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  1. EmyLights

    December 2016 Vanguard Fleet Roll Call

    EmyLights Reporting In!
  2. All Wings Check In! EmyLights Checking In!
  3. Another Month Gone By! All Wings Check In! Colonel EmyLights Reporting In!
  4. Another year gone by, another year to come! All Vanguard Fleet Members, please check in! EmyLights Checking In!
  5. Colonel EmyLights Here, All wings check in please! Salute!
  6. EmyLights

    November 2015 Vanguard Fleet Roll Call

    Hey tek, thanks for reporting in!
  7. Colonel EmyLights Here, All wings check in please! Salute!
  8. EmyLights

    January 2013 Roll Call

    I'm still around, but more in terms of EarthCom.
  9. Colonel EmyLights Reporting In! /salute. All EarthCom Commanders, Please Report In! Colonel EmyLights... Out!
  10. Another month, another step closer to a realized dream! Line of Defense be getting closer and closer! Please, all EarthCom Fleet Members check in! Colonel EmyLights, Out!
  11. All wings, please check in! Colonel EmyLights Reporting In!
  12. Colonel EmyLights here! All Wings Check In!
  13. This is Colonel EmyLights, All EarthCom Forces, please check in!
  14. Colonel EmyLights Reporting In!