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  1. SW

    New Movies Released!!

    Greetings, is it really necessary to publish movies and demos in the as torrents? I am downloading from work, where I can download a file from http, but the use of torrents and similar programs is forbidden.
  2. SW

    Video Probs after patch.

    Well, then try some older ones. Newer does not usually mean better. I am running at 61.77 drivers and the game is nearly O.K. (the jumpaget flickers).
  3. Greetings. It is published by an unknown (to me) publisher Hypermax. Never heard of them before. However I am glad they published it as I spent all the weekend playing Universal Combat.
  4. Hello again. I was so dumb I did not discover that UC actually WAS released here in the Czech Republic! I bought it yesterday. And it has a Czech box and Czech manual. Is not this great? However I discovered a little problem with 2.00.19 patch which gave me an error like Incorrect patch file "C:/program files/dreamcatcher/..... I downloaded it again here at work and it seems to be O.K. I hope it will work as I can not wait to start playing.
  5. Greetings. Thank you again for assistance. I would like to buy UC. But as the only game available here in the Czech Republic is BCM I was asking whether these two are different. It looks that both Mindscape and Strategic Plus delivers to the Czech Republic. So I will buy BCM here and order UC as well. It is always good to have two games. Thank you again for your effort.
  6. Well, I tried to order it, but I got this error: Sorry! A shipping method cannot be found to match the restrictions of the items shipping to Billing Address (Prague CZ). Well another company which does not ship to the Czech Republic. As if we were some third world country. We are members of European union for God's sake.
  7. Thank you for help and advice. It is quite hard to find an on-line shop which delivers to the Czech Republic. I will try to order UC from Dreamcatcher directly.
  8. Greetings to you all. I have a question, if I may. I tried the demo of Universal Combat and it looks great. Unfortunately the game is not available for sale here in the czech Republic and although I had an opportunity to obtain an ilegal copy, I am far from using illegal software. However there is the BCM available in shops so I was wondering, if the BCM is much different from UC or not. I know it has an older graphics engine, but I mean the game system. Can someone advise me please? [ 12-28-2004, 08:15 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]