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  1. Kooseefoo

    repairs and time

    last time i was messed up i lost half of my systems completely... crew was living off of about 30% aux life support. Used all my on-board tools to get a shuttle out and towed myself to a station. TOOK AN ENTIRE SATURDAY!!! lol. Went shopping, had lunch, went to my church for youth group, had dinner, and my repairs were finally done...
  2. Kooseefoo

    Ship speeds

    Seriously... i really agree that saying that "Cuz God says so" is silly too... it seems pointless. God's logic might be way beyond us but its still there... he isn't irrational or whimsical. Yea... ship speeds-newtonian physics-relativity-quantum theory-folding space and other theories-God-iceburgs... that's just about hthe most random chain of thought i've ever seen. Must be because its almost 1. *yawns*
  3. Kooseefoo

    What a Way to get Owned

    Yea... i've had to do that on several occasions. Command->Shuttles->*select shuttle*->Deliver To->*starstation* and engage the autopilot. Your shuttle will also dock with you so its not floating in space while u repair. Have fun. I spend about 5 hours today at a station repairing myself. Decided to go to home depot while i waited.
  4. Kooseefoo

    Ship speeds

    This topic diverged a long time ago... lol. I don't know that much about quantum stuff and folding the universe, but i do know that it isn't exactly child's play. lol. Its all very interesting to me though. I'm gonna have to read up on some of this stuff Skiiwa is mentioning. Totally fascinating (or at least to a nerd like me). Ah... another thing i'm sure of: God fits into this picture. The second law of thermodynamics plus Heisenberg's uncertainty principle just sorta scream it out... we can't really know everything that happens on a quantum level - its like we weren't meant to know. Quite odd, eh?
  5. Kooseefoo

    Ship speeds

    Heh... the day they figure out how to manipulate other dimensions and "fold" space... or anything like that... i'm leaving this universe. That's just crazy. That much power in a single persons hand is just flat out not cool. But yea... i definitely do believe that there are many more dimensinos than we can see or manipulate. Just the whole idea is really out there. Anyone here read "Flatland"?
  6. Kooseefoo

    Ship speeds

    Uhhh... light speed isn't possible... Einstein's relativity theory states that as you reach the speed of light, your mass increases to infinity (weird, huh? o.O). Not only that but peripheral objects would percieve you as being frozen in time, while you would see objects around you as passing through time at an infinite rate. Armageddon would happen instantly. You'd miss it... heh. The only reason photons can hit light speed is cuz they don't weigh anything (literally). Not even a fusion drive can get ya there. About the maximum speed you can attain... Just the little 15-year-old's 10 cents worth. :-D
  7. Kooseefoo

    Artifacts?!?Where are they

    I'm TER/MIL and roaming (gammulan quadrant right now)... do the artifacts tend to appear in the terran quadrant? And i'm getting the impression that they start to appear in several stations - not just one or two of each artifact. Thanks.
  8. Kooseefoo

    Prepped Marines

    After I read a topic on the marines in this forum, I started using the whole Prep Marines For Combat for all my on-duty and searching marines. However, to check if they are prepped i have to go to each one and see if the Prep For Combat option is available. Could a small indicator be added (or something like that) for future versions? I'm not sure how useful this would be to everyone else, but just an idea. Thanks -Kooseefoo
  9. Kooseefoo

    Station Assets

    Yea... i waited a while. Looks like not long enough.... lol. Thanks.
  10. Kooseefoo

    Station Assets

    Yes. For my CC they are (except prepping fighters), but i'm talking about starstation's assets and stuff. They disappear once they RTB.
  11. Kooseefoo

    Station Assets

    Okay... a question about station assets: I recently got to be Strategic commander or whatever you need for Fleet C&C. My question: whenever i tell a station to send out assets (i.e. sending out 4 shuttles to retrieve disabled/sos units) and they return, they don't go back into the station asset list. So what exactly happened? Does the station eventually restore the shuttles? Were the captured units under repairs to be included in the station's assets? Thanks
  12. Kooseefoo

    Fighter go boom...

    Okay... I'm gonna be a newb here and ask one of those stupid questions: I lost my fighter. How do I replace it? I know you can buy new ones from a station but how do you get those from the cargo into a bay and how do you know what type of fighter its gonna be? All they have is "FC Asset".
  13. Kooseefoo

    Gettin Started

    Okay... sorry to be such an uber-noob... but i got the game installed. Theres a start. I think i have the general idea of all the systems, commands, and all that great stuff down. But there's a slight problem... can someone please translate the first mission's briefing for me!? It says to goto LV-103 or somethin like that... well where the heck is that? lol. Guess i'm just way confused by it. Just a general "Go here, kill everything, go there, escort" for the first mission would be nice. Thanks a lot!!!