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  1. I had no problems in UC with my audigy 2 NX, though in AWA I get a complete system crash intermitently when clicking on context menu options in any part of the game (total system freeze, repeating sound). I'll follow the instructions above and post on how it goes. I haven't noticed if anyone else is using the NX, though it could be a USB problem rather than a driver prob. I'll keep you posted.
  2. LJP

    First Impressions

    Ok first impressions... Autopatcher is excellent! couldnt find another word for it. Graphical improvements are excellent also, spent most of my shakedown cruise admiring the eye candy. Stability is great, though I have a bit to report which I'll do so on the tech sup thread if it doesnt already exist as a known problem. All in all, very impressed. I'm as impressed now as I was way back when i was first blown away at the concept that bc3k v1.0 offered. Thanks for all the work SC, you've done an incredible job, and congrats on getting the digital download working!
  3. LJP

    Universal Combat : A World Apart - NOW ON SALE!!

    Woohoo! AWA landed on my doorstep this morning, I can't wait to give it a go later when I get back from work. One thing I would recommend though SC, you might want to get BMT to stick a couple of bits of selotape on each end of the cardboard sleeve that they send the disk in, mine was outside of it in the jiffybag. Probably good enough for short posts, but passing through royal mail is said to be similar to passing through a meatgrinder hehe... ok... 5 and a half hours to go until my CC crew starts a mutany because i'm such a cool commander and everyone loves me (lol..)
  4. LJP

    Universal Combat : A World Apart - NOW ON SALE!!

    I think i'm gonna do some bullet biteing. The demo is cool, but I want roam mode hehe. I'm sure everything will fall sweetly into place on the digital download front SC. If anything, it will make future releases a bit easier seeing as you'll have experienced the problems first hand. Good luck! *Runs off to BMT to place an order*
  5. LJP

    Universal Combat : A World Apart - NOW ON SALE!!

    Is there any update on the digital download version, or a place to buy UCAWA in the UK? Just that if I buy it from the states, good old UK customs will screw me over with import duties hehe.
  6. LJP

    PCI-e card users,I need help

    Little update, i've got exactly the same pixelation with the clouds. Only thing I can think of is that with my resolution of 1280x1024 the image is being stretched to cover that expanded viewing area.
  7. LJP

    PCI-e card users,I need help

    Hmm... i'll have to go have a look to see what my one looks like. Most of the games I play seem fine to me. been playing morrowind recently just for a change, and even with dx8.1 it seems nice. I'll pry the wheel clamps of my CC and get it over to earth for a looky tonight.
  8. LJP

    PCI-e card users,I need help

    I have no problems with my Asus 6600 TD... try using the same drivers I use (retail drivers gave me bluescreens here there and everywhere). Here's a link to the ones I use: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1049 Let me know if it sorts it out LJ
  9. LJP

    Universal Combat - A World Apart, the race to gold

    Excellent! I can't wait to give the new graphics engine a go.