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  1. Cmdr. Khaan

    Your lightsaber and you

    Is this you giving us a clue that you are going to introduce lightsabers into UC
  2. Cmdr. Khaan

    Name your favorite ship!

    Aestom. Aestrom. Aestrom.
  3. Cmdr. Khaan


    some one calls your name and a voice says: WARNING AQUIRED.
  4. quote:1. The Gas Crush Tried this with resnig but he DIDNT DIE he just stood there looking stupid with the clouds going around him.
  5. Cmdr. Khaan

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    The Aestrom is great. Just turns really slooowly.
  6. Cmdr. Khaan

    OTS problem?

    Thanks i've started nuking lryius now instead... never land there anyway.
  7. Cmdr. Khaan

    Size of ships

    I know stand on GHQ and zoom all the way out. HUUUGE.
  8. Cmdr. Khaan

    Intruders Tip

    quote:Has anyone ever had intruders in the transporter section Yeah i've had them there before, couldnt transport them though.
  9. Cmdr. Khaan

    OTS problem?

    My frame rates on earth were fine (aroud 30fps) untill I bought 30 tanix's from GHQ and randomly nuked the insurgents. When I next went down to mess around in antartica the frame rate was 2.0!!
  10. Cmdr. Khaan


    Thats happened to me before expept it is usually when I OTS a base on a planet and the explsion effects hang around my carrier even though it is in orbit. TO get rid of it I usually jut save, exit + reload.
  11. Cmdr. Khaan

    Target Cancellation at random

    In my experiance it always happens when you are targeting something that is not on your current scanner thing at the bottom of the screen. For example you are on the navigational radar and you use the closest target button. after a while it seems to cancel it and vice versa. you might try having the miscalaneous one activated (press v).
  12. Cmdr. Khaan

    how to kill a storm carrier

    I killed a stormcarrier in a mantis fighter. All you have to do is get right up behind it close enough so that the p.t.a s cant hit you.
  13. Cmdr. Khaan

    The Galaxian Probe

    Maybe it means something like we are coming... be prepared and then the galaxians want you to wait at stargazer or something. Also if you go to star gazer has anyone noticed that if you move your mouse over the general GAL/EXP area it comes up with a sighn saying utopia, same as obsidia.
  14. Cmdr. Khaan

    The Lazarus Effect

    That must have taken you a looooong time to write. but good though.
  15. I've figured out that if you use a joystick then it tends to fire of bursts on 10% ven if you just tap the fire button so I tend to use ENTER when the starstations health is really low.