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    The PTA turret sweet spot

    I hope this thread isn't too old to post to.. anyway, as a tip, something I observed while trying out the multiplayer servers. As stated earlier PTA systems engage missles (though they don't do enough damage in time to kill the missle, of course that is what EMD is for.) If your in a fighter (say an elite pilot, or an AE Commander out on a strike mission in an FC), and your going to engage a carrier or cruiser, normally their PTA's will just chew you up before you even get into range, or at least should, unless your so lucky to come in at a blind spot. You can distract the PTA system with missles. To allow you time to get in close to hit with your guns. Keep in mind this doesn't always work, mostly you have to be lucky that your target was moving when you activated hyperjump, so you don't end up on top of him when you come out of hyperspace, you need to be just outside of range. You come out of hyperspace and go full throttle at your target, when you see your shields get their first brush (or as soon as you get nervous) fire a volley of missles (I fire a couple for good measure, but I suspect you only need one). While your closing range feel free to just keep your guns firing maybe you'll get some lucky hits, you only really seem to get em good once your close enough to see their shields flare up with your shots, after you've knocked out their shields, and you've done a few shots into their hull, Hyperjump outta there, by then their PTAs are probably back on you, and you need to get out alive with your shields intact, because you need to go in for another run once your shields recharge.. If you stayed in their long enough to get into their hull/armor, its likely you hit some crititcal systems, you can probably finish them off with your next run. My prefered fighter for this is the S24-Raven, I chose this because of it's high speed, as imho, the less time you spend closing range the better chance you have to survive. Though I have yet to try out all the other fighters fully. BTW PTA's look really pretty when they aren't firing at you And of course this should be the main reason your CC should have a fighter escort
  2. I was mining all night on earth (deployed four shuttles/and their mining drones). Left the game running when I went to sleep. Woke up today, unloaded the drones in to one shuttle, and set that shuttle to RTB, while I stayed on the planet. Anyway.. I figured I didn't want to lose a night's work, so I saved my game using alt-g. Now, when I clicked resume last, it starts to load, when it gets to loading earth, it hangs there for a bit, then gives the "FATAL ERROR" message box "Save file Currupt, missing object marker". I tried then to load from the Restore game screen, and I get the same error. I'm running version 2.00.20, properly patched (copied exe updates to the universal combat directory, and extracted one at a time, 1st with 2.00.00 then with 2.00.20).. actually been playing it for a couple days now, since I got my issues with drivers resolved, and never had a problem loading a saved game before. I did see the reply to someone else's similar problem (quoted below), and I know this is not the case. As I've only played this game with version 2.00.20. Supreme Cmdr posted 10-10-2004 05:44 AM quote: And the exact message is "Save file Corrupt, missing object marker" and only appears during the loading of a saved game in which the object marker is different than what the current version supports.
  3. CrazyIvanMN

    Video Probs after patch.

    I had the same problem, however, with much screwing around, and reinstalling and trying different things I got it to work. Description of symtoms: Menu and Game (in space and on ground) flickers really bad w/ v. 2.020 (I have a Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4200) This would occur using w/ DirectX 9.0c and the Nvidia driver version 66.93, and properly patching the UC to the 2.0.20 version. As I never have any luck finding earlier versions of drivers, I tried that beta drivers from nVidia, and those seem to work fine, the flicker stops. I'm using the nVidia Beta drivers version 67.66. Now my only problem is I'm having some redraw issues, mostly with menus (for example the config menu or choosing the roam mode, when selecting your character stuff, the 'arrows' disappear and some of the buttons, but if you mouse over them they some times reappear.. it's annoying but still functional. *edit* corrected spelling