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  1. Freemark

    Won't work... help appreciated

    OMG it works I feel so ****ing noob YOU'RE THE MAN, THANK YOU KINDLY
  2. Hello, I'm new here... I kinda read all the faq stuff but couldn't find anything to help me... I have an athlon 1200 512 mb RAM win XP pro with a Radeon 9600 card and I just can't run BCM (I patched it correctly all the way through 1.01.06) The game just gets back to the desktop after the very first Dreamcatcher video... I have the feeling that my Radeon 9600 (patched with the latest catalysts) just isn't supported and there's nothing I can do about it I'd like to hear you out anyway... btw I have the latest DirectX and all drivers are ok... Sorry if this question has already been answered, I made some searches but couldn't find anything, help would greatly be appreciated tho bye ps woah i just noticed the whole sys info thingie, i'm looking for the way to put it in my signature, hold tight