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    Space Force Marines !!

    Driving a Porsche is too complicated for me - at least for now. One day I'll become a Commander (and will probably destroy DIP ships myself!) ! Now I give up the SFM career (which lasted 3 hours) and start... perhaps a fighter career ?
  2. Hi , I tried that game a few months ago, and after playing it as a MIM then as a EFM, I desinstalled it - it was VERY ANNOYING (nothing challenging was happening on the planetary surfaces I was wandering on). But I've just decided to give the game another try. This time, after re-reading the manual, I chose a SFM career (TER/POL). I carefully chose my launch base (the Velari station, next to RAI sectors), and, at last ! Some action ! A lot of spaceships passing by etc etc... And bloodthirsty raiders attacking my launch base, again and again !!! Great. So I took my weapon and used my jetpack to take part in the fight. BUT, being (still) a noob, I quickly wanted to get a few points explained : 1) I repeat myself, but... is there a way to accelerate the course of time in the game ? (I don't want to spend hours sitting on my W key until my Space Force Marine get close enough to the threatening red dots which seemed not to be as far as that) 2) It takes a VERY LONG TIME to kill an enemy Space Marine - at close range, he moves very fast, too fast for my turning speed ; meanwhile, around me, huge battlecruisers are engaged in an enormous fight which lasts... only a few seconds. And I can't get rid of ONE single space marine in the same amount of time ??? 3) Fortunately, enemy space marines completely stop when they try to attack the station (pointing their rifle seems to be tougher for them than for me). So I approach slowly from behind, and I shoot at them... but invariably, when their LF reaches 34, they fly away with INCREDIBLE SPEED towards the exit point and I can't catch them (even at max speed (backspace key) - do their jetpack have more fuel than mine ?). It's only a small consolation to know that they'll spend many days before they reach the jump-point... 4) I began the game with EXP 0, but 20 minutes later, I lost 5000 XP, then another 5000. When I killed my first SFM (I used a LR12 rocket this time, it's far more effective but not funny at all - the target doesn't even try to avoid it), I only gained 50 experience points !!! Due to the difficulty of the task, I think I should have gained at least 50 000 points !!! What did I make to having lost 10 000 EXP ??? I can't figure out. Maybe I destroyed a couple of allied Stormcarriers without having noticed it 5) Finally : I can't reload my Sabre Space Assault Rifle ! I press the R key, the weapon disappears, I hear the "reloading" sound, but nothing happens ! I can only reload my rifle when I'm out of ammo. Is this normal ? OK I stop here for this time. Sorry for the length of this post, but the game was so attractive... I don't want to give up now.
  3. Hello I've just bought and installed Battlecruiser Millenium Gold. I've spent a lot of time reading the game manual, taking notes etc, cause I couldn't do anything without knowing even how to move. So I'm slowly discovering the game, and I have a question : is there a way to make the time run faster ? I'm playing as a marine (I said to myself it would be easier to learn driving on a vehicle than on a battlecruiser), and there's nothing to do, just walking and driving here and there. If I could make the time run faster, I could explore the planet, or wait until the base is under attack. I saw there is a cheat which allows me to elapse time, but it seems to affect nothing but the weather and the clock (no AI updates, etc). Or maybe the "real" time is the only way ? Thanks for answering me, and sorry for my writing style, english's not my usual language .