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  1. Antaeus

    On Second Thought

    LOL Moments you'll laugh about later... As a young child, I once forgave a priest for his sins in the middle of a wedding... I guess everybody has these moments, so let's hear them!
  2. Antaeus

    A hand full of Q's

    1) Do you keep your shields and cloak on all the time? Cloak not, it's way too expensive, but I keep my shields on at all times. "Shield fuel" (aka Plutonium) is only spend when the shields are being recharged, but I don't think it's used to maintain the shields. (At least this was the way I think it's handled). So you can keep your shields up all the time for free, save the power the shield generator takes... 2) If you turn your shields off to save the very expinsive gas that runs them how do you keep form taking alot of damage in a suprize attack or random damage that i still dont know where it comse from? See answer above: don't turn them off (unless in a low-power emergency) And please specify "random damage". You mean the ambient damage a ship takes when entering a gas giant (like Jupiter) or something like that? 3) Can you land your CC next to a city/base on a planet and walk/OC over to it and enter buildings or see/talk to NPC's? No NPC's to talk to generally, although enemy marines will exit bunkers to engage your marines. I don't think you can enter buildings. 4) I havent figured out how to exit planet fall right over a base or city and I have never got all the way to one at the slow speed. On TACOPS, set a waypoint for your ship near the base (just use one that says "Proceed to Next"). Your ship will make planetfall at that location if you use the AP. 5) HOW do you send your Marines to invade a ship/station? I cant find it any where, I get invaders all the time, but i tryed getting a full SC of Marines ready to deploy and launching them to ships and stations but most of the time the SC get blown up or I call it back. That's already been answered. Marines don't DO enemy ships. 6) When you get close to a ship that is damaged or just small compaired to to you, and press C and your shields drop and your tractor beem gets it what do you do next? Tow it to a station. Just jump to a friendly station while tractoring a station, and then dock. You should get a prompt asking you if you wish to deliver the ship. You get XP and money for capturing enemy ships.
  3. Antaeus

    The HASTINGS Experiment...

    Ok, I'm not sure where you're going with this, Admiral, althought the whole dragon quote sounds awfully familar... Anyway, since the Dilgent is AOL (Away on Leave, not the provider... ), I'm in SPECTATOR MODE right now. Carry on.
  4. Antaeus

    The Stuff of Dreams...

    Too bad, I was about to send you a considerable donation . But I suppose you do have a valid point. And besides, if you say what COULD have been, people will actually start demanding them...so I guess you better keep those secrets behind lock and key.
  5. A question to SC himself: when asked about the possiblity of certain features being implemented, you often state that you cannot add it due to lack of rescources. Now I'm curious, what if you had unlimited rescources (time, money, booze, booty,whatever you might need to implement things), what would you personally like to implement in the Battlecruiser games?
  6. Right on Nomad! I'm with you. No offense to any patriot americans here, but what's the USA doing in Irak anyway? There were no nukes or nothing, and Irak was hardly a threat anyway. No, the US invaded because it was BELIEVED to have ties with Bin Laden and his jolly band of wackos. The US military is being used to fight a vendetta between the Bush family and Sadam. Think about it: millions of dollars of tax money wasted on a job that Bush Sr could have done in the first war anyway. Oh, and now the US conveniently controls the oil in Irak too, look at that... Now let's imagine that one day Iran does go completely nuts and presses the big red button that says "PRESS HERE FOR US COUNTERATTACK". They might actually hit their intended target. Then the rest of the US military (not to mention the rest of the world, most people have a distaste for nukes) barges in and takes over. Country and culture lost. On to the next one. I'm saying that it's very unlikely that Iran will actually offensively use their big guns. But then again, if the US should invade Iran, they might be provoked. I guess that only time will tell what will happen, but it seems we're at the doorstep of another world war here. There's conflicts everywhere, and it just seems to unreal to be true, just like the years prior to WWI.
  7. Antaeus

    UC, reviews, and system information ;)

    ROFL It's true, it's all true.. I too agree that games these days are too easy to figure out (with tutorials and all), but you musn't remember the number one quality a game needs to be truly succesful: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master. Although some (and yes, I'm referring to general idiots here) might say that BC is hard to learn (it really isn't all that hard, really...), it does take time to truly master the game. Seriously, planning and executing a complex assault on an enemy base, complete with 3 seperate forces (ground assault, air support & transporter), with fighters delivering precision strikes moments after ground assault forces complete their SEAD assignment, well that's hard. (Especially since you cannot have commands issued at automatically at a specific time) But enough of that. On with the chanting: "Earth, Storm & Fire: heed my call. From the depths of the forum SC shall rule us all." *DO IT!* And now my daily prozac...sigh...
  8. Antaeus

    The PTA turret sweet spot

    Well, that was interesting, if completely off-topic... Mmh..magic in UC, things could get ugly! But hey, if the galaxian probe is possible, why not magic? Or perhaps psionics would be more appropriate, but still... Perhaps a future game: "Battlecruiser: Mind Control" or something like that. A man can dream...
  9. Antaeus

    The HASTINGS Experiment...

    [RP ON] Antaeus walked nervously across the the decks of his ship, giving out orders and helping in repairs himself wherever he could. Half his crew had been wounded or disabled in the battle, and the threat of a reactor meltdown was far from over. His biggest concern was the cruise missile though. It had been beaten up pretty bad, and if things got worse, it might detonate, giving him and his crew a one-way ticket straight to hell. Not to mention it would cause considerable damage to the Hastings and the Starlight. Another plasma conduit ruptured, and Antaeus was forced to lock down the bulkhead, dooming another two of his crew to a fiery death. If this kept going, he would have little choice left then jettison the missile in a cargo pod, hoping the Hastings would collect it, and then abandon ship. Antaeus let out a sigh of relief when his chief engineer, John Keith, reported that the reactor breach was under control. They were still waiting for the Hasting's spare parts for the engine though, and it would take several hours in the drydock to get the ship back to optimal conditions. "When this is over, I'm going to have some modifications installed", Antaeus mumbled to himself, "this was way to close for comfort". As he arrived on the bridge again, he first looked at his TacOps computer. He couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't over, and the Starlight's presence in the area was a little to convinient (sp?). Why didn't they respond to their distress call in the first place? Something just wasn't right. The Hastings' shuttle had arrived, and began transferring the supplies to the Diligent. After another 15 minutes, the ship's drives were once again within operational parameters. "Thanks for the help, Hastings. It looks like we're able to hyper again, and we'll be heading for galcom as fast as we can. I'm sure we'll meet again. Diligent, out." The Diligent alligned with the Earth jump node and entered hyperspace.. [RP OFF] Welcome to the game, Vanda.
  10. Antaeus

    The HASTINGS Experiment...

    Since nobody replied yet, I guess I'll just continue myself... [RP ON] As the raider fighters closed in with the Diligent, the transport's PTA system suddenly came to life. It seemed that the system was still fully operational, and the Diligent wouldn't go down without a fight, even if it was crippled. After a few moments of concentrated fire ripped trough the shields of the lead fighter, punching straight trough its hull, and killing the pilot. One down, two to go. By now, the Hasting's fighters had arrived at the battle, and with support from the Diligent's PTA, they quickly mopped up what was left of the fighters. But the Warmonger was still HJ'ing, and was now tracking both the Diligent and the Hasting's fighter complement with FATAL. However, the Hastings beat the Warmonger to the Diligent, and it brought all weapons to bear on the cruiser as soon as it came out of hyperspace. The barrage of lasers and missiles from the Hastings, Diligent and four fighters ravaged the pirate ship within seconds, although it did manage to damage one of the interceptors. Diligent: "Good to have you, Hastings. We thought we were gone for sure. We were on a spec-ops mission for Galcom, under command of Commander Smart himself. We stole the prototypes of a new type of cruise missile from these pirates. That's all I'm allowed to say. If you'd be so kind as to tow us to Galcom HQ I'm sure Commander Smart will apreciate it." Pirates with cruise missile technology? That seems a little too advanced for them. They must have stolen it themselves. But from who? And why? [RP OFF]
  11. Antaeus

    The HASTINGS Experiment...

    UCV - Diligent Generis Armed Transport Somewhat experienced crew (50-60%) Commander Antaeus Galatae (ok it's not a real name, but at least it has a first and last name...I hope this isn't a problem) Exploration, Mining and Trading vessel, and also provides freelance logistical support (spare parts, crew transfers,...) for Galcom and Earthcom. The Diligent has been heavily damaged in a raider assault. It managed to limp back to Luna, but raider forces are in retreat. //RP Mode "Call.... GCV-...ings...UCV-Dili.... Suff....Raider attack....Engine...heavy...dam....Request....and rescue....*Signal Lost*" //RP Mode Sensors show that the Diligent's engine has been heavily damaged, and it is unable to make another hyperjump. It's shield are down to 5% and it appears to have a reactor breakdown in progress. Radiation leaks on several decks. Moments later, 3 raider heavy fighters and a Warmonger arrive to finish off the Diligent. It must be carrying something important... It is estimated the raiders will reach the Diligent in little under 3 minutes.
  12. Antaeus

    OMG - Fallout 3 returns from the grave!

    Yes Morrowind was great. I for one wouldn't really mind a Fallout 3 in first person and real time, but truly hardcore fans might disagree. Yes, fallout has always been top-down and turn-based, but does that mean it should stay that way. Besides, I don't think a "classic" Fallout game would sell well with people who are new to Fallout, or have never heard of it (rare as they may be). If Fallout 3 provides the same open-ended and immersive gameplay Morrowind had, I'm satisfied.
  13. Ok another one. I hope more people actually get this one...
  14. Hi, I've just started making some really simple cartoons with Paint. Of course, Universal Combat (and the other BC games) could not escape for too long... http://users.pandora.be/antaeus/Xanatos/Endless%20Galaxy.jpg Expect more soon. [ 07-07-2004, 07:38 AM: Message edited by: Pugwash ]