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    Debriefing of UCV-Bladerunner CO

    Hey!! I see myself. Thanks for the reference SC. I had never heard of the ASE browser before. But I will be downloading it A.S.A.P. Now, back to the game! I want me a Stormcarrier for a trophy to lug back to Galcom HQ
  2. ENS2018

    Debriefing of UCV-Bladerunner CO

    You said it Takvah. Great narative as well. Great fighting to all involved. And, I'll never forget that shuttle towing the SOS-ing ship out of the system and into your waiting hands. Also, for my first time playing in the multiplayer abilities of UC, this was asstounding. Thanks to all who participated. I can't wait for some real fleet action to start up. ENS2018 Robert Iceman GCV Avenger
  3. ENS2018

    Interested in joining

    I would like to join Prime fleet. However, before going farther, I'd like to say that I will be going to college this fall, and will not be able to take my computer or UC with me (because of rules in the ROTC/Corps of Cadets program). Knowing that I will only be available for the next couple months (leave on Aug. 13) and will be gone frum Jun 26 - July 8, can I join Prime fleet? Thanks, I'm really trying to get as much as possible out of UC before leaving. PS Also, I wouldn't be gone forever after leaving for college, I would be back periodically for breaks (very short), and next summer.
  4. ENS2018

    Letters Home

    Yep, I did...
  5. ENS2018

    Letters Home

    I was recently deployed in Cyrian sector with my CC. We were out patroling around, looking for insurgents and the occasional Gammulan capital ship. All of a sudden the intruder alarms started blaring across the ship...5 intruders. It took almost an hour to get rid of them, and in the end I had to write 3 of these letters: Dear [Name of next of kin], It is my sad duty to inform you of the untimely demise of your [son/husband]. He died bravely defending our Command Craft from hostile intruders. He fought well, at least wounding one of the enemy, but, due to the incompetence of my Combat Officer, he was left alone amongst a large group of intruders. While in the middle of a firefight, said officer told all the the surronding Marines to flee to the Medibay from the flight deck where the battle was. Your son/husband was either killed in the fight, being left alone, or in the untimely retreat. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but we were unable to identify the bodies other than knowing they were dead. Again, my deepest sympathies on your loss, they will be given full honors in burial. And, rest easy knowing that the Combat Officer was marooned on the next world we came to - a moon lacking an atmosphere. Regretfully, Commander ENS The Avenger Guess they were soldiers in the hands of an incompetent Resnig. [ 06-23-2004, 01:13 PM: Message edited by: ENS2018 ]
  6. ENS2018

    Interested in joining

    Thank you Commander DennyMala.
  7. Go into orbit around the planet, and give your CC a halt order. Move a small contingent of Marines to the transporters, not too many though (you'll see why later). I recommend at least one Engineer Marine. Beam the Marines down to the planet near a SAM site and order them to destroy it. As soon as the site is destroyed (should only be a few seconds), evacuate all the marines you have on the ground A.S.A.P. or they will be slaughtered by enemy troops. Then repeat as nessesary to destroy all SAM sites at the base. Once the SAM sites are down, set a waypoint for your FCs around the base with a patrol order. You can also move your AE to an FC and join them. Once the FCs arrive, they will be able to make air superiority. And, if you are joining them, you can also make strafing runs on the base and have a turkey shoot against ground troops. Once you have air superiority, feel free to move down as many Marines and OCs as nessesary via shuttles to completely overrun the remaining forces. You can also use this strategy to capture one base and then use that base as a staging area for attacking other bases in the mission zone. Note: doesn't work very well against naval units . Also note that when I use this, I normally end up with most of their ground units (tanks, etc) still intact; very helpful if you're preparing for a long ground campaign.
  8. Thanks for the help. I'll browse around and see what I can learn from the Role Playing section, and ask some questions in the fleet sections so I can figure out which one would be right for me. SC: Sorry, posted in wrong area. I'll be more careful next time...I just reek with newb
  9. Hey all, I'm new around here, and am slowly learning my way around UC. I'm really wanting to get into the multiplayer side of UC. But with the community aspect of this game, I was wondering if there were any rules, cautions, suggestions, and other helpful tips that could be given to one as ignorant as myself before my venturing into the multiplayer servers? Also, on a more technical level. I am on a 56k modem, which the game supports. How much of a disadvantage will that put me at though? Is it worth even trying on dial-up? Thanks for the help, anything is appreciated...even the occasional slap. P.S. I'm running some ship names through my head, could someone give me some opinions on: Devastator Avenger New Dawn Liberty I'm tying to find one to have and stick to for a good length of time. So I can really feel in Command of my AE erm. , I mean, CC. (CC is Command Craft, right? )
  10. ENS2018

    You know you're a NOOB when....

    When you try to deploy marines against a Gammulan starbase yourself using a Mk3 shuttle. Only to be blasted out of the sky by the SAMs. (Took me a few times to figure out they were what was shooting me down. After that the transporter became a very good friend...it and gurilla tactics)
  11. ENS2018

    IMHO a general rant on UC

    quote: the reason some of the info is missing is i kinda forgot my admin pass to my bios... im lookin for the backdoor.When I went looking for my BIOS information, I found it using the DXDiag tool. It lists most of the information you need right on the first page. Hope it helps. Oh, by the way; this is my first post, but I've been reading for a while. Great game, I can't get enough... I'm not worthy of it Later, ENS2018 a.k.a. Tony [i'll post my ship name after I figure out a good one]