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  1. Moonbrooke

    I just swiped stuff from a transport!

    Ok, this is WAY cool! When I send shuttles out, with orders to collect, I sometimes get a transport on the list of things to be collected. I always ignored them and went for the cargo pods. Not anymore. A pirate's life for me...
  2. According to the manual, the X key cancels the current target, and Shift-X cancels all waypoints and targets. When I press X, all my waypoints are also cancelled, instead of just the current target. I have looked through the revisions and can't find where this has been changed. Have I missed something, or is this the way it's supposed to work?
  3. Moonbrooke

    Training Marines

    Ok, I've read that the best and quickest way to increase the AI of your marines is in combat. The problem is, new marines are pretty fragile. Does anyone know of some good locations where young marines would meet LIGHT resistance, so they could get used to fighting? Thanks in advance.
  4. Moonbrooke

    Fleet/Ship/Unit AI

    One other thing, concerning the shuttle issue: You might want to check your shuttle for damage. I was having trouble getting my shuttle to obey, even though it was piloted by a marine who had always done well. When I finally got it back on board, I looked and noticed most of it's systems had taken at least SOME damage (from a couple of rough landings, I never said he was THAT good...). After a rather extesive repair, it is performing well once more. It's hard to notice system damage on your shuttles unless you check periodically.
  5. Moonbrooke

    Capturing Stations with Cruisers

    Ok, thanks for the help!
  6. Ok, I've heard it said that it IS possible to capture a star station with a cruiser, if you can get in it's "blind spot". My question is, what's the proper tecnique to even get CLOSE to the station to reach the blind spot? It starts firing LONG before I am in range, and I'm dead in seconds. Any suggestions?
  7. Moonbrooke

    Multiplayer Pinboard

    Ok, thanks, SC. I am no longer confused. I'll look around and find someone running a good server!
  8. Moonbrooke

    Multiplayer Pinboard

    Ok, maybe I'm missing something here, after reading all the posts. As I understand it, the public servers are back online. But I cannot find the passwords. I looked on the registration page, where I thought they were, but could not find them there. Could someone clue me in? I'd love to play multi... Thanks in advance.
  9. Moonbrooke

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    I just wanted to throw in my two cents and say that UC is very close to the game of my dreams. I don't want to come off sounding like some lame-ass fanboi, but I've been a space sim fan for a long time, and to be honest, I've avoided the BC series because of some bad (and now I've realized, unfair) press. I've played I-War 1 and 2, the entire Wing Commander series, the Privateer series, Freelancer (which is not a sim, in my opinion, but lots of fun in it's own scope), and various others. I actually think that UC is ALMOST everything I've ever wanted in a game. The genre is severely lacking in quality games, and I'm glad that I finally stopped listening to the naysayers and bought UC. I will be busy for a very long time...
  10. Moonbrooke

    Memo from Dubya

    Well said, SC. I have printed this to show a few friends, if you don't mind.
  11. Moonbrooke

    Cloaked Ships

    Thanks, DREADA. I've been using the tecniques you've mentioned, and they do help. I was just hoping there was a strategy that works better. I'm not worried about the cloaked ships that attack ME. When they do that, they usually die. My problem is trying to protect the other ships in the system. I've noticed that when I DO get a blip, sometimes it seems almost more effective to give the CC the attack order and let the AI chase it down. And no, I'm not sure I want to know your fleet's secret method. One of your rivals might capture me and torture it out of me! Looking forward to multiplayer...
  12. Moonbrooke

    Cloaked Ships

    Ok, I'm a long-time lurker, but this is my first real post. I've been playing UC for a while, and feel comfortable with the game in general. I'm playing a military career as a commander and am currently gaining exp by protecting the ships in one system (Majoris) from enemys. I've been rather successful, but the cloaked ships are still a thorn in my side. I can never find them, or if I do, once I fire a few shots and they take some damage, they re-cloak and run. (I can't say that I blame them.) I've read on these forums that there are tactics that can be used for dealing with cloaked ships, but after searching the forums, I can't find any useful info. Could someone please help me by suggesting some useful tactics against cloaked ships? Thanks in advance.