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  1. Well, they say time heals all things, and I'd say that this may be holding true for my plight. I tried assigning the engineers again, but this time I went very slowly, pausing for about 15-20 seconds before clicking anything, and it worked. Hurrah! I've the saved the game, and later on I'll try it at full speed. Are there any process execution logs I can dig up for evaluation as to why this is happening the way it is? The game used to crash after saving, but now it' stable there, so this seems to be a recurring pattern.
  2. defragged about a month before I installed it; I don't defrag often because the performance boost is never noticeable, and this PC takes all night to defrag both drives. The Win98se OS install is ancient, though. My brother in law has the disk, and I haven't found the time to backup my files. I would probably do those things, but the way BCM Gold is acting is somewhat puzzling. Every other game I own always freezes if it does anything wrong at all. BCM Gold is the first game to ever crash to the desktop cleanly, no repeating audio or anything. In fact, this has strangely coincided with my DOOM II Legacy program suffering incredibly odd performance drops (horrid FPS, on DOOM!), and crashing. I haven't done anything on the PC lately, so this is just plain odd...
  3. Hmmm. It finally went through... Hurrah, will link the system info now...
  4. The serial number that I enter in the registry screen, as seen on the BCM Gold case, is not being accepted, with and without hyphens.
  5. Still no serial number acceptance... when you say graphics/sound card settings, are you referring to the settings in the games configuration menu, or the actual card settings as accessed through desktop properties|advanced/Control Panel?
  6. I've been running BCM Gold with 1.01.06, properly installed, and the game is much more stable now, but there is still one small problem that essentially ruins gameplay- the game crashes to the desktop (no more freezes! ) under the logistix submenus. So far, it has only occurred while under a submenu (i.e., Tactical->Launch/Power/etc), most often when I change the support craft I'm working with. For instance, the game always crashes after I go into the launch menu to assign engineer to ready my fightercraft, the crash occurring when I click the arrow to increase assigned engineers or change support craft. EDIT- Cannot get system specifications to go through the server, serial number not working. [ 05-19-2004, 08:25 PM: Message edited by: Sard ]
  7. Just to update, this problem is growing worse- the game is now locking up almost constantly, I've rebooted at least six times in the past two hours. By upgrading to BcMG, what will happen to possibly correct this? I'm afraid the problem will carry over...
  8. Thank you, already checking out at the GameStop webstore .
  9. The patch was downloaded to a separate folder, copied to the BcM folder (made sure that I did not accidentally create a .lnk file), and executed from the BcM folder, after following the directions for patching from scratch. If it is of any significance, I'm running BcM with Dx9b, Nvidia Detonator Driver version 4.13.0001.3082 (English). I would use a later version, but my system runs smoother and runs older games when using this version, this is probably related to the fact that my GPU requires a slightly more powerful CPU... Will look around for BcMG, but the last copy at the nearest EB was sold months ago. Is the BcM series available through any download-and-license vendors?
  10. This is my first post here, ever, so please excuse any tech support protocol errors... I also lost the manual ages ago (bought this, installed, was not exactly patient with controls back then... uninstalled and foolishly cast aside. Nowadays, I love games with this sort of depth and complexity...), so I'll probably mess up on some terminology as well... my apologies. My BcM game is patched to the latest version as stated on the downloads page, 01.09.0-something. My game has been suffering intermittent game lockups while browsing the various Logistix menus, most often in the Tactical menu. There is no apparent pattern to the freezes, other than that they always (randomly) occur when I click a button within in the menu. Recently, the game has been crashing instead of freezing, and the crashes also happen randomly, but always when I put a command in. The crashes also occur during 'real'time inflight gameplay. SysSpecs: Processor: AMD K6-2/500mHz with 3DNOW! Technology (Blegh) 3D Card: GeForce 2 MX400 64mbit Sound Card: Aureal 3380(?) RAM: 256 SDR (not very fluent with RAM terminology, but this is the sort before DDR) HDD: 1 28.9 Gigabyte, 1 8.9 Gigabyte, brands unknown. Can supply DxDiag results if needed. Thanks in advance for any help, this bug forces me to reboot the PC before BcM will reload. Illegal Operation box upon BcM reload attempt reads: BCM caused an invalid page fault in module at 0000:b00dc210. Registers: EAX=d11eb000 CS=0167 EIP=b00dc210 EFLGS=00010282 EBX=00000004 SS=016f ESP=00fce8ec EBP=00fc8906 ECX=00000a66 DS=016f ESI=d0ab88f4 FS=015f EDX=00fce8e4 ES=016f EDI=d11e20c7 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: [ 05-13-2004, 10:05 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]