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  1. PhoenixKnight

    FP Mode CTD

    Sorry about that, I have BCM Gold as well. Looks like UC will be gathering dust now, I'll just stick with BCM Gold Thanks for the help anyway
  2. PhoenixKnight

    FP Mode CTD

    *sigh* Knew that wasn't it. I tried playing about with the .ini file changing some of the things that weren't on the Config screen but to no avail. I've tried everything there is but I still don't get this. One thing is left, it could be my CD-ROM. I'm not sure what speed it is. But the rest of the game is fine, so somehow I doubt it.
  3. PhoenixKnight

    FP Mode CTD

    I re-installed the game and carefull applied the patches. Didn't work, as I suspected. The Direct X thing....I don't see why sound acceleration would be a problem, but I'll give a shot. I'm willing to try anything at this point Whatever happens, thanks for the help:) especially you SC Nice to know I'm not the only laptop user out there!
  4. PhoenixKnight

    FP Mode CTD

    Oh, my mistake. I've got the latest patch, v2.00.28. My system profile information IS on my profile however. As far as I can tell I've patched it correctly. I put both patches in the game folder after I installed it, and applied the 2.00.00 patch then the 2.00.28 patch, and it said both were OK. I read somewhere that there was a problem with a crash because the ammo counts for some weapons were wrong. I'm thinking maybe that's the problem. I also thoght that maybe the game wasn't loading the weapons correctly, but I tried loading the weapon models using the BCStudio tool, and it shows them fine, so it can't be that. If you guys can fix this you have my eternal gratitude
  5. PhoenixKnight

    FP Mode CTD

    Thanks for deleting my post, haven't got a clue why you have The game crashes whenever I go into First Person mode. Period. Whether I'm exiting a craft in space or on a planet. Same story if I start an Instant Action or Roam as a Marine. I read a previous topic and the SC mentioned not having a Vertex Shader. That's not the problem because my SiS 630/730 has one, v1.1. The rest of the game works fine. What the heck is going on?
  6. PhoenixKnight

    Comms feature?

    i was playing the game and a pressed a button, and a message came up saying 'No comms response from target'. Is there a feature to communicate with other ships in the gameor something? I can't find anything in the manual about this!
  7. PhoenixKnight


    It's sorted, I got XnViewer
  8. PhoenixKnight


    My apologies, I've only just figured out that I hadn't done the registration right! Now that I have I can repost I havr recently taken some screenshots. However they're saved in Targa File Format?How do I convert them to .jpg or .bmp or whatever else?