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    I started playing as a Gammulan the other day. So I had to find another trade route. Commanderlb's trade route is great for ter/mil's. Not so great for Gam/mil's. So I searched the Gammulan quadrant last night in a shuttle for a sweet trade route. Best I came up with is: Trade route between, Cyron VI in the Cyron Star system and Otura-6 in the Omega Centauri. Buy low at CyronVI, Sell High at Otura-6. This trade route isnt as good as Commanderlb's route, but it is probably the best Gam/mil trade route. I usually stock up on Illegal items, armor plates, and Trellis'. I don't believe there are any enemy star stations along this grueling 5 jump trade route. So it should be ez for maiden voyages. =P
  2. Medicated


    Commanderlb's Trade route is great. My Battlecruiser Mark III was upgraded to the teets in under an hour. Anytime I need some quick cash for repairs or fuel, I do that route.
  3. Medicated

    Distortion Field?

    Im pretty sure that a distortion feild is caused by a cloaked ship that either fires a weapon: eg. Missile, turret or main gun. Or launches and asset while cloaked. It is usually accompanied by a short blip on the radar. But What do I know, Immanewbie
  4. Medicated

    oc asset help

    It isnt too stoopid of a question, I had the same question when I first started. Thing is I searched the Forums to find my answer. You should try the same for any other issues you would like to discuss. But since your new to the BC series, Ill tell you that you cant sell assets that have already been installed. The only ones you can trade are assets that have not been previuosly installed in you CC. eg. you buy an OC asset from a space station, then proceed to sell it at another station. You cannot unload a vehicle from an SC then sell it. As far as I know.
  5. Im not sure whether this has been gone over before, but I would like to bring it up again, for other n00bs out there. When I go on away missions with a SC, eg. doing a trade route. I launch the SC that I am using with a marine as the pilot. I order the SC to halt. Then I shut off power to launch control to prevent any thefts while I am away. I then eject from the craft. I use tacops to target the SC, and fly over to it and use Alt-D to enter and gain control of the SC. I go about my trade route in my shuttle confident that none of my assets will be stolen by intruders while I am gone. After I am done trading and want to get back to the CC, I fly with in 1 km and eject from the SC, using ALT-E. I fly over to the CC, land on it and enter it using /. I can then bring Launch Control back online and order the SC to RTB. Always nice to be able to go on away missions and not worry that some intruder is grabbing everything from your CC that isnt bolted down.
  6. Medicated

    Thank you Derek Smart

    Ive been a Battlecruiser fan since v209 came out. I played BCMG for a while. Now that I got a decent comp setup, I installed UC and started playing it today. Cant wait till I capture my first station. Hell I cant wait till I get the transmatrix cloaking device. I hear there are submarines to see in UC, that is really cool. So far I am impressed with the update from BCMG to UC. And I am waiting in anticipation for the next title(s) in the series. I would like to thank SC for continuing his work, which he has recieved almost nothing but complaints about. I hope you continue to bring this series above and beyond any of the other games that are out there. I for one will continue to spread the word about this series of games to others who I think will enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you Derek Smart