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  1. Captain_Proton

    Not getting EX points...

    I just captured a station, got some radine from it and came out. After I came out I noticed I didnt get any ex points for it so I thought I had to wait for the 10min. no re-capture timer to expire. I did, no points. So I thought maybe you have to wait IN the station for the timer to go down. Tried it... nothing. Question: What the hell?!
  2. Captain_Proton

    Fleet sigs

    Just testing my sig.
  3. Captain_Proton

    ISS fleet training program pinboard

    I'm almost NEVER availible on a weekday, so if theres a training day during the week I'm not going to be there, sorry. But, if its a weekend day I'm here allll day long.
  4. Yeah, I'm not religious either but I did respect him. He was a real good guy.
  5. Captain_Proton

    Roll Call

    Ready and willing!
  6. Captain_Proton

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    EDIT: I would mostly like to go on patrol assignments or combat missions, intell isn't my thing but if I'm needed to do it or anything else I will, for the good of the Terran quadrant.
  7. Captain_Proton

    New recruits wanting to join, report here

    Hey everyone! I'd like to join your fleet. I've looked through all of the other fleets and this one seems to fit me best. After I un-installed all the software I liked on my computer to get this game to work, I started right off in the Commander career in roam mode and have been playing non-stop ever since about a week ago. So, I've tought myself the basics of the game along with most of the advanced stuff, read up on the story of the game and the civillizations so I know whats going on and who's at war with who and why. I do pretty good in combat, most of the time, usually with a heavy cruiser of some sort so I can not only dog fight with other capital ships but send my combat fighters to attack them and any other fighters. I'm probably still not really that good but I know what I'm doing and with some practice I can be a good asset to this fleet. I'm sure your tired of reading now so... can I join?
  8. Captain_Proton

    Just a question

    Another question. If it's in the manual, sorry I'm to lazy to look. In the commander career I notice you have two main resources one of them, radine (i think) being for your nuclear reactor. Well after flying around for about an hour or so you start getting low on it, in roam you have some money but you have to dock at a station and click and click and click and click and spend more then half of your money to get some more radine. Is there a better, and cheaper, way to get radine?
  9. Captain_Proton

    Just a question

    lol Okay, thanks.
  10. Captain_Proton

    Just a question

    First to anyone who doesn't know me already (tech support really does lol)hi! Now for the question. In UC, the commander career, is there a way to manually walk yourself around the ship? I was reading through the manual and it kind of sounded like you could and I thought that would be really cool to see your crew and what they do in person not just on the PERSCAN computer.