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  1. franklin

    start screen flickers and tool tips also

    replaced video card with a gf4mx and it cleared up
  2. The screen with the starting options(new-resume-restoer.....) flickers. Once I choose the option the following screen are okay. However the mouse pionter flickers, as well as the tool tips. Wacom tablet(grafite et)is my mouse hardware. theses are the steps I have taken so far: =defraged hd =loaded new video, audio and tablet drivers =load game, with the 101.00 and 101.06 patches in game directory = decreased hardware acceleration one notch = learned to blink alot as I play any suggestions?
  3. franklin

    online appendix

    Well, kinda thought that. The manual and I have lived together for a few days. So much material to soak in! Right now my trader transport roams around Sol, trying not to bump into things. Good chance I'll learn enough before I die. I am thinking about buying a new video card. There is a 15" monitor around here somewhere. Could hook up a second monitor to read the appendix! anyway, thanks
  4. franklin

    online appendix

    Is there a way to access the online appendix during the game?