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  1. Spot on, paul.ddl was deleted from the v2 upgrade install. Did a complete fresh dance, using the saved paul.dll. Confirmed up and running. Cheers
  2. Gday, There seems to be a SecuRom DRM issue with the v2 upgrade, over the D2D verion. I'm getting a "no disc inserted" error". Vanilla install of the D2D version of UCCE "UniversalCombatCE_100301_D2D.exe" and Activation. Download and installed the UCCE - v2.0 Patch [DVD/D2D/GG] version of the update. 242.4 MB (254,122,409 bytes), I'v downloaded the upgrade from 3 different sources.
  3. cjlive

    Universal Combat : A World Apart - NOW ON SALE!!

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Well, I must say that after doing a little research into PayPal's business practices, I'm not going to venture dealing with them. I'm definitely going to be making more than $5K per month and it is highly unlikely that I'm going to let them sit on my funds as long as they bloody well feel like. Scary stuff!! Here's another shady paypal deal. Paypal vs SA Red Cross Relief Fund