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  1. Nekulturny

    Name your favorite ship!

    Well a Violon is a heavy carrier, but its a Violon. See what im getting at?
  2. Nekulturny

    Explorer Probes

    LOL coming right up SC! *sound of four fatals ready to armed* (mwhahaha)
  3. Or, put a really dumb marine to fly the shuttle, and put Resnig in... Let the marine "land" aka crash into the ground as usaul
  4. 1.Put a dumb marine in a spare shuttle. 2.Put Resnig in. 3.Warp to hostile territory and eject shuttle. 4.Attract attention 5.Set Shuttle to move around randomly 6.Cloak and watch fun.
  5. Nekulturny


    YKYBPTMBCW 1. When playing dodgeball with your kids, you try to turn on the missle jammer 2.Whenever you aproach a shopping mart you hear a voice say "Approaching Starstation". 3.You have redone the body of you car to look like a light fighter. 4.Youve renamed your son Resnig, cause he breaks everything anyways.
  6. Nekulturny

    Name your favorite ship!

    Give me a Violon anyday! but im good with all fighters. Carreirs and crusiers are to big and bulky. flying with my friends in formation in space dodgin missles and lasers is the real thrill
  7. Nekulturny

    how to kill a storm carrier

    Lol any1 ever try taking on a stormcarrier with a light fighter? It doesnt really work...unless you stay out of turret fire in which case it just takes a little time
  8. Nekulturny

    some sort of cheat

    I dont think you can....
  9. Nekulturny

    Size of ships

    Im not sure...i dont swim much... i prefer hardcore intense fast piloting better ^^
  10. Nekulturny

    Underwater base

    Ya about ta sniping thing, once i got stuck on ta top of a building (graphics glitch, iahd to fiddle wit hcomp to get unstuck) and then the base came under attack. i was doing quite well until i got sniped by a sniper lol
  11. Nekulturny


    Lol every1 on every post is beating up on old Resnig lol = death to resnig
  12. Nekulturny

    getting off a planet

    One of the reasons you might not be able to get out is if your assest is too baldy damaged. The solution to this(if on a friendly plaent) is search for a planatery base and make repairs then got like 10-25 degrees and afterburner after you get like halfway up
  13. Nekulturny

    Repairs Take FOREVER!

    Personally I dont play Commander Career so when i get damage i usally die (ima EF Pilot). but when i live, repairs dont take to long lol
  14. Nekulturny

    UC disaster recoverd quick question

    Ive done that with games no1 wanted and that gamestop wouldnt buy like cruudy ultra bad graphics flight sims (DIE FLGIHT SIM BETA 1.01) MWHAHAHAHAHAH
  15. Nekulturny

    What a Way to get Owned

    lol there sure is >