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  1. stealth_logic25

    E3 FINISHED!!!

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: About bloody time too. You wanted this to happen?
  2. stealth_logic25

    updated list of games you are following

  3. stealth_logic25


    Yeah, it is a bit like BF2, although here's why I like it better : 1) It's free 2) It runs better 3) The sound of the combat is magnificent. Every gunshot adds to the battle. 4) They got the recoil and the accuracy of the guns. BF2 screwed this up really badly. 5) Maps are better designed and more varied 6) The interface doesn't have an actual "loading screen"
  4. stealth_logic25


    Warrock is a free FPS made by Korean company Dream Exocution. It's an incredible game. Check it out here. It's got over 20 weapons and the map design is amazing!
  5. stealth_logic25

    Games that you are looking forward to

    Great way to wrap up the series, huh
  6. stealth_logic25

    Games that you are looking forward to

    Yeah , Star Treck legacy looks neat, only hope they'll let you use transphasic torpedoes, if you know what those are. What did you thinkof the games in the list?
  7. stealth_logic25

    Games that you are looking forward to

    Thoughts? Comments? Opinions?
  8. Click or death! [ 06-06-2006, 08:16 AM: Message edited by: Wolferz ]
  9. stealth_logic25

    The art thread

    Post all your pieces of art here. Here's is my latest, modeled in Wings 3D and rendered in Yafray :
  10. stealth_logic25

    Empires beta released

    It's pretty decent. The lag is atrocious, but poeple admit that they're using 56K. The guns are really neat. HDR is teh SUXXOR!!
  11. stealth_logic25

    Empires beta released

    This is a revolutionary mod for Half Life 2that comnbines RTS and FPS. You have one commander per team who builds buildingings and units, just as one would do in an RTS game, and everone else is a soldier. This is what I've always wanted. Give it a spin . 56kers be warned, it weighs in at 415 Mb.
  12. stealth_logic25

    Boiling Point 2 announced

    The original boiling point sucked. Deep Shadows just doesn't know the first thing about game design... The AI was terrible and the lack of charcter models was extreme. Weapons were neat, though.. Come to think of it, it sounds like it might be worth it once it hits the bargain bin.. Heh..
  13. Ater playing it, I can say that this is a likely candidate for the best FPS of 2006. The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is very exciting and intuitive.. Perhaps the best part is the weapons. Firing them is fun no matter what you're aiming at. The weapon effects are simply brilliant. The AI is also refreshingly good. The gamelplay? Fanstastic. Think Call of duty intensity and then some. The only donwside is the performance. It ran well on my dual 7800 GTXs, but I've heard lots of reports from people on the forums complaining about poor performance. Consider you're self good to go if you have a 256 Mb Radeon 9800 or better. The 256 memory seems to make a big difference in recent games. *shrug* That memory is probably completely occupied, becasue the game has the most jaw froping textures you've probably ever seen. Think X3. You're probably going to want a bucket for all the drool, preferably a half gallon bottle. I'de be a fool if I didn't mention the main aspect of this game : time manipulatioime can be slowed down, rewound, or stoped alltogether. Aside from being essential to completing some part so of the game, it allows some very interesting kills. Anyhow, enough of my yacking get it here
  14. stealth_logic25

    Why UT2007 is going to suck

    Well, I place more value on graphics than most do, so when a the other hardcore UT fans find out that it's gameplay is more or less the same it's going to suck for them too.. and Epic. Then again, Epic are issuing licenses for Unreal 3 faster than Santa was handing out presents, so I guess they don't really need to rely on quality games for their income..
  15. stealth_logic25

    Why UT2007 is going to suck

    Simplyy put, the gameplay is a total rehash of UT204. Not only are the weapons designed the same way, the also function the identically. Same thing goes for the vehicles. The only thing new seems to be a level of interation betweenplayers and their AI allies. They can give voice orders to them, which I gotta admit is pretty neat. I'm still probabaly going to get it because the technology behind it is so fantastic and groundbreaking.