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  1. L1Cupid

    324, the magic number

    cool, so my ship is performing as it should, is there any way to increase that max speed, ie, engine upgrade, reactor upgrade, or will that just improve consumption of fuel ????
  2. ok ,, just moved from bcmg to uc, nice lookin, cool efects, love the look, some things changed and moved, easy enuf, im adaptable. one thing tho, i play with a firestorm, i load my game, choose my bits and pieces, and i go....... the only problem is that i seem to be going very very slowly, even with the engine on full i cannot get the ship over a speed of 324, (not even with the afterburners) now in bcmg the firestorm could do around 850 or sommat which got upwards of over 1500 with afterburners is this change intentional, or am i "lost in translation" ta for any advice on this
  3. L1Cupid

    Newbie Here - tips etc

    Another hint for you, its also usefull if you use the "designate fatal target" with multiple hits, aim all your craft at ONE target (if you spread out you just batter away at sheilds and do no damage.