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  1. From what I have read on various posts on these boards, many people have trouble "role playing" the roam mode of UC and seem as if they would appreciate a little "guidence". I had an idea and wanted to know what people thought of it before I put it into practice. I thought of creating missions in the form of text documents that people could download from a website. Obviously, they would have no impact or effect on the game itself and they would have no reward or penelty for completing/failing them. They would be written in the form of opperational instructions from galcom (or insurgents, Gammulans etc) with a short background or reason for the mission, then the mission itself. They could be anything from mining a certain planet and returning the minerals to a certain station for study, to loading 10 OTS weapons for a strike on the Gammulan homeplanet. It would be fairly easy to set this site up and other people could contribute "missions" if they wanted to. Let me know if there's any interest in this idea. Thanks.
  2. matt232000

    Introducing Myself

    Hi all. Just got UC and thought i'd say hello. Been a fan of BCMG for a long time and have been looking forward to getting this for ages. VERY impressed so far, the depth of gameplay is awe inspiring. Also been an avid reader of these forums for a long time and I already feel like I know you all. Can't wait to try out the miltiplayer and fight (or die) along side other UC fans. (I will be joining a fleet soon hopefully if any are still recruiting.)
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    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    The SC is EXTREMLY strict with regards to the correct sig format. If you don't sort it soon you may get banned.
  4. Just a thought, but does any of the current Galcom fleets have excess members that wouldn't mind switching to another "enemy" side, or even creating a new one if the previous groups have disbanded? I have noticed a few new players requesting to join fleets recently but most, or all of them seem to be signing up with the galcom forces only. From what i've read in this thread however, it is not only the lack of active players causing problems but the lack of opposing fleets (IE: Gammulans, raiders, assassins etc..) Is this just because of the lack of MP players, or because of the lack of people to run/organize these fleets?
  5. matt232000

    Universal Combat: After Action Reports (MP):

    I just had my first MP game. Amazing. The depth and variety of gameplay is stunning for a multiplayer. Played on server three for a few hours and it only dissconected once. Thats not bad for any multiplayer game. Players on tonight were: GCV-Excalibur (me) GCV-Navi GCV-GK8000 ICV-Munic-X ICV-Checkmate I think Gk8000 was conducting planetary ops because he kept entering the atmosphere. Munic was busy with his mining drones and checkmate, navi and myself were engaging each other in space. Checkmate and I had four seperate engagement's, of which I won three. Not bad for my first time I thought. If any of you guys are reading this, thanks for all the help checkmate and to you all for a great game.
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    Introducing Myself

    Thanks for the welcome guys.
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    Looking to join a fleet!

    Hi Travia. I will be looking to join a fleet also soon. I've decided to get a bit of MP experience first though so I know what i'm doing online. Just been on server three but the server dissconected, try again in a bit. You need to add your system specs to your sig. Go Here
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    Universal Combat

    If you look in your Universal combat game directory in your program files, then in our docs folder you should see the appendix. Find the page's called history and Alien nation's for a description of the current political situation within the game.