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  1. TheDarknessIncarnate

    FC (Fighter) AI Weird Thing/Bug

    Okay While playing, ive noticed sumthing. AI Fighters, or My own Are BLIND to Starstations. If its in their way, they'll keep running into it over and over, and even try to shoot through it. This sometimes hampers my attempts to capture stations because they destroy the station as it goes to SOS or disabled. Damn buggers, I think a clone of Resnig is pilot each of them, because that AI is too damn stupid. Ive never seen any Carriers, Cruisers or Transports do the same
  2. TheDarknessIncarnate

    GBS-III download problem

    Okay I download it normally. But is it supposed to be a .zip file?? And when I open it, is it supposed to ask if I want to install screensaves?
  3. TheDarknessIncarnate

    getting off a planet

    or just use an SC, have a ship in space Priority Listed, then have the SC tow u into space, or u can fly the sc
  4. TheDarknessIncarnate

    GBS-III for Universal Combat Released

    I did. Its all installed. but I cant make my own mods. I cant figure out how
  5. TheDarknessIncarnate

    GBS-III download problem

    I unzipped it all. I cant even figure out how to make the playmod work, or make my own mod. Im so goddamn clueless
  6. TheDarknessIncarnate

    Playmod cheat utility released

    umm, I read the Playmod guide, and Im still clueless on how to make my own mod........help?
  7. TheDarknessIncarnate


    YKYBPTMBCW 1. Whenever you get off the freeway, you find yourself saying 'Now Exiting Hyperspace' or any related phrase 2. Whenever You go to a gas station, you as for Radine fuel. 3. Whenever you need to a coworker out for something, to tell them to go use a SC, since it'll be faster. 4. Whenever something goes wrong, you say it was Resnig's fault, even if there is no Resnig around, or even within 100 km
  8. TheDarknessIncarnate

    GBS-III download problem

    I found, if I use the CLASSIC Winzip, I can get ALL the files. But I cant find out how to use the playmod!! Or how to specify which cheats I want to activate.........I hate being a clueless user
  9. TheDarknessIncarnate

    GBS-III for Universal Combat Released

    I try to open it, but WinZIP only prompts me to install screensavers. Is is supposed to do that?
  10. TheDarknessIncarnate

    Single Player Cheating? Playmod help!

    where do we get PlayMod? is it available for UC?
  11. TheDarknessIncarnate

    FC (Fighter) AI Weird Thing/Bug

    I kinda posted this before I was fully patched, but I have noticed Fighters sometimes still try to fire upon their own station if its in the way
  12. TheDarknessIncarnate

    Shuttle Jump

    actually. Ive used a SC to tow my CC, so the Jump is faster, then had it Jump at a gate, so I could jump to the planet faster. A SC can jump with sum1thing in tow, and can use Gates aswell
  13. TheDarknessIncarnate

    base capture/destruction

    ahaha. Ive finally captured a starstation. 2 or 3. Here's how ya do it. And, turn off your PTA 1. Get To The NME (enemy) starstation 2. Pound away with 100% Till 100% of Shields and 90% of Armor Is Down 2a. Use The Enter Key to Regulate Bursts. Much More Controlled 3. Once the Station's armor is in the 3 digit zone (AKA: 999 - 400), Switch IOD to 10% Power 4. Tap The Enter Key. Each shot should lower is 100 - 150 armor each hit. Do so until it says SOS or is near 0. 5. STOP IF IT REACHES NEAR 0 6. If It reaches SOS, Dock and u just capped it. If you have Fleet C&C, Assign some ships for defense
  14. TheDarknessIncarnate

    base capture/destruction

    Shin, I try to take stations, but they blow up all the time. Gimme sum tips?
  15. TheDarknessIncarnate

    base capture/destruction

    Same. the Capture of space stations are VERY VERY hard to do, almost impossible. Im currently trying to do it with a fighter.
  16. TheDarknessIncarnate

    Marine Types

    Ive found the Usefullness of ECM and MCM are to like, guard the Detention Hold and MediBay. Thats what I assign them to do when I need some soldiers to do that. Or Pilot a SC