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  1. BTW, SC, I would like to apologize for my prior attitude in a previous post. I sat down and really thought about how many requests you must get daily for this feature or that. I am perfectly happy with the control scheme, and will deal with the mouselook issue as the battlecruiser series is just too incredible to miss over something as trivial as mouse reversal. Last thing, the mouse is too sensitive when zoomed in in FP mode.
  2. I was just wondering if saving your asset and crew in multiplayer would be forthcoming. I've searched the forum and all I've read about is possibly being able to save a multiplayer game in the future. SC, is this on the to do list?
  3. Forget I said anything. Id rather see the game get closer to completion. Ill just pilot the vehicles with the keyboard and get better at that. I spend most of my time with the tacops anyway. Sorry to have your time.
  4. Listen, Im new to the forum, Im sorry if I violated a rule, I've made it a habbit to read all the documentation and search the forum with as many keywords as possible. I hope you're not shafting me on the controls over something like that. I won't post any more to the forum if you find it that annoying. The control scheme is really making it difficult for me to fly and control my vehicles, I basically have to go to the config menu every time I exit any vehicle. Ill keep my face outta here from now on. Please add a way to control vehicles with the Joystick or let me reverse just the fp mouselook.
  5. I must have done something wrong with my last post because I can't find it, anyhow, Ill make this brief. I control my FP characters with an inverted mouse scheme such that, moving the mouse up looks down (similar to flying a plane). When I use the invert mouse option, this works perfectly in UC. However, I don't wish to invert the flight of my assets because the little icon that appears during mouse control is more intuitive to follow than to have inverted. Is there a way to keep the flight controls not inverted while FP mode is? If not, can an option be added in the next release or release candidate?
  6. I've read a lot on multiplayer and played a few matches, and no one has mentioned this as far as I can see. My question is, when Im in my capital ship, I can't use the transporter to beam marines and myself onto the planets surface for combat. The transport button says disabled by server, but I've checked all the server options and I can't find anything that says anything about the transporter. If its possible to change this, please tell me how. Also I read in a forum about the server.ini file, yet I can find no such file! Any insight would be great.
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