictatorship like Iraq.Yes, you're right, the US doesn't flat out supply WMD, but it has sold dual-use items which have legitimate non-weapons related uses.
  4. White Wolf

    Roaming vs Campaign

    quote:Originally posted by EbonyKnight: Noob here. I just finished playing in roam mode for about a week so that I could get the hang of the game. Now I am in the campaign and it's a lot of fun. What's the point of playing in roam mode when you have the campaign to play? I mean, are there still things to find in roam like artifacts and stuff? Just wondered what you guys that know how to play generally do in roam mode. Personally, I prefer the roam mode simply because you can do what you want when you want rather than be confined to a series of missions. Saying that, I am a bit of a newb myself, so maybe I'm not the best person to comment.
  5. White Wolf

    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Cc: I have no idea what prisons are like in the UK,and thank God I have no experience with prisons here in the US.But why do you guys think that being in prison is a 'walk in the park'? Well, in the UK, there are a few prisons that are tough and 'hard-core' so to speak, but there are also quite a few where the prisoners have nice rooms, nice food, access to luxuries like TVs and PCs whenever they like, all for free, and, when you think about it, they don't have things like bills to pay and jobs to worry about. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: Then we took out Saddam, WITH the permission of the UN, by the way, everyone seems to forget that Erm, I'm afraid that's just totally wrong. The US and UK went to the UN to try to get a UNSCR (United Nations Security Council Resolution) which directly authorises war, as required by the UN Charter (Chapter 7 I believe it is), and failed. They totally ignored this and went to war anyway.
  6. White Wolf

    UC 1.01.00 Patch Status

    quote:Originally posted by Cc: quote: 19.99 dollars? Ah well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I supported this game by paying more - 19.99 POUNDS But still a bargain. Agreed.
  7. White Wolf

    Silent Hunter III

    quote:Originally posted by Eclipse: Looks quite nice, but how will it play? Hopefully it will play well too. Well, unless they totally balls it up from SH2, it will play quite well. SH2 gave a good idea of what it must have been like piloting a sub - most of your time was spent on recon work and getting into position, with quite a bit of time spent just waiting for the nice, juicy fat ships to steam into view followed by an adrenaline rush as you fired and tried to cause as much damage to the convoy as possible before the destroyers zeroed you, then a speedy dive deep and a lot of tension as you try to sneak away without getting depth-charged.
  8. White Wolf

    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: You guys continue to amaze me, you clearly have no clue WHAT I'm talking about or what I mean.(and yes you guys don't know what I mean, in that case ASK ME instead of drawing a false conclusion)Frankly, unless you mean something different than exactly what you've said, then you mean denying one of the most basic rights under US (and UK) law to people who are merely accused of a crime - the right to legal representation. Remember, it doesn't matter how much evidence there is, until someone is proven guilty in a court of law, they are innocent. It could be that there's so much evidence against them the world and his wife knows what the final verdict will be before the trial even begins, but, until that trial actually takes place, they are innocent. quote:One thing I really hate in the justice system is how our inmates are treated so nicely, TV, great food, etc.... If you're in prison YOU DON'T DESERVE GOOD TREATMENT, you where put in prison for being bad for commiting something like a crime or something else That's what I hate the most. Hell there treated better than our own citizensNow that we can agree on. Once they have been found guilty and sent to prison, they are there as punishment, not to go to some kind of damn holiday camp. On a side note, this brought up a question I have: quote:Originally posted by street: And ONCE again I am referred to; as a Liberal,in a very negative context too, I might add. And once again, I say to you: "I am NO liberal".Why is it that, in America, 'liberal' is fairly often used as an insult? Wasn't America founded on the idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I thought I'd ask as a lot of you on here seem to hail from the US.
  9. White Wolf

    UC 1.01.00 Patch Status

    quote:Originally posted by Grizzle: Yup $19.99 is a steal for this game. Think you might release a gold version sometime in the future SC? If not, I may just pick up a second copy as a show of support. 19.99 dollars? Ah well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I supported this game by paying more - 19.99 POUNDS. By the way, SC, where do I send the bill for a new carpet? I've ruined mine by drooling so much.
  10. White Wolf

    How not to write metaphors

    Nice. Though, for some reason quote: The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't. seems familiar. Anyone else heard it before?
  11. White Wolf

    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: You two misunderstood me IF you're commited of a crime, IE there is ample evidence to support what you are accused of then you shouldn't be allowed to have a lawyer For example Terrorists are just that, Terrorist's. They should not be allowed a lawyer since there is overwhelming evidence that support the presecuters case, that the terrorists are here to kill ...in which case, unless the prosecuters are totally incompetent, the terrorists would be found guilty anyway. quote: Person A murders a child, Person B witnessed the murder and reports it in Person A is arrested and evidence is found that he DID murder that child. Suddenly this person get's a lawyer and the lawyer finds a way to turn the evidence around despit the fact that the evidence is true. The crime was witnessed. In order for the case to collapse in the manner you have suggested, the lawyer would have to show some prior connection between the witness and the murderer of a nature that would throw a large doubt on the veracity of his statement and there would have to be no forensic evidence linking him to the crime, which would require either a large amount of planning on the murderer's part and for him to have fairly intimate knowledge of forensic paractices, or incompetence on the police's or forensic team's part. [ 04-28-2004, 10:58 AM: Message edited by: White Wolf ]
  12. White Wolf

    Patriot Act : Reality Check

    Right, I am British, so the Patriot Act doesn't directly affect me, but I feel I have to point out a few things: quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: *looks around*, lets see my house isn't bugged and it'll stay unbugged. And I can just bet that you're house isn't bugged either.How can you be sure of that? If you are even suspected of being a terrorist, you can be bugged, even if the evidence against you is practically non-existant. quote:You havn't lost you're privacy unless you have commited a crimeor are merely suspected of having committed a crime. quote: I'm glad they can now enter without a warrent, why announce you're presence to begin with? That just gives the person time to hide what the people are looking for Not really. Generally, the way it is done is that the first the criminal knows of the raid is when the police turn up on the doorstep with a warrant. quote: To be quite honest, if you're commited of a crime you shouldn't even be ALLOWED to have a legal attorney WHAT SO EVER. Cause it's like I just said, You commited a crime, there is the evidence.. you broke the law, you betrayed america so you deserve to be either put in jail or sentenced to death (which, by the way, I support the death sentence) So, let me get this straight. Person A accuses Person B of being a terrorist and a small amount of circumstantial evidence is discovered which backs this up. This leads to Person B being arrested. Under your idea, Person B has no access to legal representation, which means he has absolutely no chance to mount any sort of defence, so he is convicted and executed for terrorism. What is to stop the original accusation being motivated by, for example, the fact Person B slept with Person A's wife? Answer: Nothing. To me, it seems clear the terrorists are laughing their asses off because the US Government is doing half their job for them. Don't follow me? Think about it. What is the purpose of terrorists? To spread terror and fear. What does the Patriot Act do? It makes the whole of America seem paranoid and afraid, and erodes some of the liberties of US citizens to fuel this paranoia, and has sparked off a huge debate which keeps terrorism, and therefore the terrorists, in the public eye.
  13. White Wolf

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    Nice write-up, IMHO, and I'd agree with it, for the most part, but one minor point: quote:Also with the control, at times it feels more like a thinking manÔÇÖs Wing Commander, with a joystick control and main guns facing straight ahead. The turrets really help the game to not have to worry about just being like a smarted up WC, but with the main guns being limited to firing straight ahead, and needing a missile lock on the ship in front of you, it brought the feeling of commanding a warship down a bit.If you press scroll lock you can aim the main guns (of your CC anyway). OK, they still point almost straight ahead, but it does allow for a little bit of tactical shooting.
  14. White Wolf

    A few questions about this game.

    quote:I loved freelancer, but the game felt a little empty once I finished getting all the upgrades for the best ship, and that game even had a complex faction system to help keep things interesting. Well, I am pretty much a newb at the BC games, but, from what I have seen so far, they are pretty much the same sort of general idea as Freelancer (Freelancer's multiplayer bit, anyway) but with one HELL of a lot more depth to them, a far bigger universe, and a far bigger ship. Oh, and far, far better. As to the questions which are basically 'What is the point of the Roam mode?', it seems to me the whole point is to answer that question yourself by playing it.