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  1. @Cc: Besides I'm no 'dude' thank you for your efforts. So it looks like I'll have to think which of both goes to the trash ... BCMG or my Voodoo 3. I think I'll give the old Battlecruiser 3000 A.D. a try and decide afterwards. P.S.: but if anyone knows something about this VIA chipset thing, let me know.
  2. Thank you very much for the suggestions. I tried the parameters you gave, but the /l# just seems to change the language (for 2-5 I get the error message "***.lng" not found and on 1 (seems to be english) the same error as above described occurs). As well as the other parameter: /d# simply does nothing, at least it doesnt change the error. Sadly there are no error logs or something similar in the BCMG Folder. Well, I had another idea ... I remember reading something about an incompatible VIA Chipset ... and as far as I know the Voodoo 3 uses one, too. Could this be doing any problems and is it possible to patch this? If this still doesnt work, I'll just buy a newer graphics card ... just to show that it won't change the error
  3. @Cc: Well, not really ... @Pugwash: Though I formulated it a bit confusing, I meant that I dont know if my Voodoo 3 is DirectX 8 compatible, but I thought so, though all my other games (not older than BCMG) run without problems. So why is every game running normaly except BCMG? What other possibilities are there? Have I forgotten to check some possible solution? (except the ones mentioned above) Why isnt there any error message? Is that normal? When there's a problem with my voodoo 3 there should at least be something like "couldnt initialise ..." or so. Is there a known case of someone using a Voodoo 3 without success? (or vice versa?) P.S. 1: Why isnt there any mentioning of a DirectX 8 compatible video card on the game box? (german release) P.S. 2: Squirrels with very cold paws have less trouble getting into peanut butter than the average uninitiated Homo Sapien (equipped with a Voodoo card) has in getting into a Battlecruiser game.
  4. Yeah it's old, so? I read whats beyond your link ... it says: "16MB DirectX 8 compliant 3D graphics card" A Voodoo 3 fullfills that. (at least I've never seen a game that doesnt run with my Voodoo 3, thoug it uses Directx 8) But anyway, isnt anyone willing to give some constructive help?
  5. I'm sorry to post here, but my own efforts to solve my problem have failed. The problem is as follows: I installed BCMG on my Win2k system and when I start it, I see the Dreamcatcher movie, then the 3000AD Movie and then the screen gets black for one or two seconds and afterwards I am returned to the desktop without any error message. I already spent yesterday by reading the forum and the FAQ and tried all solutions I found. I tried /n, I installed the newest (official)drivers I found for my Voodoo 3 and I reinstalled the game and applied the 1.01.07 Patch. I would be glad if anybody had some suggestion what I could do. Thanks a lot in forward.