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  1. I have already played gothic 2, morrowind, balders gate, divine divinite, and probles a few more i dont rember. Not interested in any mmorpgs i think i have played about all of them heh kinda getting brunt out on UC
  2. Hatred

    The Sadness of an RPG Fan

    I cant wate for Gothic 3 *rubs hands togather* I played the Morrowind and all the expansions and I dont think I will try the next one even though I Realy liked the vampires bit that was nice for us Vampire fans
  3. Hatred

    some sort of cheat

    RP Oh whats that little one you can't get your cat out of that tree. I bleave I can help get your cat down. I just so happen to have a Get your Cat Out of A Tree Net and Air Mat loaded in this shotgun. *evil grin* Less see if it works. *snickers* I'm sorry little one that must have been my other shotgun but look I fouund an eye and part of its tail.
  4. I need to download 20000 and 20013
  5. Hatred

    some sort of cheat

    The anwser to my first question is "C:Program FilesDreamCatcher3000ADUniversal Combatuc.exe" -i there is a space *slaps himself* Still havent figured out the way to speed up time. *Sighs*
  6. Hatred

    Back into the breach...

    Great! I can't wate to bomb you *cough* I mean see you on the MP server. Keep an eye out for the Raiders
  7. Hatred

    some sort of cheat

    I read the Troubleshooting faq I dont think I am putting the ( -I ) in the right place in the command line because it keeps saying it is not valid. Also dose any one care to talk about speeding up time? I have read countless threads on this I found in the search bur in every one of them people get off topic and never answer the question. Speed up time? Thought I might get my two cents in *grins*
  8. Hatred

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    *Flex* I'm wanting to join
  9. Hatred

    Roll Call

    Team speak eh? What server do ya have. Mine is Infinite Hatred Server IP = vs4.osg.cc:8888 ( Regestered. I would like to join your fleet. I play about every day and realy want my Warmonger to fly with a Raider Flag, We need to talk to SC about that one *grins*
  10. Hatred

    Wow very fun game!

    ok that sounds good. would Fleet Cmdr Malice work? EX: Supreme Cmdr
  11. Hatred

    Wow very fun game!

    Quantum I do have something to ask but I admit I havent finnished me manual yet. I am a fleet commander, shouldnt i get more ships? I gottoa finnish that book and start on the appendx. I just cant pull my self away from the game lol. Supreme Cmdr I'll do that right now
  12. Hellow! I just got UC and it is the first game in the BC line i have played. I wish you guys could do better advertsing i would have got all of them if i knew about them this game rocks! Well i just wanted to say Hi and mabe you guys can help me with some questions latter on.