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  1. james_mallison

    Newbie Here - tips etc

    Thanks very much for the welcome. I will try to do that SYSTEM PROFILE INFORMATION as soon as possible. Also, I explored loads of different planets and the game really is interesting, inventive and HUGE! I tried fighting some enemies in a certian system, after jumping through a wormhole. I activated my autofiring guns, and my shield etc, and disabled the launch status which I figured out myself. However, I cannot seem every to win against the onslaught of enemies coming from a space station a long way away. I can lock on and fire missiles as the enemies come towards me, but they fly FAR to fast for me to shoot my laser cannon at them because my turning speed is so appauling. I also tried sorteeing my 4 interceptors and they helped a bit but I got destroyed easily. I have already looked through the forums and can't really find anything to help - can you help me please?
  2. james_mallison

    Newbie Here - tips etc

    Hi everyone. Well, my first post. I bought BCMG a few days ago for £6.99, and so far it's been entertaining. i havn't bothered with the campaings yet, because I enjoy free roaming and doing what I like - however there are SO MANY things to learn and its time consuming lol. Anyway, I'm james and 16 from UK. So of course i have a few questions about the game, (well not a few I have litereally hundreds but I'll present a few)... 1) Ok, i have yet to land on a planet that has people on etc, and i can't actually fight yet in the ships. Any tips? 2) Can you play it online? If you can, then is it just a free roaming section where you can make friends, join together, work together and fight together (which sounds ace - but first i'll have to master the basics)...