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    Near London (Town so small no one will know it) England
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    computering, games
  1. quassamo

    a computer case military style

    I reakon thats a pretty sweet looking case
  2. quassamo


    lol, theres no permenant one? no master one?
  3. quassamo


    I wanted to join a fleet and wondered which would be best. But I cant log on since when ever I click "Refresh" it says "Connecting to Master Server" then says "Error - No Servers Avalible" I have norton Internet Security installed, and when it came up with a box saying do you want this to connect I clicked yes. But it still dosnt work! Help?
  4. quassamo

    On Second Thought

    When i was young I grabbed my mums wine glass at a dinner party, downed the lot in one gulp and promply fell over. Everyone cracked up!
  5. quassamo

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    hang on a tic, i scroll down on the comlink, and theres nothing there!
  6. quassamo

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    is it? didnt notice that. Lol. another noobish moment.
  7. quassamo

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    I did that, but all it has is the original training thing and then after it it just says "(time) Urgent Message Recived"
  8. Man gets pulled over by the police for dangerous driving. Cop says to the guy "'Scuse me sir, could you please breath into this tube, so we can discover whether your drunk or not," To which the man replys, "I'm afraid i can't do that officer, you see im ashmatic (dont know how 2 spell it) and if I do that I would have a ashma attack and die." "Oh" says cop, "Well could I have a blood sample please?" To which the man replys "I'm afraid not officer, im a diabetic, you take blood out of me, and my blood suger levels will fall so low I'd go into a coma." "Oh" replys the cop. "Well, could you get out of the car and walk in a straight line please?" "I'm afraid I can't do that officer" "And whys that?" "I'm to drunk to do that sir"
  9. quassamo

    Cat Pee and Computers

    I hav 2 cats and theyv'e never pissed into my machine, probobly because im never away from it longenough for them 2 get it!
  10. quassamo

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    It is sorted now, thank you for your help.
  11. quassamo

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    I deleted the email after breifly (i never read registration emails propoly) reading it, not realising you had to put it into your profile, I just tried to register again and it said the code was already in use! It told me to email [email protected] so I did.
  12. quassamo

    Problem with BCM Gold (UK) manual

    I'v already registered it, but I didnt put the thing in my profile before I deleted the email! Im stuffed