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    Ship speeds

    and it goes on
  2. commaderace

    Low on Power?

    You can clone your officers but you have to pay for your enlisted personal. Beside maybe the second or third batch of Resnig will be better
  3. commaderace

    Training BC AI

    /me yanks bag from sc
  4. commaderace

    UC, reviews, and system information ;)

    KIRK: Red alert, shields up CREWMAN: damn where that button SPOCK:somebody get him a manual, and Sulu get the shields up please. Thanks SC for the wonderful game I can have fun know if i can just get my machine for rebooting on it own. DAMN THEM GREMLINS. KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!
  5. commaderace

    Detection Ranges

    Hi, i just started play playinng this game for a month. But i work for the navy and the principle behind radars (active and passive) is this. Both (active and passive) listens (Detects) the radio waves form the radar from everyone. The active also sends out radio waves which can be detected buy othere people. it just the kind of radar and power output the detrimes how far you can get a the signature form the radar bounce. the detection ranges are mor for the missile locks and when they can be fired.